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Aura Cleansing before Reiki is Essential for the Desired Results

Article by Jaswinder Bhalla

Aura (human energy field) is a living energy that comprises of cohesive electromagnetic particles with different color emanations of fluctuating densities. It encloses around the body in a number of layers known as aural bodies. Individuals with intense spiritual perception or awareness have acknowledged the Human Aura has the ability to heal not only themselves but also the sick bodies, animals, foretell the onset of any diseases and furthermore to communicate and receive celestial inspiration and vision.

Clairvoyants and holistic medicine practitioners often claim to have the ability to see the size, color and type of vibration of an Aura distinguishing the Aura for each individual. Human Body has seven major chakras which are aligned with the spine and they all related to specific energies and colors. Each chakra is positioned in a specific part of the body and is associated with a corresponding organ or gland, and comprises with particular properties: physical, emotional and spiritual. The chakra energy centre spins clockwise or anticlockwise; bestowing to whether they are absorbing energy or discharging it.

The aura has different layers each with a distinctive role to play throughout the life depending on the activity.

The physical layer is closest to the body with white, yellow band beginning at the edge of the skin and extending three centimeters and manifesting good or poor health, aura’s smell, perception or imperceptions is detecting this layer of the aura. In chronic illness, such as fatigue and hereditary problems, bulges appear which can extend into etheric and vital layers potentially creating problems in other layers.

The etheric layer ( ten centimeters from first layer; first tier silvery, blend of blue and grey; second tier radiant colors) is the bridge between conscious mind and unconscious mind. This comprises of clairvoyance, phantom limb syndrome, and bilocation, as well as information to get to know about future events before they even happen as well as storing our past lives experiences.Cleansing of Aura before doing Reiki is is essential for the desired results

The vital auric layer has a precise bright colored light of changing frequencies which extends up to thirty-five centimeters from the second layers. Facilitating true communication with the nature of which ennobling effect and can feel its tranquil cosmic energy touch your soul through absorbing energy to rejuvenate. Behaviors, Sentiments, Self-being and Strength are shown at this level of the aura. When you feel Weakness, Depression, and Loneliness, at that time you need to correct this layer with appropriate Reiki symbol(s).

The astral auric layer depicts a blend of colors, being fifteen to fifty centimeters enclosed and the inbox of the soul. It attributes to the previous and present lives. This layer is sensitive toward surrounding atmosphere and exhibiting in, what it has received. Only refine astral body has the capability to provide the richness of the world and enrich your life.

The lower mental auric body layer consists of yellow color extending ten to twenty centimeters and attributes to a person’s abilities on the conscious or intellectual level, moreover, the astral and lower mental auras provide true harmony between the emotions and the intellectual and helps to reach ultimate truth. When the problems of mental illness arise it means, there is a problem in this lower mental auras then need to clear the aura and charge with the Reiki for balancing it.

The higher mental auric body layer comprises with intense energy vibrating at a high frequency expanding up fifty centimeters and connects with the Universal energy is to facilitate the transfer shapeless information to lower layers so that to balance the perception in the right direction. Meditation on this auric layer or chakras creates refine perception and makes you able to make a difference to the world through your work.

Lastly, the spiritual auric body layer comprises with Crown chakras as cosmic energy enters through it and is processed to other chakras of the body to perform earthly tasks.

Repeating the following for a month, one should be able to see auras. Focus on a burning candle, observe how candle looks when alight, look at the upper part of the flame of candle and you could see the aura of the flame is the faint shimmer around it, in the same way when you see the aura of human just need to focus on the upper part of the body and you may see a glow around the head and shoulders.

Cleansing of aura before doing Reiki is essential for desired results. Whole body cleansing takes five to ten minutes time, after that give Reiki at particulars point with Reiki symbols. When one’s body aura is polluted, it becomes heavy and it starts causing problems just like we get noise in radio signals if the reception is not fine-tuned.

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Jaswinder Bhalla

Jaswinder Bhalla

Jaswinder is a full time teacher running his own Coaching Institute. He holds Masters degrees in Commerce, Arts(English), Economics. His passion for learning more and more took him to learn other languages like Russian, French, Spanish, and German. When not teaching at his Institute, Jaswinder Bhalla is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher. He’s practicing Reiki for more than 14 years. Grand Master in Traditional and Modern Usui Reiki, he’s well versed with Karuna® Reiki, Magnified Reiki, Runic Reiki, Sahaj Yoga and different form of Meditation. Jaswinder offers courses in Reiki, Sahaj Yoga and Meditation as well as distance healing services. Born in the lap of Himalayas – Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, he now lives in Punjab, India.

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