When Not to Reiki


Article by Avalokiteshwari

Being a healer we often feel as if we have a self-imposed responsibility to heal problems, situations, and people. It is also an exciting journey as each new situation brings us an opportunity to test our knowledge and heal and, thus, come up with a solution to a new problem.

But there are times when we really need to control this urge to Reiki/heal so as to get a better understanding of what the actual problem is. I feel that we need to restrict ourselves from giving Reiki when we or the patient is about to go for the medical diagnosis/test for his ailment.

When Not to Reiki
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For instance, patient A who is diabetic has an injury on his toe and the doctors want to know his blood sugar level in order to decide the future course of treatment. If we give him Reiki during the scheduled blood test, the glucometer will show his blood sugar level to be normal. And after the treatment starts his sugar levels may rise or drop thereby affecting his treatment.

Say, the doctor decide to ampute his toe to stop the spread of gangrene/Septicemia to his entire body and the test reflects his blood sugar is normal. They go ahead with the amputation and in case his blood sugar is high/low it will lead to blood loss and other complications. Once the doctors know through a proper diagnosis his condition they can decide how to stabilize the blood sugar, carry the amputation and post surgery treatment.

A proper diagnosis of the exact medical condition not only helps the doctor but even the healer to provide complementary healing. Like the doctor, he also gets to chart out his map of healing for the patient and aid latter’s speedy recovery. It also gives him a chance to explore the underlying mental/emotional/spiritual blocks that led to the ailment and help the patient heal and remove them. Hence, it is very important to know when not to Reiki as at times inaction is the best action.

Avalokiteshwari is a Usui Reiki master and Karuna® Reiki practitioner from Mumbai who loves to experiment with Reiki and various healing arts since 2009. She believes that everything and everyone in this world deserves to be happy and can attain this through Reiki. She is also into Magnified Healing, Money Reiki, Navgraha, Spells, etc. Though she loves to learn various healing modalities it is Reiki where she finds perfect solace.


  1. I was taught to believe Reiki is for the greater good; “all this or something better”. I have a nephew that became diabetic at the age of 13. He is now 28. Your article resonates with me. I can’t believe that a Reiki healing would affect the decision to amputate his toe. Maybe the topic is too close to me but my teachers passed on the idea that all intentions were for “this or something better”. I fail to see amputation as better. Perhaps we learned from different styles of Reiki.

  2. reiki knows past, present and future. whatever the results will be for the persons highest good. dont worry about the results. trust in reiki and give treatment whenever you like. the big doctor knows everything

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