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How to Manifest Career Breakthroughs with Reiki

Article by Eve Sengkeo

Many of my articles have covered aligning with Reiki energy to achieve career fulfillment. After a rollercoaster ride in corporate America, I knew it was once again time to take my own advice. Although a great job, I had outgrown my position and the office environment. So I took a leap of faith and resigned from my 9-5 job, even though I did not have another job lined up.

I had some sort of idea about what I wanted to do next and sent out a bunch of resumes. But at the end of the day, I knew I needed to remove myself from an environment that I felt restless in. Most importantly, there was a lack of career fulfillment as I knew I could be contributing more to the collective conscious.

So why couldn’t I job search while still employed? Isn’t it better to go into an interview already having a job? As each individual’s circumstance is so unique, I did what felt right to me. Before starting another career, I first needed to create space to gain clarity, realign with my soul path, and ultimately springboard forward.

At the same time, I did spend a month submitting countless job applications before my last day at the office. Yet, I had not heard back from recruiters. Looking back, I was not intentional about my job applications. I was working off of desperate energy…so desperate to get out of my current situation that any job would do. But my higher self knew better and who knew, sometimes “hidden blocks” or hitting glass ceilings wasn’t such a bad thing. As the saying goes: “Rejection is the Universe’s protection”.How to Manifest Career Breakthroughs with Reiki

Clearly Reiki universal energy had my back. Job opportunities were not surfacing because I was way off of my soul path. I needed to heal first in order for my career path to meet my soul path.

After months of what seemed like a mini version of Eat, Pray and Love journey, I gained so much clarity. Through doing activities that I enjoyed, I was raising my vibrations to match the frequency of what I wanted to FEEL in my professional life. Specially, I wanted to feel free. I wanted to be free from a cubicle, free from a set schedule, free from office politics.

During the months of healing, I traveled the world. I went to Sedona, Arizona to feel the energy vortexes and see the Grand Canyon. I also traveled throughout Europe with friends and loved ones. Most importantly, I invested in myself through reading books, listening to podcasts, journaling and taking long walks in nature.

I realized how impeccable Divine Timing was. Job opportunities that I never would have imagined began to open up. Such opportunities allowed for a greater sense of freedom as I could work from home. Most importantly, it aligned with my values and allowed me to contribute for the highest good of the collective conscious.

Today, I’m a freelancer managing social media accounts for yoga retreat centers, yoga studios and holistic wellness centers. Running FaceBook ads, creating Pinterest pins for blogs, and copywriting to maximize SEO strategies is something I love doing. I get to work from home and exercise my creative skills.

Never would I have thought I could ever transfer such skill sets outside of the corporate world. Certainly not when I was sitting at my cubicle going through an existential crisis! And there’s no stopping there. I plan on adding more freelance projects that allow me to best utilize my skill sets in order to contribute to the highest good of society for many more years to come.

When in alignment with Reiki universal energy, the work feels effortless and work quality reflects the level of passion. How can I say for sure? Well to quantify being in alignment with Reiki energy, I have helped set up Pinterest accounts with 0 followers to over 4000 followers in a matter of months. My Pinterest pins generate over 1.6 million views per month.

Hindsight being 20/20, had I known the Universe had better career options in store for me, I wouldn’t have stressed myself out applying to all the previous jobs prior to my resignation.

The point is that sometimes we just don’t know what opportunities will appear. It’s about trusting Reiki universal energy has your back and doing your part to co-create your reality!

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Eve Sengkeo
Eve Sengkeo

Eve Sengkeo loves helping others achieve mind, body and spiritual wellness. As a Reiki Master, she inspires people through writing about her setbacks, comebacks, and all the lessons learned in between.

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  • meridith September 9, 2017, 9:38 pm

    Beautiful! I too left a good-enough-but-unfulfilling job last year. Almost a year later I’ve begun to learn about Reiki, and feel like it was truly good ‘timing’ to close one door in order to be open to so much more.

  • Neha September 11, 2017, 3:50 pm

    I did the same thing but still searching the way to align with my higher calling…I really hope I too get the results soon…

    Love & Light…Namaste

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