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Taking Inspiration from Winter to Heal Seasonal Stress

Article by Stephanie Drane

This time of year holds many festivals and celebrations of light, and those of us who live in the northern hemisphere can really need those moments of light to lift our spirits when it’s dark and cold. Reminding us that there is light in the dark; the sun will return.

It’s tempting to fight the darkness and cold of winter, battling through it busily, doing our best to ignore the season until spring. But the seasons each have their part to play and gifts for us. It can be incredibly healing to take inspiration from Mother Earth at this time of year and sink our attention deep within ourselves. Taking our power within to nurture and heal inside; keeping our energy within ourselves to germinate seeds of new ideas and prepare the ground for spring when all our plans can come to fruition.

If you’re struggling with the short, dark, cold days, take time to nurture yourself, create a cosy nest of blankets and cushions, light some candles (safely) and do some self healing. Meditate and go within, visualising any worries you have or plans for the future and bring beautiful Reiki energy to them, see your troubles eased and your plans blossoming. You can write or draw the things that you are working on during this season of hibernation and add Reiki Symbols, keep the words and images somewhere so that you can see them regularly and are reminded to send Reiki to them and yourself. Nurture yourself as the Earth does in winter; you can take this inspiration from the Earth further in any way that you are inspired or guided to do, this may include:

Taking Inspiration From Winter to Heal Seasonal Stress

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  • Cover yourself in a white blanket and lay comfortably underneath. Channel Reiki for self-healing while visualising the calm quiet that comes when the land is covered in snow. Breathe in that sense of peace as you inhale, filling yourself with the tranquillity of the earth as she sleeps in winter.
  • Meditate, taking your attention and drawing Reiki energy within to nurture and heal yourself, preparing yourself to expand in consciousness and grow in wisdom, just as the Earth draws her energy from the plants back into her soil to enrich it ready for the next stage of growth.
  • Bring evergreens into your home or healing space to lift your spirits and remind you that life goes on even during the darkest, stillest and most silent times. Send Reiki to these plants with the intention that you are sending healing to all plants on Earth in gratitude for their life-giving energy.
  • Write your ideas for how you would like to grow on pieces of paper and roll them into ‘seeds’. These can be areas you’d like to learn about, healing you’d like to give yourself, people you’d like to forgive, moves to make in home or career; anything you’d like to achieve. Add appropriate Reiki symbols, Cho Ku Rei is our reliable friend here. Then ‘plant’ them somewhere. This can be literally placing them into the earth, alone or with real seeds or plants, or it can be putting them into a jar or pot or pinning them to a vision board. Wherever you put them, visualise them as seeds and regularly visit to tend them as you would real seeds, nurturing them with Reiki, your attention and with the intention that they grow and blossom fruitfully into your life.
  • Light a candle to remind you of the light that is on the Earth; the goodness of people, the abundance of the Earth that supports us, the light of the sun that feeds us, any Deity or Divine beings of light that you honour and of course the healing light of Reiki as it touches and blesses our lives.

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Stephanie Drane
Stephanie Drane

Stephanie Drane is a Reiki Master, Holistic Therapist and Spiritual Artist in Suffolk, England. Stephanie’s mission is to provide her clients with a calm and serene space away from their busy lifestyles, where she encourages them to take control of their own wellbeing and to value and nurture themselves to bring about inner peace, balance, and happiness. As a Reiki Master Stephanie is thrilled to be able to teach and empower others: “It is so rewarding to watch people discover the positive power of Reiki and experience the benefits for themselves.” When Stephanie is not giving Reiki and other holistic treatments or enjoying time with her family and friends she recharges herself by swimming in rivers, walking barefoot outdoors and eating good food. Stephanie’s website is: www.angelichands.biz Check out Stephanie’s blog for her insights and wisdom on how to enjoy inner peace and a calmer life over at angelichands444.wordpress.com.

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