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Fill Your Classes, Become a Continuing Education Provider

Article by Dawn Fleming

Teaching Reiki is a very fulfilling endeavor. Teaching Reiki to filled classes is even more awesome. When I began teaching Reiki, I had nurses and massage therapists in my classes. They kept asking if I could offer continuing education (CE) hours (units is an old term) for my Reiki and chakra classes.

This was in 1996 before the Internet, so I had to do a lot of research on how to become a CE provider. Since this time the process to become an approved provider has changed from typing in forms to filling them out online. In my investigation on how to do this, I found out that there are many professional boards that require CEs on a yearly or bi-annual basis. These boards include: physical therapists, occupational therapists, counselors, social workers, acupuncturists, and chiropractors to name a few. As a Reiki teacher, think about what types of students you are seeing in your classes. Are they from a particular profession? Or is your background from any of these fields and you know other professionals that need CEs? Is so, you may just want to become a CE provider.

The benefits of becoming a CE provider are many. When you have on your website that a professional board has approved you, all of a sudden you have more credentials that make you look more of an expert. Being able to provide CEs attracts students that need the CEs to your classes (filled classes). This has opened doors for me to give my one hour “what is Reiki talk” to nurses at nearby hospitals. This led to doing a presentation at a National nursing conference.

When you decide to go down this path, read all of the information that the Board has about being a CE provider. Recently the National massage board made a change in what types of classes that it will approved for CEs. Before the change, all levels of Reiki would be approved. However, the new policy is “In refining this category, the Board will only accept energy work courses that include “the application of professional therapeutic touch” as of June 19, 2017. Translated, this means that distant healing, aura techniques, crystal work, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and other techniques that do not include professional touch between therapist and client will no longer be accepted.” When I emailed them asking for more details, I was told that Reiki I would be approved as long as there was the application of professional therapeutic touch, but the other levels of Reiki, probably not. However, when I talked with the National Acupuncture board in July 2017, they said that they were approving all levels of Reiki. Consider other workshops that you teach as well for offering CEs. I know that many Reiki teachers offer classes that are outside of the energy related coursework such as meditation classes.

Do your research up front. Getting CEs for Reiki I through the massage board might just be enough to spark interest for participants to go further into your Reiki program without offering the CEs. The key is to get them into the first class so that they can experience the beauty and power of Reiki.

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Dawn Fleming

Dawn Fleming

Reiki Master Dawn Fleming is a full-time Reiki Master/ Teacher/ Mentor/ Medical Intuitive and Life Coach. She has over 25 years working with clients in person and via distance Reiki worldwide. She is the author of Start, Grow, and Expand Your Holistic Health Business; Mastering Reiki; Reiki I and II Manuals that teachers can copy for students; Chakra Empowerment: 24 Days of Transformation; Teaching Workshops Effectively; and Heat Rising: Survive and Thrive Through Menopause. CDs include Meditations for Success and Tranquil Meditations. Dawn is the creator of two online classes Become A CE Provider and Chakra Empowerment. Her website is http://www.energytransformations.org


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