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The Importance of Breathe

Article by Jaswinder Bhalla

Spirituality arises when ego and super ego disappears; whatever is possible through manifested human efforts is being done for many years beneath austerity. Breath is man’s soul mate. So, need to recognize the true reality of the breath after that one could be able to realize the soul’s ultimate goal with the sublime of universal consciousness.  Breathing is a process, a simple mechanical and physical function accomplished by the physical body which is generally ignored. But in Sawara Yoga the breath is a process which can be wrought and controlled for extra-sensory, the sublime of major seven chakras along with remaining small chakras, connected with the invisible realms of nature.

Breath creates a flow of energy in the body. In the nostrils Ida (negative, cool), Pingla (positive, hot) and Sushumna (neutral) flow of energy being created, like as the negative and positive currents in an electrical circuit. At this point, Ida and Pingala cease altogether and the central point (Sushumna) makes blend of both. Ida and Pingala Nadis are not the gross sympathetic chains, but being subtle Nadis that carry the Sushumna current. In the physical body these tentatively parallel to the right and left Sympathetic chains. Reiki creates a flow of current in the body the same way as Sawara Yoga does, barely one could find any differences in both. Sushumna Nadi must be stimulated for spiritual practices. It aids in the practice of concentration and refines perception manifesting reducing the actions of the alternating breath.

Breathing not only maintains the physical body, Chakras but also for the evolution of consciousness, subconscious and unconsciousness. Nadis do not flow at random, but at specific times in synchronization with the solar and lunar rhythms. Neurologists have proved the sequences in brain hemisphere activity. One hemisphere remains active for 60-90 minutes. So brain hemispheres mechanism breathing through the right and left nostrils. The active Nadi flow for 90 minutes, Sushumna four minutes then third Nadi begins to flow 90 minutes. In the Sawara cycle, Pingala(sun) nadi becomes active at sunrise during dark fortnight on days 1-3, 7-9, 13-15. Ida and Pingala operate alternately in 60-90 minute cycle throughout the day until, at sunset; Ida begins to flow on the specified days, likewise on days 4-6, 10-12. And during bright fortnight see reverse.

Sawara schedule
Day of the moon Bright fortnight Dark fortnight
1st moon(lunar; cool Ida) Pingala( sun, hot )
2nd ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’ ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’
3rd ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’ ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’
4th Pingala (sun, hot) Ida
5th ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’ ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’
6th ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’ ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’
7th Ida Pingala
8th ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’ ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’
9th ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’ ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’
10th Pingala Ida
11th ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’ ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’
12th ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’ ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’
13th Ida Pingala
14th ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’ ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’
15th ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’ ‘’  ‘’  ‘’  ‘’

It establishes consistency in the breath manifesting introversion, concentration, meditation, and transcendence. Bring a balance between the two forces in the body, known as Sun and Moon which attributes of Divine Reiki.  If your breathing is not synchronizing with the given schedule then there is something wrong which will only create irregular waves of physical and mental energy which disturb the mind, body and the chakra, consequences being, depletion in Reiki moreover, pineal and pituitary gland will definitely be affected in this way.

The importance of breathe

Image by makunin

The onset of the disease, the flow of the Sawara becomes disturbed as sniffles and a sore throat might be described as examples of the onset of a cold, the unbalancing can be rectified and the sickness prevented. Just need to change the active Sawara e.g. asthmatics, headache coming on, can block the active nostrils and stimulate the other nostrils along with the using Reiki symbols CHO-KU-REI and SEI-HE-KI.

Change the flow in Nadis:

Lie down on the left or right side for ten minutes; can be changed by Nauli Kriya and Khechari Mudra and last method through visualization with Reiki symbols on the Throat chakra or 3rd eye. First of all do some practices to check the flow of the Nadis, by putting your finger on the left nostril and feel the air with inhaling or exhaling then do the same with right nostril.

One technique that can help you connect with your breath and calm the mind is the Anna Panna from Vipassana. This is a technique taught by Buddha.

Breath Meditation:

  1. Firstly sit with legs crossed in a quiet comfortable place. (Shawl or blanket is advisable as you may get cold after some time).
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Bring your attention to your breath, breathing in and then out naturally, do not force the breath. Just observe how your breath enters the body and leave the body through the nostrils.
  4. Do this for a few breaths.
  5. Then bring your attention to the area just between the Nose and the upper lip. Feel how the breath flows past this area, how does the area itself feel. Are then any sensations or tingling. Again do not force any feeling or sensations ONLY observe.
  6. To begin with, you may not feel anything, do not worry keep focused and continue to just observe. Focus on the whole area between the nose and the upper lip.
  7. Continue this for 5 minutes, each increasing the time to an hour if possible. If limited time is available please ensure 15 minutes are done at least.
  8. If at the beginning you feel nothing, after doing this practice for some days you will start to feel and observe things. The reason some people can feel and some can’t, all depends on how calm their mind is or how much awareness they have to begin with. The calmer the mind or more aware the person is the quicker they will be able to sense what is going on. All goes back to sensitivity. However, with practice and time, the sensitivity can be increased.
  9. Do this for 30 days and see how much more calm and aware you become in your surroundings.
  10. After 30 days there is an advancement to this meditation:
    • Move your attention to your chakras. Feel Sei-He-Ki and Hun-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen of the Reiki symbols on the Crown Chakra for 1-2 minutes.
    • Then repeat for each chakra, Third Eye, Throat chakra, Heart chakra, Solar Plexus, Naval Plexus and finally the Root chakra.
    • Once you have reached the Root chakra then draw Cho-Ku-Rei in white and then feel its light and power moving upwards to the Crown chakra and then fill your whole body. Feel this for a few minutes. You may have many sensations in your body, do not judge them just Observe and note them.
    • To end, bring your focus back to the area between the nostril and upper lip and then to your breath.
    • Breathe in and out naturally, again do not force it.
    • Then slowly open your eyes and sit for a few minutes to adjust yourself back to reality.

Tip: It is always good to keep a diary of what you felt during this mediation and see how it impacts you.

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Jaswinder Bhalla

Jaswinder Bhalla

Jaswinder is a full time teacher running his own Coaching Institute. He holds Masters degrees in Commerce, Arts(English), Economics. His passion for learning more and more took him to learn other languages like Russian, French, Spanish, and German. When not teaching at his Institute, Jaswinder Bhalla is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher. He’s practicing Reiki for more than 14 years. Grand Master in Traditional and Modern Usui Reiki, he’s well versed with Karuna® Reiki, Magnified Reiki, Runic Reiki, Sahaj Yoga and different form of Meditation. Jaswinder offers courses in Reiki, Sahaj Yoga and Meditation as well as distance healing services. Born in the lap of Himalayas – Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, he now lives in Punjab, India.

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