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Recalling our Angels with Aromatherapy – Part 1

Article  by Jessica North-O’Connell

Angels have always been with us. As a very little girl, I remember learning about how each of us humans has our own Guardian Angels, although I have since learned these Beings may be more properly called Devas. Many of the stories I grew up with featured Angels as well, though I was never taught that we, as mere humans, could talk with them or interact with them of our own accord. It seemed that the Angels had to initiate contact and information, which is an erroneous concept: Angelic conversation is a two-way street.

When I grew old enough to begin researching on my own, my interests ran in other directions, not the least of which was astrology. After many years of study, I came across Angels once again, this time in the guise of monthly, then even birthday Angels!

It seems Angels abound everywhere. So, years later, when I discovered Aromatherapy, I wasn’t surprised to find Angels assigned there as well. After all, what is a more natural than fit with the Angelic realm than scent? We all know that scent is the quickest route to memory, so why wouldn’t we use scent when approaching our own Angels who have been around us from birth and who simply need us to remember them? Why wouldn’t we use scent when approaching Angels in general? Our Angelic connection is simply a matter of remembering…

What is an Angel?

An Angel is, in essence, a Divine messenger or as I envision it, a specific packet of Divine energy or an Intelligence endowed with particular responsibilities, sometimes singular and sometimes complex. (A Deva, on the other hand, holds our unique “blueprint” and is there to support us throughout our lives.)

Depending upon cultural differences, Angels may be seen as a messenger (Greek, angelos); a Divine spirit (Sanskrit, angiras); a courier (Persian, angaros); an intermediary between the heavenly and earthly realms (Hebrew, malakh). In essence, Angels are incorporeal Beings who usually mediate between the realms.

According to Angelic lore, which reached a height of interest between the 11th and 13th Centuries C.E., there are thousands of Angels, arranged into Divine hierarchies, assuredly a human undertaking, as we are overly-fascinated with categorization! Taking literary license, some writers and scholars even “created” Angels, often by arranging various letters in the Hebrew alphabet and attaching the suffix “-el” (meaning Lord or Generating Principle) to the end of the word, thus producing a name.

Nonetheless, through so many personal experiences with Angels, we humans have generally come to accept their existence, as well as their undeniable influences in our lives. While they do not lead, they certainly respond to our attention and, yes, they can even deliver us messages.

Recalling our Angels with Aromatherapy

Image by MelisaTG

An Early Warning: A personal story

Three months before my son was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I received a visitation from a very large “Angelic energy” which gave me a single word, the name “Anaphiel”, while I was walking with my dog in the woods near my neighborhood. On returning to our house, I immediately delved into some research to see if I could learn the meaning of the message.

What I found did not make sense to me immediately, though it did confirm that I had had a visit from an Angel. I learned that Anaphiel (also spelled Anafiel or Anaphael) is known as the “branch of god”, is a leader of eight great Angels associated with the Merkabah, is the keeper of the Keys of the Heavenly Halls, a leading seal-bearer and a Prince of water. (My son was eventually hospitalized for fluid building up around his heart; they later found that he had lung cancer.)

It took some dedicated research (years, in fact) to finally learn that Anaphiel is also a Soul-Gatherer, usually appearing along with two other Angels – all three of whom had visited my son and his roommate five years previously. At that time, one Angel had reached out to take my son by his arm as though to take him along with them. I remember thinking that was interesting, but not giving it much thought beyond that. After all, my son had been named for two Angels! Why wouldn’t they appear around him?

Although my son was born under the sign of Virgo, he had Sagittarius rising, which lent a strong Jupiterian quality to his nature. Jupiter is the planet associated with the sign Sagittarius, hence my choice of Frankincense in his healing blends. Apart from it being a premier essential oil for the lungs, I used Frankincense in his blends as a statement of the gentle yet profound influence his presence had on others who came into his life, inspiring them to bring out the best in themselves and to bravely pursue their goals. As a philosopher, he always challenged others to explore new ways of thinking, daring them to clear away whatever was outmoded and to embrace their truth. Honoring the transitions that moving from one state of being to another entails, I also used Cypress. The first gift his sister brought him after his diagnosis was Lavender, a premier essential oil for Virgo. (See Angel of Virgo in Part 2).

Invoking the Angel for the Sun’s Sign

When creating Angelic blends, we always want to consider first those essential oils that are appropriate to the condition we are seeking to balance. Secondly, the practitioner may ask for guidance from their own Angelic team for help with creating an effective blend.

Using your intuition is also important; in creating two of my latest personal blends, one for purification and the second for healing, I dowsed my choices, after having chosen the essential oils, to ascertain which ones belonged in which of the blends. What I received was very accurate, the resulting blends exactly matching my intentions.

It is important to understand that the Angel of the Month, as represented in Part 2, is assigned by Sun sign, which means that Angel’s influence actually spans the last part of the month to which it is assigned and the first part of the month following, as the signs change around the 20th to the 22nd of each month, rather than at the beginning.

A bonus blend for the month of Scorpio

  • Labdanum (Rock Rose) Cistus ladaniferus, 4 drops
  • Basil (Ocimum basilicum), 2 drops
  • Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin), 1 drop
    Blend together and add 5 ml of your choice of carrier oil. Use this Scorpio blend as an anointing oil for the transition period between the final harvest of the year and the onset of winter to clear away whatever must be left behind.

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Jessica North-O’Connell

Jessica North-O’Connell

Jessica North-O’Connell is founding Priestess of Faerie Mound Mystery School and Great Goddess Alive! Alchemical Arts & Services. She has been a practicing aromatherapist for 20 years, a Reiki and Soul Realignment practitioner, as well as a Tarot and Rune reader. She offers classes and programs and has aspirations of opening a Retreat centre for creative recovery. Find her at www.facebook.com/jessica.northoconnell and www.greatgoddessalive.com

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