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Reiki for the World

Article by Stephanie Drane

Do the World’s troubles weigh on your mind? If you’re a Reiki channel it’s likely that you’re a sensitive person, feeling the emotions and energetic vibrations of those around you. Even if you avoid watching the news or reading the headlines you may well pick up of the worries of those around you and the wider world. The injustice, poverty, inequality, war, desperate situations and ecological state of the world are troubling. It can often feel overwhelming and hopeless.

But it’s not as bad as it seems, we live in a world where miracles happen every day; people’s lives are saved, ill people recover, people can find the support they need, kindness and tolerance do exist. We are learning from our mistakes and species are being saved from becoming extinct, areas of rainforest are becoming protected, we are becoming more aware and protective of our ecosystem. There are still terrible things reported in the news but there is good news too. It’s a shame it doesn’t get as much media coverage but it is a good time to be alive and we are lucky to be here to be part of it.

It is believed that ‘Lightworkers’ are here to raise the vibration of the planet. You might think that you will not make a difference but you are not alone. You have a Reiki family, a network of people all over the globe, sending out love and positivity, it’s there for you to tap into whenever you need it and you can feed into it by sending it your healing too.

There is a beautiful meditation that you can do where you channel Reiki into yourself until your body and aura is full. You then fill the room you are in, then the building, then the surrounding area. You carry on channeling Reiki and sending it further and further out, filling your village or town, your county or state, your country, continent and across the whole planet. Visualising the Earth wrapped in a glorious healing Reiki light. As I do this I see all over the earth, sparks of light in this network of healing energy; us lightworkers bringing in and anchoring to earth this wonderful healing energy, sending out compassion, tolerance, understanding, hope, and peace to all of our fellow beings on Earth. We are not helpless and alone we are working together to shine a healing light all over our planet.

Spend a few moments at the end of this meditation visualising our planet at peace, with acceptance, tolerance, abundance, health, clean air and water, a multitude of life, creatures, plants, and trees. Imagine what the people of this planet would be like – at peace with themselves and others, tolerant, able to discuss and compromise, they would find joy in seeking solutions and helping others instead of revelling in drama and gossip. People would think through the consequences of their actions on other people and the environment before they act. We would possibly have less possessions but more happiness. We’d use less resources and give more back to the world. We’d share, help, work together, take responsibility. It’s likely we’d smile more and laugh more, spend more time in nature. We all have slightly different ideals and each person’s perfect world might look a bit different and that’s ok, as long as each person acts according to their conscience, and holds the intention that we are sending Reiki to the world, and acting for, the highest good of all we can’t go too far wrong.

I know this vision of our world seems idealistic and unrealistic but is it so far fetched to think that by embodying our ideals we can start to make them reality?

Is it too unrealistic to be the type of person who lives in that peaceful happy world right now? why do we wait until the world changes to be that version of ourselves when if we become them now the world might just change with us? It’s important to bring those ideals into our physical actions too. No one is perfect and we all have our ‘stuff’ to deal with but we can try to align our actions with our beliefs by making small efforts like signing a petition to bring about positive change, recycle more, volunteer, help a neighbour, smile at someone, donating in whatever way we can. Small actions can all add up to create real, positive outcomes. It can also make you happier, more at peace with yourself and a great role model.

I like to send Reiki to the world with the hope and a vision of peace and harmony regularly, during my (almost) daily devotion which includes Hatsu Rei Ho and self-healing, I’m sure many other Reiki channels do too and I find it a comfort and a blessing to be part of that.

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Stephanie Drane
Stephanie Drane

Stephanie Drane is a Reiki Master, Holistic Therapist and Spiritual Artist in Suffolk, England. Stephanie’s mission is to provide her clients with a calm and serene space away from their busy lifestyles, where she encourages them to take control of their own wellbeing and to value and nurture themselves to bring about inner peace, balance, and happiness. As a Reiki Master Stephanie is thrilled to be able to teach and empower others: “It is so rewarding to watch people discover the positive power of Reiki and experience the benefits for themselves.” When Stephanie is not giving Reiki and other holistic treatments or enjoying time with her family and friends she recharges herself by swimming in rivers, walking barefoot outdoors and eating good food. Stephanie’s website is: www.angelichands.biz Check out Stephanie’s blog for her insights and wisdom on how to enjoy inner peace and a calmer life over at angelichands444.wordpress.com.

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