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Top Ten Reasons to Learn Reiki

Article by Sumedha Rewar

1. Reiki can help in self-healing. It interconnects a human being to the universal energy. You can devote some time daily to balance your body, spirit, and mind.

2. Reiki is a stress buster. In the modern world, stress is considered to be the major contributor towards many diseases. Reiki can calm your body. It ensures that you remain free from any sort of stress. You can define the real self-purpose and clear your mind with Reiki.

3. Spiritual growth is necessary for everyone. If you think that your life has everything, but misses something unexplainable, it could be the spirituality. Reiki can connect you to the higher self and makes you take better decisions in life by becoming more intuitive and balanced. Meditation can bring also miracles in your life.

4. Busy lifestyles of today have occupied our body and other areas of life. Continuous self-healing can prevent sickness and even cure the existing physical injuries and mild body pains. Reiki can help in curing any illness and gives the will power to fight even the terminal diseases like cancer.

5. Many people think that they are taking too much from their life and giving less time to their inner soul. If you are following Reiki, you can heal others and yourself. It gives an inner satisfaction to heal others and there is nothing more rewarding than sharing your gift of healing. It is about doing good karmas to help someone who actually needs it and bringing happiness to others would be ultimately great for your self-contentment.

Top Ten Reasons to Learn Reiki

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6. Emotional traumas in life can be handled with Reiki. Sometimes, there are emotional issues, which are hard to understand or believe. These traumas can hamper self-development. Reiki can remove negative energy from your body and you’ll be able to reduce or eliminate the pain associated due to any off-putting event. Reiki helps in achieving the level to free you from all the desolations in life.

7. Reiki re-connects you with the true purpose of your life. You can become more focused and contented by doing Reiki. There are many people who spend their whole life in doing the wrong job or getting under the wrong situations. Reiki opens your mind for the positivity and makes you attain the actual reason of your existence.

8. Reiki can turn your whole life towards a better one. Self-healing is always positive. Your life goals become clear with Reiki. You can appreciate many things in life and understand the real nature of people around you. It can make you get along with the right people and remove the negatives from your life.

9. Reiki can change your way of dealing with life. It can help you in dealing with relationships, situations, and decisions in a healthy way. You’ll start loving yourself more and automatically give ample of love to others. This feeling of respect for others and attaining self-respect will make you never go on the wrong path.

10. Reiki is an ‘art of inviting happiness’. If you ask anyone if they have the happiness in life, they might have some point to mention, which hampers their happiness. People actually confuse the real happiness with materialistic possessions, successful career and ample of wealth. Happiness can give you much more and gives contentment in the real sense. If you choose the path of Reiki, it will bring enlightenment in your life. Its real meaning is different for everyone. Reiki is the way of channelizing the energy of the universe and using this life force to attain internal happiness.

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Sumedha Rewar

Sumedha Rewar

Sumedha is an expert in Essential oils, Reiki and Yoga. She has an urge to research and implement the things practically for her respective streams. She is from India and has a lot of passion for learning and sharing her knowledge. Her Reiki healing practices go on at personal levels and she also does a lot of efforts for doing it for social needs. She emphasizes in making the efforts to get the best for everyone with the positive intentions.

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  • Mahadev M C June 21, 2017, 7:46 am

    Hi wonderful article you shared,thank you.

  • Ascending To Wellness June 26, 2017, 6:15 pm

    That’s why Reiki is part of my daily life.

  • Leanne Duffy June 28, 2017, 4:48 pm

    Can’t wait to start my Reiki Level 1&2, next week. Thank you for this article. ♥

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