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Byosen Scanning

Article by Sierra Koch

What is Byosen Scanning?

Let’s talk about byosen scanning. Byosen means line of poison. This technique is how we discover the parts of ourselves or others that need work. This technique is also called scanning, a technique created by William Lee Rand before the knowledge that byosen scanning was a thing. Both do the same thing.

Steps to Perform Byosen Scanning: 
  • Part of the 3 pillars of Reiki is to set the intention, part of the intention is asking to be able to tell where Reiki would be the most benefit. It’s kind of a “just knowing” kind of feeling, or your hands just automatically move to another space. That’s the intention working it’s magic and that’s part one of doing byosen scanning, setting the intention to do it. Your intention can be something like: “I ask for guidance during this Reiki session. I intend to be a clear, pure, perfect Reiki channel.”
  • Next, you start the session.
  • You can sensitize your hands if you need to. Many people find that rubbing their hands together for a few seconds gets them going.

  • Now, slowly go over your body or the client’s body with your hands above the body a few inches, just hovering. I like to start at the head and work my way to the feet. Notice if you feel differences in temperature, density of the aura, tingly in your hands, simply have a feeling/knowing, or whatever. That is you picking up what needs Reiki.
  • Whenever you find a spot stop and stay there for a little bit. Check the area periodically. When it feels normal to you then move on to the next spot that needs it and the next and the next and the next til all the spots have been taken care of.
Some Tips for Byosen Scanning:
  • If you’re doing a timed session you may not get to all the areas that you pick up on, don’t worry about it. Reiki will direct you to the most important parts first.
  • You may not have a spot in an area the first time you go past it. That’s because there’s a different area that needs attention first. After the most “important” area gets the attention it needs first then other areas will present themselves. Reiki is smart like that.
  • If you think you feel something, you probably did. Go back and stay there for a bit then check again.
  • If you get the feeling that you’re done, you probably are. You can go on to a different area or end the session.
  • Personally, I like doing structured sessions with byosen scanning blended in. We all do our own thing and in time we each figure out what works best for us.

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Sierra Koch
Sierra Koch

Sierra Koch is a Reiki Master Teacher whose passion in life is spreading the joy of Reiki. She shares her cheeky Reiki wisdom at her sacred spaces on the web Reiki Playground (reikiplayground.com) and Ignite Your Reiki Passion (igniteyourreikipassion.com). She invites you to learn how to play with your Reiki practice.


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