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How Do You Show Up in Day to Day Life?

Article by Nivedita Bhosale

I got on a bus and grabbed a seat, when a 70-year-old man pulled out the seat next to me for my child, smiled at me, and wished me well. I could not refrain from returning his gesture. He said that it was a sudden, kind gesture.

I went to a shopping center and was browsing through the dresses, trying some of them on. There was a female customer looking for something who came up to me and started helping me with the size, colors, patterns. We started picking and choosing, trying on and rejecting that was not our style. Later, she said that it felt extremely calm and relaxing to see me. She felt that we share a common wavelength. Of course, it was the radiance of Reiki that drew her to me and we surely were matching our vibes. We both left having had a joyful experience.

How do you show up

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As part of my weekly routine, I take my child to class on Wednesday mornings. One day, as soon as the teacher saw me, she thanked me. Puzzled, I asked her what is it that she thanked me for. She said that she had a throbbing headache since that morning and felt her headache was relieved as soon as I came into the class.

I was wrapping Christmas gifts for my child’s friends at school. All the gifts were alike. I randomly picked up a gift and I heard a voice call out a name into my ears, saying ‘Abby’. I started wrapping her gift, which ended up matching her idealistic personality perfectly. The wrapping paper was cut to a perfect size, the tape was cut equally, and the tag fits seamlessly without any hassles. As I went on with the wrapping, every wrap started matching each child’s personality. It was a magical experience.

You radiate your grace as your self-Reiki practice deepens.

It’s not unusual for Reiki to brighten your aura and make you dazzle like a glittering star. Daily self-Reiki enhances your presence as a being and you reflect the highest frequency of love, which soothes everyone around.

It balances you to the core, which, in turn, balances those who come in contact with you. So how do you show up?

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Nivedita Bhosale
Nivedita Bhosale

Nivedita Bhosale is a graduate in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering followed by Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing. Serving 9 years in the Corporate sector, her strong inclination towards Reiki drove her to be a healer and a teacher. Born as an intuitive and gifted with deep compassion, she got enthralled with the divine gift of Reiki and would like to expand her experiences by nurturing Reiki in everyone’s lives. She is a Holistic healer, Independent Reiki Teacher, and a Traditional Usui Reiki Master-Teacher. You can reach her at melbournereikiessence@gmail.com.

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  • Smantha Jones March 24, 2018, 8:04 am

    I want to know about Reiki for distant healing. Do you think it is good and really works so I can learn it , and help my family who is suffering a lot? Please advise.

  • Neelam April 5, 2018, 11:04 am

    Thx so much for the article, inspiring one

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