Which Reiki Lineage Is the Authentic One?


Article by Gustavo Cristian Fritz

Reiki: Which one is the original?

When we first got in contact with Reiki, for sure we asked ourselves this question since when we started to inquire about the possibility of taking Reiki courses we found many alternatives and most of them using phrases like: “the original Reiki”, “Traditional Reiki”,”the real Reiki” and so on.

In this article, I intend to present MY vision about this based on almost 30 years of experiencing different healing therapies and being Reiki the one I mostly use in extensive treatments. I’m clarifying that it is MY vision, not an absolute truth but a personal opinion.

The purpose of writing these lines is to bring calm to those who are being initiated in this wonderful way that is Reiki, and which if they will allow it, it will change their lives. There is a Before and After Reiki and isn’t me who’s saying it but most of the people I know or I’ve read about who are going down this pathway.

In my country, Argentina, Reiki Usui has been widespread and evolved since the 80’s, but its widespread also gave opportunity for other Reiki lineages or currents to make their appearance very soon; in some cases, it was the desire of new tools of some Masters and, in others, desires to differentiate themselves from the rest or “expand the offer” of Reiki courses and sessions.

Which Reiki Lineage Is the Authentic One
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If we search in books or online, they mention about 400 varieties or types of Reiki. So … Which one is original? Which is the best?

Paraphrasing a great Master, Mahatma Gandhi, when they asked him which religion was the best, he responded calmly … the one which is practiced.

Although Reiki is a technique and not a religion, the best Reiki is the one which is practiced. The original nobody knows since it’s the channeling of Universal Life Force, which as its name indicates, it’s UNIVERSAL and even used by other techniques.

So, what should we worry about when taking a Reiki course or session? I consider that there are some basic concepts that make the Reiki practitioner and Reiki Master and that can be summarized in:

  • The most important thing is that Reiki is a technique of self-healing, so the person who receives it should want the self-healing to occur; it’s not necessary to believe that Reiki works but to have an honest desire to heal with all the changes that it implies in one’s life. If we continue on doing the same things, we’ll get the same results.
  • The Reiki lineage isn’t more important than the one who transmits it. It should be done by someone who respects the principles, who will do it with commitment and dedication, has been initiated by a Master and has respected the steps for activating him/herself as a channel. For example, in Reiki Usui, the practitioner has to do at least 21-day self-treatment.
  • When taking courses, it’s important to observe if the person who teaches us has given and taken Reiki sessions. Even though it sounds unbelievable, there are many “masters” who never gave a Reiki session, nor took sessions for themselves. In my personal opinion, you cannot teach what you do not know!
  • Not a single Reiki practitioner, however advanced it might be, will say that he/she’s the one who “heals”; the transformations take place thanks to the energy that flows through him/her.
  • Most importantly, take time for meeting with your therapist or Master, and listen to your heart; if you feel that person as being the right one for you at this time, go ahead!

Reiki is a technique of channeling the Universal energy in the way that YOU conceive it. It’s not limited by beliefs or religions, it’s Love in the broadest sense of the word. Reiki is UNITY with the Source and with everything that surrounds us.

Reiki does not divide, unite! Otherwise, that’s not Reiki!

Because you are my other I, would say the Mayas. Greeting to you and wishing all the best! Because the best for you is the best for me!

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Gustavo Cristian Fritz
Gustavo Cristian Fritz

Gustavo is a Reiki Master and holistic therapist in Baradero, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is dedicated to the dissemination of Reiki and Shiatsu among other therapies. After 10 years of applying these techniques, Gustavo is leaving the practice of chemical engineering to fully engage in these activities and provide outreach sessions in all places where he is called. Gustavo can be contacted through his email, vivemejor@ymail.com, his website http://vivemejorbaradero.com/ or Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Vivemejor.terapias.para.el.alma.


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