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How Reiki is the Master Key to Unlock the Potential of Your Routine Workout

Article by Jaswinder Bhalla

The state of our minds, the state of our bodies and instincts are intimately interconnected. If the mind is relaxed, then muscles must be relaxed and vice versa. As you relax, you will feel vibrations melting down, of expansion, weightlessness warmth. Relaxation is not so much a state as a process, but a state of levels of increasing deepness. It is a matter of letting go, instead of holding on; of not doing rather than doing.

Hindu Scripture Bhagavad Gita mentions it as: “The soul that moves in the world of the senses and yet keeps the senses in harmony. Finds rest in quietness.” As your body absorbs more oxygen and exhales less carbon dioxide it calms your mind which results in induced muscle tension. The sympathetic nerves system; which was not able to work properly while Para-sympathetic activity was on a high level; now starts to repair itself in this deep state of meditation. Flexibility and mobility of muscle are the key attributes of enthusiasm.

The edge of with the Reiki is that you can mix it with other forms meditation to spice them up. For instance, we are talking about Mind and Body so let’s talk about the blend of Reiki and Yoga. Reiki heals and Yoga flexes your body, make you strong physically and makes life easy; when you blend these two together; it can easily whip you some sustenance.

The body is filled with innumerable nerves that cannot be counted. Important nerves are: Sushumna, Ida, Pingla, Gandhari, Hastajihva, Kuku, Saraswati, Pusa, Sankhini, Varuni, Payasvini, Alambush, Vishvodhara, and Yasasvini.

Explained- How Reiki is the Master Key to unlock the potential of your routine workout

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Nerves are the astral tubes made up of astral matter that carries psychic currents. The gross nerves and plexuses have a close relationship with the subtle ones. Ida (Moon, cool, left) and Pingla (Sun, hot, right) carry the Sukshama Prana (current). Ida flows through the left nostril while Pingala through the right nostril. One could begin with the purification of nerves. It is through Pranayama that you can control and bring about quick purification of the nerves; making the mind composed, lucid and steady.

Solar Plexus (our Ego Centre, soul’s big store-house of information from previous lives and the unconscious mind’s records) is located within the Sushumna Nadi (region of the navel) and has control over the liver, stomach, adrenal and spleen. When the Solar Plexus is imbalanced, people may suffer from abdominal cramps, appetite problems, peptic ulcers, gastritis, gas pains, diabetes, and belching. Fear, overwhelming desires, anger, prolonged uncertainty, bitterness and feeling of being defeated made this Chakra deranged.

Spleen: The spleen lies in direct contact with the pancreas; on a line from the liver to the spleen, a highly vascular, glandular, ductless organ, situated at the cardiac end of the stomach; serving chiefly in the formation of lymphocytes, and as a reservoir for blood. Spleen produces antibodies to protect us against certain diseases. Excess insulin leads to the hypoglycemia, which can be fatal unless controlled.

The liver (3 pounds, reddish-brown) is the largest gland in the body; and is located on the upper right side of the abdominal cavity, divided by fissures into five lobes, and functioning in the secretion of bile and various metabolic processes. So, Solar Plexus must be balanced, prior to tuning that would work more effective way among others chakra for desired results. Because, more than 1/3 nerves flows through Solar Plexus, hence, why in Yoga, priority is given to this area which in turn helps to manifest the desired goal through Paranayama.


  • Concentration with Reiki symbols (Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) will bring perfect repose to the mind and body every time it is practiced. Cosmic impressions can be retrieved.
  • Breathe in through the left nostril for 5-10 seconds, closing the right with your thumb and meantime visualizes Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei.
  • Hold the breath for 5-10 seconds, closing both nostrils, and visualizes Sei He Ki and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.
  • Breathe out through the right nostril for 5-10 seconds, keeping the left nostril closed with your ring and little fingers while visualizing Cho Ku Rei.
  • Breathe in through the right nostril, keeping the left nostril closed. Again visualizing Cho Ku Rei on breathing in and out.
  • Send the current down to the Root Chakra. Feel that the nerve-current is striking against the Root Chakra and awakening Kundalini.

To start with seven Paranayamas in the morning and seven in the evening.

Please note:
Beginners should only do for 2 minutes and no longer. After 1 month then start to build up slowly adding 1 minute every fortnight. This is a very powerful meditation, beginners need to be careful. If you feel light-headed or unwell, stop immediately and take rest for a few days before attempting again. Even then reduced the time and start with 1 minute and then start to build-up.

For advanced meditators start with 2 minutes for one week as warm up and purification, then start to add 1 minutes each week. Building up to a maximum of 20 minutes. Always remember to listen to your body, if you feel like you are straining then reduced. For example, if 10 minutes gets you lightheaded then stick to doing 5 minutes if comfortable.

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Jaswinder Bhalla

Jaswinder Bhalla

Jaswinder is a full time teacher running his own Coaching Institute. He holds Masters degrees in Commerce, Arts(English), Economics. His passion for learning more and more took him to learn other languages like Russian, French, Spanish, and German. When not teaching at his Institute, Jaswinder Bhalla is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher. He’s practicing Reiki for more than 14 years. Grand Master in Traditional and Modern Usui Reiki, he’s well versed with Karuna® Reiki, Magnified Reiki, Runic Reiki, Sahaj Yoga and different form of Meditation. Jaswinder offers courses in Reiki, Sahaj Yoga and Meditation as well as distance healing services. Born in the lap of Himalayas – Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, he now lives in Punjab, India.

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