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Clear Subconscious Mind through Reiki

Article by Jhilmil Bhalwar

What is subconscious mind?

Any issue or painful incident that affects us directly or indirectly from the time we are in the womb till date is store at our subconscious mind. For example, there have been instances where parents planned to abort yet could not even that issue affects the unborn baby subconsciously. So from the time we incarnate you can come across so many issues like the behavior of people, sexual abuses, certain fears, guilt, lack of self-esteem, violence, any painful memories, karmic phobia or karmic pattern etc.

How does it affect our present life?

These things get stored in our subconscious mind and create further blockage toward achieving our desires. So it’s important to clear such incidents which can further release all the blockages and pave way for smooth energy flow towards your desired manifestation. Some people continue to live in past and recall these memories, hence develop further fear, repeated unwanted patterns, delays in desire manifestations, phobias and unwanted energies which leads to addiction, depression, insomnia, PCOS, indigestion and other diseases which are later manifested from our energetic layer to physical body etc..

Steps to clear subconscious memory

There are many techniques available like Reiki, PLR, NLP, access bars, switchwords, forgiveness through Ho’oponopono, etc. One can follow any procedure they are guided to.

I will mention one of the methods that I widely use through Reiki and can be commonly used from the comfort of home. Do this process once in 15 days for 2 months and then once a month till you feel guided. However, it’s recommended to do once a month always as we keep coming up with many day-to-day issues that affect us subconsciously.

Clear subconscious mind Through Reiki

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Before starting to play a nice soothing music, smudge your room, light up some aromatic candle and create a nice meditative ambiance so that it’s easier for you to drift t the subconscious level.

  1. Firstly prepare a particular incident that you wish to release and clear from your subconscious mind which you feel is affecting you.
  2. Grounding and shielding
  3. Invoke Divine energies and spiritual beings you are drawn to.
  4. State the intention to release subconsciously (Read out your list aloud) – 3 times.
  5. Make Reiki sandwich symbol ( CKR + HSZSN + CKR + SHK + CKR). You may lie down or sit with your feet flat on the ground. Take deep breaths and with each breath start counting in reverse order slowly from 50-1 and imagine yourself going each step down with each count through a staircase.
  6. Once you reach number 1 you will see a door in front of you, open it and Divine white light falls upon you.
  7. Walk inside and see a big screen in front of you, make HSZSN on the screen and that particular incident or event will start playing like a movie. You come to a particular point in that event which affected you deeply, pause the scene.
  8. You may feel the need to release some burried emotions or desire to express your anger, regrets or guilt towards a person or a situation. Please try to release the same by either shouting whatever you wished to say during that time and could not or cry it out. Release all clutter and unwanted thoughts as much as possible. The screen is the projection of your subconscious mind (Please be sure you are in a private room so that people around you are not disturbed).
  9. Then Imagine an energetic Divine eraser in your hands. With the eraser erase the scene which you had paused. After this, imagine yourself erasing the whole screen. Make all Reiki symbols on the screen.
  10. Then invoke violet flame and visualise the whole screen burning in the violet flame and been transmuted to light.
  11. Thanks all spiritual beings and walk out through the door close the door behind you and start moving up the stairs counting from 1-50.
  12. At 50 move your hands and feet, feel your body, ground yourself and have a glass of water.
  13. Affirm you have been successfully, perfectly and subconsciously healed.
  14. End the process with gratitude.

P.S – Do the above procedure for a particular event at a gap of 15 days till you feel its completely wiped off from your memory. Also you can use the process to clear any event or memory.

In case you wish to release yourself from a particular person or improve your relations with a particular person, then you may proceed with duel letter process for more intense clearing.

Thank you.
Love and Light!

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Jhilmil Bhalwar
Jhilmil Bhalwar

Jhilmil Bhalwar Jhilmil Bhalwar has done graduation in Civil Engineering followed by Post graduation in Construction Management. She quit her job in a renowned Real Estate company to follow her passions as a spiritual guide, blogger, website designer and digital marketer. She chose the Divine path of Reiki that changed her life for good in many ways. She specializes in Divine Light Ascension, Magnified Healing, Usui Reiki and more than 30 different healing modalities. She, along with her sister Charisma Phatak, own Supreme Reiki Center at Pune, India.
She can be reached at supremereiki.com/.

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  • Vivek Mantri November 14, 2017, 6:09 am

    Excellent Article Jhilmil. You have hit the right button to erase past painful events. Time on time you have always proven your capabilities in your healing process. You are excellent healer and down to earth human being. Keep growing.

    • Charisma November 14, 2017, 2:17 pm

      I second u Vivek 🙂

  • Mani Tata Venkata November 14, 2017, 9:30 am

    Excellent article dear. God bless you both immensely in every walk of your life

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      Thank u Mani Aunty for all your love, support, blessings and good wishes 🙂

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    Congratulations Jhilmil.. Such a mind blowing article 🙂 too good

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    Beautiful article 😍

  • Jashvir Teotia July 21, 2018, 2:25 pm

    Hi Jhilmil ji, Namaste. I am a reiki master from Delhi and came across your article which is very informative and impressive. hope to get more such posts from you. Thanks a ton to you and your sis who is also I think like you only. God bless you both.

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