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Reiki to Remove Dark Entities

Article by Justine Melton

Negative Entities may pass through your world from time to time. It is completely normal and an everyday part of the Universe. Negative Entities are not something you should fear. Fear does nothing but make them stronger and feed into the negative energy they are trying to spread. If you are a Reiki Practitioner you already have one of the best ways to remove dark entities from your mind, aura, and home.

How do you know if a dark entity is around or if you are just paranoid? It is completely normal after watching a scary movie or something similar to think you hear a bump in the night or that something negative is watching you. Although the movie itself is not something of a positive vibration it does not automatically send some sort of negative entity to haunt you. That would be a movie in and of itself. However, if you start having feelings out of nowhere of being watched, routinely hear bumps in the night that bother you and cannot be matter of factly explained away or think that you see images pass by or shadow figures then you most likely do have a negative entity in your space. Another, common way to tell is if you are normally a positive person and suddenly feel depressed for no reason or if things suddenly just will repeatedly not go your way. Your pets may also give you a sure fire signal by being scared of something in your home that you cannot see and cannot be easily explained away.

Reiki To Remove Dark Entities

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Ok, so you have come to the conclusion that there is a negative entity about. What should you do next? Reiki! I have found that Reiki offers one of the very best tools for removing and or transmuting negative entities and negative energy of any kind. It is fast, easy and can immediately stop whatever negative case you have going on.

How to quickly remove dark entities with Reiki:

For something, you see in your home or believe to be in your aura such as a shadow figure.

  1. Immediately acknowledge it. I do NOT mean to open up a dialogue or to become engaged with it in any way. Simply look at it. In this way, you are acknowledging its presence without engaging it. Engaging it will only feed into the negative energy.
  2. After you look at it immediately visualize a white bubble of Reiki energy encircling the Negative Entity.
  3. Next mentally (or with your hand) make a Master Reiki symbol over this Reiki bubble. If you are not a Reiki Master simply use a Power Symbol (Cho Ku Rei) instead.
  4. Next, visualize that as soon as this symbol is made over the bubble that it starts to transmute the Negative Entity in the Reiki Bubble until it is no more.
  5. The Reiki bubble then leaves your home and disappears itself as it is all knowing and the job is done.

For something you feel is giving you negative thoughts in your mind you go through the exact some process. The only difference is that instead of encircling a Negative Entity in the Reiki Bubble you Encircle the negative thought you are having instead. You then go through the exact same process as above.

This process can have dramatic effects on your life and can really help to change the vibration of your home and your being itself. Once you have successfully used this Reiki Method on yourself do not be scared to pass it along and help others as well. Reiki is meant to be shared. Can you imagine what this world would be like if everyone was transmuting darkness on a daily basis?

Sending love your way!

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Justine Melton
Justine Melton

Justine Melton is a Reiki Master/Teacher and an Intuitive Counselor. Reiki came into her life and changed it in amazing ways. It is her passion now to bring Reiki to others and help them to heal in a holistic way. Justine is lucky enough to be an Empath, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and Clairvoyant. She is able to use these gifts with Reiki if asked to give extra messages during a session for the client’s highest good. You can follow Justine on her website SerenityOfTheMindAndSoul.com and on Facebook at Serenity of the Mind & Soul.

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  • Paula May 30, 2017, 5:35 am

    Hello. I am level 2 reiki, empath and clairsentient. I have been exploring the idea of ridding my husband of a negative entity. He has always been very level headed mentally strong and very driven. He is suffering greatly from a feeling of impending doom and depression etc. It does coincide with something else I saw/experienced in our home. I have cleansed the house and myself but how can I clear this negative entity from his energy field. I have never experienced this before. I have only ever known light energy and frankly didn’t really believe in this sort of thing. Now I am very aware and feel like it is here to teach me to be more careful when working with energy. Any advice welcome. Live and light.

  • letthewhitelightshine June 1, 2017, 2:23 am

    Hi Paula. I did not believe in this sort of thing before I experienced it either! 🙂 Knowledge is power and Reiki is amazing at transmuting negative energy of any kind. Sometimes there are things that need to be confronted head on before they lead to a bigger problem.

    Here is how to go about clearing this negative entity… If you are able to do an aura scan and see the darkness do so. If not it is ok. Sometimes it helps to be able to visually see it. First, protect yourself in your favorite way. I say this because whatever works best for you is what has the strongest positive energy for you. I like to do a Reiki Bubble of protection over myself. Next, get some sage, light it and circle it around your husband while it is burning. State that the negative entity is no longer allowed in your husband’s aura or space. Make a power symbol in front of your husband and picture a white light swirling around your husband and drawing out anything negative. Visualize that it is almost like a Reiki vacuum. Nothing bad is left behind. After this bad energy is sucked out and transmuted into the white light set the intention that nothing negative can attach itself to your husband anymore. You can do this by simply saying it out loud. Make a grounding symbol in front of your husband. Finally, ground yourself. That’s it! He should be cleared of anything negative. Be sure to have your husband and yourself protect yourself daily with a short protection prayer, reiki bubble, intention, etc.. I was taught to think of it as putting on a daily spiritual condom. 🙂 Sending you love.

    • Paula June 1, 2017, 5:27 am

      Thank you for the response. I think i will be doing this tonight. Thank you for empathising with me. It really makes me feel better and to know that these things are very real. I’m sure between the two of us we can bring this energy in to the light and for the greater good be rid of it forever. Thanks you again.
      Love and light

      • letthewhitelightshine July 23, 2017, 8:26 pm

        Hi Paula. You’re welcome! Sending love to you!:)

  • Yvonne Vickers February 12, 2018, 7:51 pm

    I’m reiki 2 healer, and my husband had a negative energy attachment, so much that it was leaving really bad scratches on his legs mostly and on his stomach, this was when he fell asleep downstairs, I had to get help from a reiki master on this one, we grounded and protected ourselves, them began to brush the whole house with white sage, did the trick

    • Justine May 4, 2018, 8:05 pm

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing Yvonne. 😀

  • Cindy April 3, 2018, 12:27 am

    Wonderful information. I’m a relatively new Reiki Master. One think we did not discuss in my classes, was how to clear a property, outside a home. Do you start at every corner? Do you use the Master symbol? I would truly like to know. We live in an area out in the desert of southern arizona. Terrible things have happened on this land. My neighbors are having problems. I have symbols all over the house and we are fine. Prior to my Master class i had issues. How should I do this?

  • Justine May 4, 2018, 8:12 pm

    Hi Cindy. You can make a master symbol in the middle of the land you are wanting to clear and then beam Reiki to it for however long you feel called with the intention that the land be cleared. You can also sprinkle salt around the property. Another thing I like to do is make a Reiki Vortex that helps to clear the property. You picture a vortex (think of it as a tornado of white light) that sucks up all negativity from the land. Make a Master symbol over it and ask that it cleanse the property for whatever amount of time you like. The possibilities are endless. Just find what works for you and go with it. 💕

  • Annie November 13, 2018, 6:43 pm

    Hi I have a question. If there is negative energy in a relationship how do you get rid of it? Especially if one person is not open to Reiki. I believe that negativity in any situation invites negative entities that feed off of the arguing and hurt feelings. Can Reiki be done to get rid of the energies without the person being involved?

  • David Alvarado March 11, 2019, 10:00 pm

    Hi Justine, Do You offer long distance healing to remove dark entities? Thank you David

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