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How to Create Positive Energy Flow

Article by Eve Sengkeo

Trying to manifest positive energy flow into your life? Not seeing results? Positive energy flow can be in the form of money, health, relationships, opportunities, experiences, and so forth.

I’ll admit it. I use to be highly judgmental of others. This was a huge block to manifesting positive energy flow. For instance, I was very quick to categorize people and situations as right or wrong. If a friend did or said something that annoyed me, he/she was on the blacklist. It would take weeks to months for me to forgive that person, if ever.

In addition, although we can’t really “unfriend” a family member, I have been able to do just about everything else to the point where the only relation was having a shared last name.

I began to notice I was not keeping a lot of people around in my life. So many good friends have been walled off because of a thoughtless comment or an honest misunderstanding. In my mind, their mistake defined them.

This mirrored how I assessed myself. If I made a bad judgment, the trifecta of guilt, regret, and embarrassment compounded. I was able to fake confidence but deep down inside, I was insecure and filled with self-loathing. Somehow I was able to function on a daily basis underneath festering anger and sadness.

Through journaling and talking it out with mentors, friends, and family, I was able to recognize this unhealthy processing method. I was too quick in labeling everything as black or white.

In reality, everyone, including myself, have “salt and sugar” to offer. Sometimes people offer more salt, other times they offer more sugar. The bottom line is, we offer both…not just one or the other.

How to Create Positive Energy Flow

Image by Ertz

So yes, I’m basically saying we are all salted caramel cookies! The salt mixed with the sugar is essential. This combination not only makes us so unique from one another, but also helps learn from one another’s differences. It turns, this grows our soul.

To this day, I’m learning to work with the salt and sugar of life. It’s tough! Life was so much easier when I was able to quickly build up walls to protect myself. Easier, but not happier.

It’s been a roller coaster ride and still a work in progress, as with so many other challenges with striking that balance in life. But all I can say is that I’m now maintaining meaningful and fulfilling relationships with friends, relatives, and most importantly, myself!

The key to manifesting positive energy flow is to be in alignment with the vibrational frequency of the Universe. When in alignment, you are better able to attract positive energy flow each day.

When in alignment with Reiki universal energy, we are better able to attract who and what we need into our lives. Universal energy works with the law of attraction to clear blocks and raise our vibrations to allow space for positive energy flow.

The key to manifesting wealth is to take inspired actions that align our vibrations to the frequency of the Universe. This allows Reiki energy to support us in manifesting faster breakthroughs.

Good news: We can all align with Reiki universal energy at anytime throughout our busy day.

Save yourself months, if not years, of spinning your wheels. Through the art of Reiki, you can manifest more positive energy flow…even if you only have minutes to spare. This includes practicing the Reiki principles to harnessing the power of Reiki symbols.

How do you plan to harness the power of Reiki to create positive energy flow today?

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Eve Sengkeo
Eve Sengkeo

Eve Sengkeo loves helping others achieve mind, body and spiritual wellness. As a Reiki Master, she inspires people through writing about her setbacks, comebacks, and all the lessons learned in between.

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