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Healing Your Subconscious Mind through the Black Box Technique

Article by Naveeta Singh

Reiki heals us at mental, emotional, and soul level. But there are times when no amount of healing is able to erase certain fears, phobias, and addiction. The reason for these fears are unknown and somehow we are unable to overcome them.

During my meditation I came across the black box technique which not only helped me but also a client to overcome our subconscious fears.

Most of our fears and insecurities are housed in our subconscious mind. There are times when we become anxious, have suicidal thoughts or get into substance abuse without any provocation. While the reasons can be traced back to our past life memories, the solution can be found in this life itself.

I stumbled upon the black box technique when I myself was facing insecurity about a personal situation. Though ascended masters assured me through channeling that there was nothing to worry about, I found it difficult to let go the fear. Then this idea sprung to my mind and after a 15-day session I was free of this insecurity.

This method has also helped me heal a client for drug addiction. You can try this black box or suitcase technique during your daily self-Reiki session or program it for 15 days.

Healing your subconscious mind through the black box technique

Imaage by kulinetto

The technique :

  1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Breath deeply thrice to center yourself.
  2. Say attitude of gratitude and invoke ascended masters, archangels and other divine beings whose assistance you need for this healing.
  3. Now imagine a black box or suitcase filled with darkness. This is your subconscious mind. Open the box and draw Cho Ku Rei and connect to it through the distance symbol.
  4. Now set the intention: you are healed of your fear about ( ), insecurity about ( ), phobia of (whatever that is bothering you and needs to be healed).
  5. Close it with Zonar, Halu, Mara and Sei He Ki. Shut the box with Cho Ku Rei.
  6. You can also give the above intention on all the seven chakras, Foot chakra and in the aura along with the symbols mentioned in point number 5. In aura add Dai Ko Myo first followed with the rest.
  7. Thank Reiki, ascended masters, archangels and divine beings for their assistance.

This technique has worked wonderfully for me and my client. It can be used not only to heal fear but also negativity which gnaws you day in and out. If you are unable to forgive someone and move on, you can use the black box to heal the negativity and pain associated with the person/situation. Thank you.

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Naveeta Singh

Naveeta Singh

Naveeta Singh is a former journalist from India, based in Kalyan near Mumbai. She is a Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki practitioner who loves to experiment with Reiki and various healing arts since 2009. She believes that everything and everyone in this world deserves to be happy and can attain this through Reiki. She is also into Magnified Healing, Money Reiki, Abundance Healing, Tiger Reiki, Navgraha Healing, etc. Though she loves to learn various healing modalities it is Reiki where she finds perfect solace.

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