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Distance Reiki – Be Careful What You Ask For

Article by Gustavo Cristian Fritz

When I begin my second level courses of Reiki, the first thing I mention to my students is that distance Reiki is a POWERFUL tool and that, as such, implies an IMMENSE responsibility. Why?

Because when we give Reiki with the first level, the person must be present in our space or we must go to hers. But with the second level, we can receive countless Reiki requests for healing, including to places or people we will never meet. This being the case, if we are not paying attention, we can wrongly ask for permission or invade the free will of the other one.

To avoid this situation, I recommend to my students always send distance Reiki with the consent of the receiver or, in the case of children, the consent of their parents or a direct family member in case of unconscious persons. Another “good rule” is to ask permission from the Soul of the person to whom Reiki is going to be sent. But the most important thing, in my personal opinion, is to ask for THE GREATEST GOOD for that person or situation. Because many times we do not know what is the best to happen, but we know that it is the best for us, our ego or our attachments.

The following legend illustrates pretty well what I mean. Many times we act from pity or fear, instead of acting from compassion. Reiki is COMPASSION, we are not superior because we are channels of Reiki.

Distance Reiki - Be Careful What You Ask For

Image by kellepics

The legend of the Goddess of Fertility

The story tells that on the top of a mountain in India there was a temple dedicated to the Goddess of Fertility. Many women who could not have children made a pilgrimage to this temple offering flowers to the Goddess to obtain the favor of getting pregnant.

On a special date, the place was filled with women who went to ask or to thank for the favor received.

Naisha was one of these women. The first time she was going up to the mountain, one of the many children who was selling flowers for a living crosses her path. When she asked him his name, the boy answered Mishka (meaning the gift of love). Naisha bought the flowers and went to the temple, after the long pilgrimage she begged the Goddess to give her a son.

After a few months, without having achieved the expected result, she returned to the temple where again she has crossed her paths with Mishka. Naisha bought again flowers from the little boy, flowers which gave to the Goddess. This ceremony repeated countless times until one day Naisha, already desperate, rebuked the Goddess and reproached her for the number of times she came to the temple without getting the precious favor, while others got it on their first attempt.

A few weeks later, the woman could not believe it, she was finally pregnant. The pregnancy was hectic and with many complications. But when the moment of delivery came, the worst happened, not only because of the birth itself but also due to a number of problems that the baby was having (the legend describes also the malformations in detail but I prefer to omit them).

As soon as she was able to walk, the woman set out on the road to the mountain, once again crossing with Mishka, she only told him to disappear from her path, without buying any flowers. When she arrived at the temple, she shouted and reproached the Goddess in a such heartbreaking way that the image from the temple became alive for a moment and spoke: “Dear Naisha, in each of your pilgrimages I put Mishka on your path, a healthy and kind child who needs the love of a mother; you insisted to have your own child, the one that I did not want to give you because I knew what it would be like. But you insisted so much that I could not stop respecting your free will. Do not blame me for your obstinacy”.

Always ask to receive the greatest good for you, since we never know what is really right and perfect to have. We ask from lacking, so we better ask from the Divine abundance. This way, we’ll receive what is the best for us to have. Although at the moment we do not see it that way.

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Gustavo Cristian Fritz
Gustavo Cristian Fritz

Gustavo Cristian Fritz is a Reiki Master and holistic therapist in Baradero, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is dedicated to the dissemination of Reiki and Shiatsu among other therapies. After 10 years of applying these techniques, Gustavo is leaving the practice of chemical engineering to fully engage in these activities and provide outreach sessions in all places where he is called. Gustavo can be contacted through his email, vivemejor@ymail.com, his website http://vivemejorbaradero.com/ or Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Vivemejor.terapias.para.el.alma

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  • cassandrah November 10, 2017, 9:27 pm

    Thank you for this great article Gustavo!

  • ishamreiki February 28, 2018, 10:50 am

    Very very meaningful & appropriate post

  • Margaret April 6, 2018, 4:22 pm

    Indeed, this article is great!!! It is absolutely true that we never know what is really right and perfect to have. People have been asking me, how do they know? Obviously, we ask from lacking, but sometimes we do not know or see the good has been put in our way, therefore we continue to ask….. My answer was to have an open mind, listen to your heart and most importantly trust in your Higher-self or Divine,

  • Mukula December 18, 2019, 4:56 am

    Very nice article, thanks for sharing… Totally agree with higher will…

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