Reiki for Your Dreams


Article by Dhwani Parikh

Many times, we think when we are so much into a difficult situation or in a big dilemma related to the actions we need to take in future, does Reiki really work? Will Reiki help me to achieve my dreams? The answer is again depending on your intention for the thing you want to achieve. Well, today I am going to share with you some deep insights with Reiki which works greatly.

As always said before, this is very intelligent energy. This energy works for the best of all. If your dream is to get a new car, but Reiki sees in future that you are going to meet with a very bad accident, it will keep you away from achieving them. Again, you will say this is subjective, maybe we are not getting it, so we are just taking that way to think positive. I agree, maybe this side is also true. But what, if you are using this energy forcefully to get something and end up with bad results? So, always we as Reiki practitioners say in our prayer that please heal this situation for the best for all. And let this energy works for the best.

Now, let’s talk about the dreams. How does it work for the dreams?

There are some rules before this energy fully works for the dreams.

1. It should be very clear what is your dream.
When you are clear about your dream, you also get some positivity from inside to work upon it. Also, that gives you direction to work on that dream.

Reiki for your dreams
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2. Your dream should be good for all.
Means it should not harm another person. If you want to snatch something from others, maybe Reiki not work that way and then you will wonder why is it not working.

3. You should have enough faith in this energy and in your dreams that you can achieve it.
More emotionally connected you are with this energy, more easily you can achieve this.

4. You should have the dedication and focus for this and you should be constantly working on this energy to achieve your dreams.

5. Last rule which is the most important one is whenever you achieve something, you should have gratitude for that, and gratitude for whatever you have currently. As there is none person on this earth could say I don’t have anything or I cannot find anything to be grateful for.

So, these 5 principles are very important to connect Reiki with your dreams and all the dreams can be achieved by anyone.

Practice Reiki for Your Dreams
  1. Just sit in silence every single day,
  2. Start Reiki flow and think about the feelings you feel when you achieve and hold it for at least 6 minutes.
  3. Try to use all the symbols given by your master and you will do wonders in your life.

All the best! Thanks for reading and Lots of love and light!

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Dhwani Parikh

Dhwani Parikh

Dhwani Parikh is a Freelance writer, Reiki Usui master, Mind Power specialist, Music healer, Astrologist and Tarot Card Reader. She has been emotionally attached with Reiki from many years. She has got a very high intuitive power and very good sense of vibrations. She has lost 14 kgs of weight with help of Reiki and visualization. Reiki is the biggest part of her success in marketing and sales career. She has found her twin flame relationship by medium of Reiki. Reiki saved her from many negative events and vibrations. Reiki has brought new perspectives of her life and wants to spread this miracle of Reiki around the World. Dhwani lives in Toronto, Canada. Reach Dhwani on Facebook or email on



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