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Roots and Wings – The Role of the Reiki Teacher – Part 2 of 3

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Article by Kathleen Johnson

In the first part of this series, I applied the concept of “Roots and Wings” to the Reiki teaching path. When teaching Reiki to my students, I unconditionally embrace this concept. Assisting an individual on the Reiki path is an honor, a privilege, and perhaps most of all, a responsibility – one that I welcome with great joy and boundless gratitude. Because of this, my perspective of the Reiki teacher is that of a “spiritual guardian”, someone who cultivates and nurtures the deepening roots and the budding wings of the Reiki practitioner for as long as needed, until such time their wings are strong enough to allow them to fly. Even then, the caring and supportive Reiki teacher always welcomes a student’s return, if and when they feel the need to return to their Roots, regardless of how far they have traveled. As such, it is a lifelong responsibility.

With this in mind, it is vital that prospective Reiki teachers address their own inner guidance and personal healing prior to offering classes. To do otherwise is a disservice to the students, the potential teacher, and also to the spirit and Source of Reiki. Preparing to teach Reiki to others involves a great deal of thought and soul searching, as well as sincere efforts and progress toward personal growth and spiritual development.

Additionally, a strong sense of respect and reverence for Reiki and its Source are essential for the would-be teacher. The decision to teach carries a responsibility toward all future students and to Reiki itself, which is a sacred gift. Each attunement and/or placement received along the Reiki path opens the Reiki channels in ever-increasing degrees, allowing access to greater knowledge and a greater level of awareness. In opening to this knowledge, personal healing takes place, contributing to spiritual evolution. Respect for the opportunities offered by the Reiki path must be integrated into the prospective teacher’s being, as well as respect for all lineages and affiliations. Once again, inner searching and guidance can provide insight and understanding.

Roots and Wings

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Although the decision to teach Reiki is ultimately a very personal one made by honoring one’s inner wisdom and intuition, it is wise to consider several factors before choosing a course of action.

As an example, it is helpful for the prospective teacher to have substantial experience in practicing Reiki and working with the subtle body and energy field. This is best accomplished by practicing with many different individuals; the unique quality of each person’s energy signature becomes easily discernible with continued practice, and this awareness is valuable to the practitioner in providing an optimal healing environment. It also supplies the practitioner with a body of knowledge that can only be achieved through, quite literally, hands-on experience. This contributes to a rich and varied understanding of Reiki to draw upon when teaching others.

Additionally, in developing a diverse practice, the Reiki teacher can provide students with an extensive range of personal experiences from which they can learn. These experiences are invaluable in illustrating the concepts and techniques taught in a Reiki class. For example, one of the things I emphasize in a Reiki class is how the energy adapts to each practitioner’s individual strengths and qualities. My experience as a Reiki practitioner allows me to expand upon this concept and describe different scenarios and situations in which the Reiki energy melded with my particular style and personality, all for the client’s benefit. This has been a wonderful gift to the students, as they can relax and allow the loving energy of Reiki to work with them and guide them. Knowing that they are facilitating the love of the Divine helps to alleviate the fear of “doing it wrong” and becoming overly focused on “techniques,” rather than finding the ease of the simple mechanics of Reiki.

Equally important is the prospective teacher’s self-practice. As every Reiki practitioner knows, self-treatment is a cornerstone of the Reiki path. It is part of a Level 1 Reiki class, and most teachers emphasize its importance. Level 1 focuses on the physical healing of others, in addition to the necessity of self-healing. Doing self-Reiki every day is an integral factor in our personal and spiritual development; by working with the energy for our own benefit, we become actively involved in our evolution. Offering healing to others then becomes a natural progression.

The Role of the Reiki Teacher

Also, as we practice self-Reiki, our vibrational frequency is elevated, which promotes the release of blockages and old patterns that no longer serve our Highest Good. This continual clearing and cleansing is a path to wellness and serves to enhance our healing efforts as we become the “hollow reed” through which Reiki may flow unimpeded.

Moreover, during a self-treatment we open ourselves to the wisdom of Reiki. As we relax into the loving energy of caring for ourselves so deeply, we are tapping into the knowledge and wisdom of the Spirit of Reiki. It is in these personal and intimate moments when we learn and understand the uniqueness of our relationship with Reiki, and accept it as an unwavering source of Light. We also learn that Reiki will always guide us; we have but to listen and surrender to its loving guidance.

Regular self-practice provides so many lasting benefits for those on the Reiki path. Its importance cannot be overstated; this is especially true for the prospective Reiki teacher.

In Part 3 of this series, I address the importance of an honest assessment of one’s readiness to teach, along with some questions to ask oneself when considering the teaching path.

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Kathleen Johnson
Kathleen Johnson

Kathleen Johnson is a Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master, a Kundalini Reiki Master, and a Certified Crystal Healer. As a Spiritual Teacher & Mentor, she assists others in discovering their unique path to wellness, wholeness, and authenticity. Kathleen is also a Certified Past-Life Soul Regression Therapist, and infuses Reiki into her work with clients’ past lives.
She is the Founder of UniverSoul Heart, LLC, a holistic healing and wellness practice based in Pennsylvania, USA. Kathleen enjoys teaching all levels of Reiki classes, from Level I through Master/Teacher, and is honored to assist others on the Reiki path. In 2015, she was guided to begin teaching Reiki to children, with her "Reiki Rocks! A Children's Program" class. Teaching Reiki to children is simply joyful, and her students have taught Kathleen so much about the beautiful simplicity of Reiki. She also offers “Crystal Basics” and “Finding Your Life Mission” workshops for those wishing to deepen and enrich their self-knowledge at the soul level.
Kathleen co-hosted and presented at the Reiki Rays Spring 2018 Summit, and was a presenter at the Reiki Rays Winter 2018 Summit when she shared her experiences with Distant Healing. She is passionate about raising awareness of the benefits of Reiki and holistic wellness and enjoys speaking to public and private groups.
As part of her commitment to raising awareness, Kathleen is featured in radio interviews with CUTV News and is the host of "UniverSoul Heart Radio with Kathleen Johnson- Sensible Spirituality for Everyday Living", broadcast on Transformation Talk Radio. She has also been a featured guest on “Reiki Currents”, a Facebook Live Talk Show.
Writing is a passion for Kathleen, and her articles about Reiki and Spirituality are published on Reiki Rays and in Reiki News Magazine. She is currently gathering information for a book and knows that Reiki will be with her every step of the way.
Kathleen’s website is www.universoulheart.net, and her email is kjohnson@universoulheart.net

You can find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/UniverSoulHeartReiki, on Twitter @UniverSoulHeart, on Instagram @universoulheartreiki and on Pinterest at https://www.pinterest.com/universoulheart/

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