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Using Reiki to Help You During Pluto Retrograde

Article by Kriss Erickson

The calming, balancing, penetrating life force energy of Reiki often urges us to go deep into our inner processes. Society sometimes teaches us not to go too deep, out of concern that we could fall out of step with the collective whole. But as we know from practicing Reiki, going deep helps us come into balance with our Higher Selves, which always have the highest and greatest good of all in mind.

When Pluto goes Retrograde, deeply-hidden themes often arise, as Pluto is the energy of the shadow self. These energies can be physical: urging us to be aware of the deep inner workings of our physical bodies: bowels, bones, bone marrow, and energetic: urging us to become more aware of the origins of our beliefs.

Practicing Reiki while considering these deep themes can help us not only to embrace the energy of Pluto Retrograde instead of trying to avoid it but also help us come into a deeper balance with our own unique self.

5 Ways to Use Reiki to Help You During Pluto Retrograde

  1. Meditate each morning, using the Mental/Emotional symbol. There is no need to send the symbol anywhere. Instead, ask Reiki to guide you and follow the energy of the symbol wherever it chooses to go. If the energy goes deep, take a breath, steady yourself and go a little deeper. You can go deeper each day, instead of traveling the whole path in a single day.

    Using Reiki to Help You During Pluto Retrograde

    Image by sayama

  2. Pay attention to any themes that come up while you are meditating with the Mental/Emotional symbol. Does fear or anxiety come up? Simply acknowledge that, name it and see what the themes are attached to. If the sense of fear or anxiety becomes too strong, simply send in the Mental/Emotional symbol again (you can even draw a large symbol over your body and energy fields), and, if need be, pull out until the following day.
  3. Choose one theme to work through each day. It is helpful to use the Power symbol and the Karuna® Reiki symbol, Shanti (Peace) to help you think through themes. Throughout the day, be aware of any experiences that bring up the themes you are choosing to work through. Write down any insights or lessons you have learned.
  4. Remember that Reiki will never lead you anywhere harmful or dangerous. The themes in our lives really are ours. We have created them for a reason. Trust Reiki and allow yourself to learn from and clear issues as you take from them what you need.
  5. One reason that Reiki is so helpful in assisting us in looking at shadow aspects is that it is essential to work through all aspects of life. Areas we were taught not to look at or to ignore can hold important lessons for us. If, for example, you consistently avoid dogs because of a fear, knowing where that fear originated can help you to understand that many dogs are friendly. Understanding the core of a fear of dogs or anything else, can broaden your world and give you the understanding to help yourself and others.

All aspects of life are necessary and are meant to help us live richer, more fulfilling lives. What a blessing it is that we can rely on Reiki to help us navigate more smoothly through our lives.

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Kriss Erickson
Kriss Erickson

Kriss Ericksonn is an Usui/Tibetan, Atlantean. Crystal, Karuna®, Ra-Sheeba and Lightarian Reiki Master Teacher, a certified Acutonics Practitioner and the founder of the Elemental Frequencies Dragon Reiki system. She teaches and shares Reiki from her home in Everett, WA. Kriss also creates energetic art that she sells at art fairs, composes original music and is a published author. Reach Kriss at www.risingspiralsreiki.com/ and at slverkriss@aol.com.

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