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Your Life Is Your Business

Article by Phillip Hawkins

Your life is your business; literally. You are the CEO of Self Inc and it’s your ultimate responsibility to ensure it continues to prosper. A business has various departments and a CEO has the responsibility to ensure they work efficiently and collectively as a team. If you favour one and neglect others, sooner or later problems will arise, problems detrimental to the company as a whole. You, work on exactly the same principle. If you focus on one particular aspect of your life and neglecting others, the outcome will be the same. You will experience problems in those neglected areas which will have a knock on effect in other aspects of your life.

Your life is your business

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Compensating for deficiencies in certain areas is a stop gap measure. Like putting a sticking plaster on a wound that needs serious attention. Health and wellbeing requires a balanced approach to ensure all aspects of our life are working to their optimum level and in harmony with one another. You can exercise, eat all the right food and drink copious amounts of water, but if other areas of your life are being neglected, or worse still, deliberately ignored, there will be a toxic undercurrent of stress, anxiety and tension that will seep into all aspects of your life. Sustained it will surface as niggling health problems, recurring negative patterns and relationship issues.

I have come across many Reiki practitioners and ”healers” in general who knowingly, or unwittingly used their desire to heal others as a means of negating their own stuff. In effect, closet patients masquerading as health care professionals, and using their good intentions as a distraction from problems closer to home.

Reiki will never excuse us from the realities of life or the consequences of our own actions, to do so would disempower us and leave us at the mercy of ignorance and fear. Knowledge and understanding are the true physicians, for without them healing of any description would be impossible. If we are tempted to paper over the cracks, to ignore and avoid the underlying issues that require our attention, we should remember the words of the teacher Jesus when he said ”Reiki practitioner heal thy self”.

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Phillip Hawkins
Phillip Hawkins

A Reiki practitioner since 1999, Phillip started teaching Reiki in 2000 and using those skills and abilities he has spent the majority of the last seventeen years working with a wide range of social and educational needs including Autism and ADHD. Working with addicts dependent on alcohol and drugs, people whose lives were extremely violent and abusive, and others who had to deal with severe mental health issues. This has enabled him to work extensively in the private sector, schools, colleges, education and care in the community, the prison service and psychiatric units.

In 2016, Phillip decided to semi-retire from full-time employment to concentrate on developing his career as a published author and the setting up of his Reiki personal development programme at the Chilton Community College.

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  • ishamreiki May 11, 2018, 7:31 am

    Very true

  • wanwu spirit library May 11, 2018, 8:47 am

    woah! nice sign off. very true

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