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Reiki and Crystal Grids for Manifestation for the New Year!

Article by Heidi Ronquillo, Reiki Master

As we begin to draw near to the new year we begin to find ourselves making plans, setting goals and intentions for the new year. All in all its a very exciting time, the feeling of starting fresh brings us hope, joy, and optimism for what’s to come. One way we can add a little power to our goals and our intentions is by creating a crystal grid and infusing it with the power of Reiki.

As we all know Reiki as energy and so are our intentions so with the use of crystals and Reiki we can help to amplify the energy of our intentions out into the universe!

Here are a few easy steps to creating your Reiki crystal grid

First, you can use any design for your crystal grid as long as its circular you have one crystal in the middle followed by two circular rings of crystals. One of the designs you can use and print from online is the flower of life or my personal favorite Metatron’s cube.

Then depending on what you would like to manifest you would choose the appropriate crystals. For example, if your intention is for more self-love or to attract love into your life you would use crystals like Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Rhodonite, Pink Opal, all which have to do with love and the Heart chakra.

Setting up your grid

  • To begin, the crystal in the middle represents the generator crystal, this will be the crystal that picks up and draws in the energy from the universe and spreads it out on your grid to amplify your intentions.
  • Then you will create a circle around this crystal with the crystals that represent what you want to bring into your intentions, they shape the energy that is brought in from the generator crystal to begin to shape it into your intentions. Then another circle of crystals. These represent what it is you will be manifesting. They represent the outcome.
  • Then in between these crystals, you will place crystals directing the energy from the generator to the first inner circle, to the outer circle. They help to guide the energy out from the generator crystal.
  • Now you will be activating your grid with the energy of Reiki.
  • Take a moment to ground and center yourself, ask for guidance from your guides, focus intently on your intention for the new year.
  • Then begin to feel the Reiki energy flowing from your hands. Place your hands over the generator crystal and begin to send the Reiki energy into the crystal feeling it flow through your grid and out into the universe!

Many Blessings to all! Wishing all a blessed New Year!

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Heidi Ronquillo
Heidi Ronquillo

Heidi Ronquillo is a spiritual healer focusing on Reiki and crystal healing in Miami, Fl. She has always been told she has one foot in the physical realm and the other in the spiritual realm. Heidi has been a spiritual person all her life seeing & sensing departed loves ones and angels since she was a child. Her main goal in life is to make a difference in the world and the lives of others. She wants to help those on their spiritual path and bring healing light and love to others. Heidi is a Registered Healer, INHA, Reiki Master, and a 200 hour Certified Yoga Instructor. For more information on Reiki, Yoga and Heidi, call 305-301-9615, email purplelotushealing@yahoo.com, or visit www.purplelotusspiritualhealing.weebly.com.

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