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Article by Dhwani Parikh

Time travel? Is it possible?

Well, the science says no for now. We don’t have technology to travel to future and come back. But our ancestors had. As we read mythology, we can find the evidences in that, the rishi traveled from one era to another era. Apart from this, we have found in Vedic texts that meditation helps you to do time travel.

I have tried astral travel during my meditations and have different experiences which I asked later to friends and family, they confirmed. For example, during one of my astral travel meditation, I decided to go to my cousin’s home and see what everyone is doing and I tried, I saw what they were watching on TV and eating which food dish which came as true. This was just one experience, but there were many such.

Today, I am going to share one simple technique which I use very frequently on how Reiki is used for dreams which are in future.

  • Let’s do a simple exercise of writing dreams on paper first. Write 3 dreams in the present tense which you want to happen in near future. Start with some realistic dream and believable by you.
  • Once you finish writing, check everything and finalize the date for when this will happen.
  • Now, fold this paper and put all the Reiki symbols on that.
  • Sit in a comfortable meditation position and take deep breaths. Pray the Reiki angels and start the Reiki flow. Do all the symbols. Keep the paper in your hand. You can also do this meditation in sleeping position when you go to sleep as you are releasing a lot of alpha waves that time, so it is the best way to send energy effectively.

    Reiki Time Travel
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  • After this, start the Reiki flow in the Third Eye, and see that there is a golden light there.
  • Now, release your small body from your body, this you can achieve by a little practice. In this, you need to do meditation and try to see your small body coming out from the navel region. Then you see it is gradually coming out and flying and you can see your body from this small body.
  • So, after you release this small body, make it enter to the Third Eye chakra and create the image of whatever you want to achieve in your life. See this small body is performing what you want to happen.
  • See, all the dreams one by one with dates and perform them with your small body and while you do so cover yourself with golden light as well as your Third Eye.
  • Hold your meditation for at least 8-10 minutes. That helps to create this into reality and send enough energy vibrations into your future. Even if, you are not easily able to make your small body separate from your body, keep trying. That is the first step of astral travel. Separate and come back. Initially, you can perform this meditation without help of your small body, once you are good with this, you can also perform astral travel.
  • After completing the meditation, be grateful to all the angels and Reiki energy. Perform every day for 6 minutes for the best results.

Thank you for reading and Lots of love and light!

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Dhwani Parikh

Dhwani Parikh

Dhwani Parikh is a Freelance writer, Reiki Usui master, Mind Power specialist, Music healer, Astrologist and Tarot Card Reader. She has been emotionally attached with Reiki from many years. She has got a very high intuitive power and very good sense of vibrations. She has lost 14 kgs of weight with help of Reiki and visualization. Reiki is the biggest part of her success in marketing and sales career. She has found her twin flame relationship by medium of Reiki. Reiki saved her from many negative events and vibrations. Reiki has brought new perspectives of her life and wants to spread this miracle of Reiki around the World. Dhwani lives in Toronto, Canada. Reach Dhwani on Facebook or email on

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