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Whole Life Healing with Reiki

Article by Charlotte Lucy

Imagine being able to energetically heal your entire lifetime – every hurt, every painful memory, and each unexpressed emotion. Every angry word heard or said. Every childhood wound, teenage heartbreak and adult judgment, resentment, and tension.

We hold our past within us. Everything we have gone through, both positive and negative, is housed as energy within our body, feeding our current day choices, feelings and life direction, and the darker energy, which stems and develops from a time when we were hurt in some way, may make us unable to see our true worth on a deep, causal level. A lack of belief in our own value stops us choosing a partner, job or lifestyle which is best for us because we gravitate toward living in a way which does not serve our higher self, but which instead matches that lower, energy of our past. After some time living in this way, we can become emotionally depressed, mentally drained and eventually become physically unwell as our life force energy becomes weaker and weaker with each passing day that we subconsciously keep our focus on that dark, internal part of ourselves.

Though you cannot remove positive energy from our past, the heaviness of darkness can easily extinguish the light energy within us if it becomes unbalanced from being continually ‘topped up’ through our negative focus and unhealthy life choices, so it is crucial that we as healers and light workers continue to focus on creating and encouraging more light energy within us than dark energy.

Whole Life Healing With Reiki

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These negative aspects, which are trapped within us and which no longer serve us, can be found, acknowledged, healed and released through the use of Reiki. Following this process allows you to move through both the conscious and the unconscious elements of your life so that you can be free of anything which is holding your true, higher Self down and slowing or limiting your connection to the divine spirit, which is your birthright!

This process can be intense and may bring up memories which you had long since forgotten, and even circumstances which perhaps you cannot recall. You may experience feelings of nostalgia, sadness, and grief as you move through the past – but keep in mind that this is all for your greater good and that after the night comes the day, and soon you will feel freer, lighter and happier than you have for many years.

You may take as long as you need to go through your life and if one time period feels like it needs more of your attention to fully clear out any blocks to your higher self being free, then do go back as many times as needed.

To Perform Whole Life Healing

Allow your Reiki to flow in whatever way suits you, then, take either a photograph of yourself, a pillow to represent your body or place your hands over your heart, (though this last one can make your arms ache after a while so is not advised.)

Once your Reiki is ‘on’, spend around 15 minutes healing each period at a time aiming to do it once a day if you can, but using your intuition as to whether you need to take a ‘rest day’ in between sittings.

The time periods to focus on are as follows:

  • Your conception
  • One session for each month you were in the womb
  • Your birth
  • One session for your first year
  • One session per 5 years time segments e.g 1 year to 5 years would be one healing session, 6 to 10 would be one healing session and so forth.
  • If there were circumstances or experiences in your life which stand out before any healing has begun within one or more of these time periods, (for example parents getting divorced or losing a loved one), then focus first on this with a single healing session, and then once you feel this energy has been released, go back and heal the whole 5 year period.
  • If something comes up during a healing session which you feel is asking for its own healing, then take the time to follow this request from your Soul.

You will be able to use your intuition to know whether something has completely healed, or if there is more to do to fully clear and release that aspect of your past energy.

The Importance of Whole Life Healing as Healers

It is so crucial that we as healers understand that ignoring the pain of past experiences, however minor they may now seem in hindsight, will not help us release it or heal it. Instead, allowing that energy to remain hidden within us on an etheric level enables it to continue to fester and develop more power over our life force and the choices we make. Like ignoring someone crying out for help, we must instead answer the cries from our Soul to support it in releasing its heavy, excess energy and allow it to raise its frequency in the process. This, in turn, will make us healthier, stronger healers, more able to cope when supporting our clients and serving our precious earth.

By taking this time to uncover, acknowledge, and accept that which you have gone through, both the remembered and the forgotten via Whole Life Healing, you are allowing yourself to be ultimately healed and freed from your past connections, whilst also allowing your Soul to develop itself as needed by discovering and learning the important lessons which come from having gone through these often-times painful or difficult life experiences.

Do not ignore your pain, as it is here that you shall discover your greatest breakthroughs.

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Charlotte Lucy

Charlotte Lucy

Charlotte Lucy is a Usui Reiki Master, Crystal Therapist, Spiritual Intuitive, certified angel card reader and author. Her passion and purpose in life and as a Reiki healer is to help others rediscover their wings so they too can Create Light in this world!
Charlotte can be found on Facebook here (https://www.facebook.com/groups/earthangeltribe/), or to contact please go to her website www.reikitherapist.co.uk

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  • Prashasti Patel May 30, 2017, 8:20 am

    Article is very good. Try it soon. Thank you dear.

  • shaishidhaar June 12, 2017, 5:04 am

    Please tell the procedure to do it. so that we can have an idea.; thank you lucy.

  • Star West November 28, 2017, 9:44 am

    She did explain the procedure in the article……

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