Lotus Sutra and Reiki


Article by Abhishek Jhaveri

“Nam Myoho Renge Kyo”. This is the Lotus Sutra. From personal experience I know how beneficial chanting this sutra is. In this article I shall give a brief knowledge of this Sutra, the similarities with Reiki, one small difference, and how both these practices with similar goals benefit individuals.

“Nam Myoho Renge Kyo”, these words have the “essense of the lifetime teaching of the Buddha” as mentioned in the book “Basics of Buddhism”.

As mentioned in the book:

“Nam” derived from a Sanskrit word namas means “to devote oneself to one’s life”

“Myoho” is the “Mystic Law”. Myoho represents the “mysterious nature of our life from moment to moment”

“Renge” means the Lotus flower which blooms and produces seeds at the same time and thus represents the simultaneity of cause and effect.

“Kyo” means voice/teaching of the Buddha

Buddhism believe in Karma and as I have understood so does Reiki. Both Lotus Sutra and practicing Reiki helps facilitate working on our health issues, or situations we find hopeless/hellish, problems we have with people we interact with on daily basis and financial issues.

For example, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen heals the past, present, and future wounds. I believe it helps us with our karmic debts along with some other symbols. In Lotus Sutra Chanting it is believed that regular practice, faith, and study helps to reduce the intensity and time period of our problems we face due to the karmic debt of accumulated lifetimes.

Lotus Sutra and Reiki
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Whichever situation we are in, both these practices ask us to take responsibility for our situation and work on our situation through practice. Reiki can help us with improving our health. For example, Sei He Ki works on the emotional and mental health of a person which eventually leads to health benefits. In Lotus Sutra as I understand as we chant with faith and regularly it is believed that the intensity of pain and suffering will reduce.

With both these practices, we are learning how to be ethical. We may find a big change in ourselves over time with practice. Hate, loath, jealousy will go down as selfish materialistic desires go down. We shall learn to celebrate our situation and work on a better future. A new joy to life will begin as week on week we notice changes in our lives.

The main difference I find between these practices is that you cannot send Reiki to anyone else without their permission while in chanting Lotus Sutra you are encouraged to pray for others who are suffering. I respect both these thoughts and their reasoning. But if permission is there then Reiki too encourages helping other people.

What is important is to be ethical and pray for the other person (in the case of Reiki once the permission is given) for the highest good.

Just to put some light on how I benefitted. I have allocated time during my day for Reiki and for chanting the Lotus Sutra. Early morning for Reiki and yoga and sometime during the day I like to chant the Lotus Sutra.

Apart from the self-disciplined, these two practices bring in, in my case it did open up the logical mind and help me deal with some serious health issues better. I suffer from OCD anxiety and panic attacks. I see a remarkable change within. It really helps me to be on the ethical path. I do have some shadow areas which I know soon will be gone by practicing Reiki and chanting Lotus Sutra.

Finally, I would like to conclude that any prayer with good intent and utmost faith is always accepted. There is a line from a hindi song in a television show I really like “Sacche Mann se tu Usko Pukare toh, Sunta who teri har baat hai”. It means once you call the divine with a pure heart and utmost faith, the divine shall listen to everything uplifting you say.

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Abhishek JhaveriAbhishek’s spiritual journey began few years back when he was very depressed. He realized that his happiness was mostly dependent on external factors. Peace of mind too eluded him. Abhishek learnt many tools to counter his depression and see a new meaning to life. Abhishek is an Angel card reader and a Reiki Grand Master. He has also written a play which was showcased in October 2016.


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