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Creating Miracles with Reiki

Article by Sumedha Rewar

Think about a miracle and see what comes into your mind.

Everyone has different thought for the word ‘miracles’. Reiki masters, believers, and learners undertake it as a result of the prayer energized with the power of meditation and Reiki. Reiki miracles can alter your life by bringing happiness and contentment in the believers for some specific or generic requirement.

Reiki can help in releasing the outcomes and attain the purpose of achievement of the highest good. Miracles can occur with prayers and manifest only without any purpose, attachments or expectations. Divine Love has no limits and if you learn to practice unconditional Reiki, it will certainly fetch miracles. You can put your ego aside to strengthen your light and personality to get the best benefits. The results can be witnessed clearly by keeping your intellect and spirituality levels balanced.

The tendency to control and balance the chakras can be wonderful in the sense of doing right Reiki. There is an energy curtain or filter created with the negativities and a person doing Reiki has to clearly exempt them in all the possible ways.

Quit your Ego

There are many ways to follow for silencing the ego while practicing Reiki. You can begin doing it by bringing your focus on the Power Symbol (Cho Ku Rei). Anytime your mind is wandering or analyzing anything in between your session, just shift your focus to CKR symbol. You can repeat this by repeating the symbol name or drawing it with your eyes. It will activate the power and focus of the symbol by undertaking an affirmation in your mind. Repeat the process till you get some result out of it.

The major benefit of doing this is that your mind will become occupied and the ego will consequently become quiet. As the ego becomes silent, there will be no hindrance in the flow. Reiki community follows ego as the source of confusion and barrier in achieving the miracles. There are many people who say that Reiki can’t help out in acute cases which create a space for ego. You must understand the fact that your Reiki has to be undoubted. Reiki is guided by the Divine Intelligence and works in the perfect way of healing. You can make sure that the ego doesn’t interfere with the flow of energy and makes you feel good from inside.

Why don’t some people get appropriate results with Reiki?

There are many people who think that Reiki doesn’t give results and they are doing something wrong to achieve the results. There is nothing right or wrong for Reiki. Ego is engaged and non-judgmental. You can look forward to creating a miracle by praying, feeling grateful in anticipation, keep patience and trust & release any expectations for the outcome.

Creating Miracles

  • Think about your heart’s desire at the moment?
  • What do you want to do in life?
  • Do you have any financial, relationship or job goals?
  • What do you wish to do for others?

Reiki can be done for your own or others. Activate Reiki flow in your body and keep the ego aside to get the speedy results. You can generate a prayer in your heart and reveal your intentions. Your positive words in the prayer will combine with the flow of Reiki and gets released. Miracles happen in this way.

Miracles require a few or many days to happen but surely you will see the manifestation of your prayers. Reiki is unconditional and would give you much more than you expect.

Wish you love and peace along with plentiful miracles!

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Sumedha Rewar
Sumedha Rewar

Sumedha Rewar is an expert in Essential oils, Reiki and Yoga. She has an urge to research and implement the things practically for her respective streams. She is from India and has a lot of passion for learning and sharing her knowledge. Her Reiki healing practices go on at personal levels and she also does a lot of efforts for doing it for social needs. She emphasizes in making the efforts to get the best for everyone with the positive intentions.

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