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Prosperity Guided Meditation with Reiki Healing

Article by Shubhada Kumbhar

In my earlier article I had shared a Guided Meditation to balance & heal the Chakras using Guided Meditation. I would now like to share about Prosperity Guided Meditation. Root Chakra or Muladhar Chakra located at the base of the spine is associated with money and finances. Healing and balancing Root Chakra will open up financial opportunities and flow of money with ease. Lets now dive into healing Root Chakra using Reiki energy along with a soothing Prosperity Guided Meditation.

Record the below-mentioned script using soft music in the background for soothing effect.

Preparatory steps before Meditation:-

  1. Find a quiet place and comfortable position to go through the meditation.
  2. Call upon the Masters of Reiki Energy, your Guardian Angels, Archangel Ariel, Goddess Fortun, and any other divine beings you would like to be present with you.
  3. Request Archangel Michael to clear the space around you of any negative or stuck energy. Ask him to shield your aura and the space around you in a bubble of violet light.
  4. Activate the Reiki Symbols on both the palms with the intention of healing and balancing Root Chakra to bring prosperity in your life with ease. Dai Ko Myo (If attuned to Master Symbol), Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Sei He Ki and Cho Ku Rei. You can also draw Zibu symbol of prosperity in your Aura.

Let’s begin…..

Take a deep breath……. and relax. Take another deep breath ……. and relax. One more time…. take a deep breath ……. and relax.

Now imagine that you are sleeping on the soft blades of grass comfortably in a lush green garden. The garden is full of vibrant colored flowers having mesmerizing fragrance. With every breath, the aroma of beautiful flowers is cleansing your body and energy field with ease.

Prosperity Guided Meditation with Reiki Healing

Image by Free-Photos

The Sun is rising proudly now, bathing the entire universe with his glory……The warm sun rays gradually relax and calm your entire being with ease.

Now visualize that you are slowly rubbing your palms and there pops a fat, very tall Aladdin’s Genie in front of you, folding his hands and smiling broadly. Yes, he is the famous Genie who grants every wish of his master. And now in this moment, you are his master and he is at your service. You feel delighted to see him.

Genie waves his fingers like he is doing some magick and there comes a beautiful red coloured mat. Genie bows down and asks you to get on the mat along with him. You are overjoyed by thinking of flying in the air along with Genie. Genie could feel the heaviness of lack, fear, frustration, depression and loss of hope within you. He asks you to hold on to the mat tightly and look forward to the journey towards your financial abundance and prosperity which begins now.

It’s a beautiful clear blue sky around. The breeze of fresh cool air soothes your entire being. Every nerve and cell of your body feels rejuvenated and refreshed. Genie pats your back and says you are flying my dear… and just enjoy it. For a moment you close your eyes, open your arms and embrace the universe. You want to feel this experience of freedom, joy, exhilaration, and happiness. You feel whole and complete.

Sweet chirping of birds passing by directs your attention to a gigantic, green landscape on a floating island. You become stunned to see a floating island resting proudly in the midst of a blue sky. The beauty of island mesmerizes your senses.

There pops a Genie once again on your left. He waves his fingers and huge fog appears and spreads around. You try hard to see what’s there. This time pops a giant greenish golden tree of wealth in front of you. The tree of Abundance. Genie waves his fingers again in the sky. A big white feather appears in the sky and writes “all your wishes of financial abundance and prosperity is my command now.”

The seeds of all kind of abundance are already within you. Let’s germinate these seeds with positive thoughts and beliefs about finances. Beautiful golden light is now emanating from the tree of abundance engulfing you now.

  1. You are a money magnet.
  2. Prosperity of every kind is drawn to you easily and effortlessly from all the directions.
  3. You are prosperous.
  4. Money comes to you in expected and unexpected ways.
  5. Your income is constantly increasing.
  6. You always have as much as you need.
  7. You enjoy every penny that you spend.
  8. You choose prosperity thinking and your finances reflect this change.
  9. You deserve the best and you accept the best now.
  10. You are open and receptive to all the good and abundance in the universe. Thank you, life.
  11. You think big, and then you allow yourself to accept even more good from life.
  12. Your good comes from everywhere and everyone.
  13. You delight in the financial security that is constant in your life.
  14. You radiate success and prosperity wherever you turn.
  15. Life supplies all your needs in great abundance. You trust life.
  16. The law of attraction brings only good into your life.
  17. You have unlimited choices. Opportunities are everywhere.
  18. You now do work what you love and you are well paid for it.
  19. You live in a loving and abundant universe. You are grateful for it.
  20. You release all resistance to money and allow it to flow joyously into your life.
  21. You love money and money love you.

You have now become the golden light of prosperity. You feel so light, happy, and rejuvenated that you happily hug him. Tears starts rolling down your cheeks. It’s a victory time. Victory of Abundance over lack. You feel free as the cage of your limiting thoughts and belief disappears. The lack mentality and failure has no hold upon you. You are boundless and limitless.

As you start flying back, you slowly drift out of the memory of Genie, island, and golden tree and become aware of your surroundings.

3…….2…….1……Slowly move your legs and arms. Open your eyes when you feel to do so.

Thank the Masters of Reiki Energy, your Guardian Angels, Archangel Michael and Divine Sun for healing. Visualize yourself in a protective ball of Blue light.

Thank You!

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Shubhada Kumbhar
Shubhada Kumbhar

After having worked in corporate sector for more than 10 years, Shubhada took up spirituality as a full time career and quit her job. Shubhada Kumbhar is a Reiki Usui Master, Violet flame practitioner, Self Hypnotist, Angel and Tarot Card Reader. She is cofounder of Urja Holistic Healing along with other founders. Shubhada can be reached at +91 9820235783, urjahealer@gmail.com or on Facebook at Urja Healers- Wellness and Joy.

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