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Healing Polyhydramnios in Pregnancy with Reiki

Article by Naveeta Singh

Being a mother is what most women look forward to at some point in life. This beautiful experience is marred when there are complications during pregnancy that threaten the well-being of the unborn baby and the mom to be. Mine was such a case when I was detected with Polyhydramnios (excessive amniotic fluid in the womb) in 28th week of pregnancy. The anxiety of this situation gave rise to a frantic search for healing this condition which is said to affect around 1% pregnant women in the world.

In polyhydramnios the amniotic fluid level in the womb drastically increases either due to abnormality in the foetus like neural tube defects, cleft lip or health problems of the mother to be like diabetes, multiple pregnancy, etc. In most cases, there may not be any such reason at all and everything bodes well for the mother and child though it does increase the chances of early labor and delivery.

I was detected with Polyhydramnios when I gained 3kgs in 3 weeks during the fourth month of pregnancy and was not even found diabetic. Like a curious healer, I googled the internet for case studies of healing this medical condition using Reiki but could not find any. And thus, started my own experiment with Reiki.

First I gave Reiki to my Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root chakra followed by Reiki to my baby in the womb.

Healing Polyhydramnios in Pregnancy with Reiki

Image by thevelvetbird

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Find a quiet place for yourself to do self-healing.
  2. Do grounding by imagining roots or a big cord coming out of your spine which gets attached to the center of mother earth.
  3. Shield yourself and the baby by invoking Archangel Michael. Say – Archangel Michael please protect me and my baby while I do self-healing/healing.
  4. Now place your hands on the Solar Plexus chakra. Draw a Cho Ku Rei on it or connect to it through Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. State the intention – I am calm, relaxed and peaceful. My Solar Plexus chakra is cleansed, aligned and balanced. My digestive system is healed, healthy and active. My metabolism is healed healthy and active. My blood sugar level is normal. The level of amniotic fluid is normal in my womb. I am completely healed of polyhydramnios – State this thrice.
  5. Now seal it with Zonar + Halu+ Mara+ Cho Ku Rei
  6. Move on to Sacral chakra and draw a Cho Ku Rei on it. State the intention –My chakra is balanced. My uterus is healed, healthy and strong. The level of amniotic fluid is normal in my womb. I am completely healed of polyhydramnios. My baby is healed, healthy and normal. I have a full term pregnancy. Repeat it thrice and seal with Zonar + Halu + Mara + Cho Ku Rei.
  7. Repeat the above intention by connecting to your Root chakra.
  8. If you want you can combine the above intentions and give it to all your seven chakras.
  9. Now offer gratitude to Reiki, Archangel Michael and any other higher beings you invoked during this session.

Similarly, give Reiki to your baby in the womb by placing your hand on the womb. Draw a Cho Ku Rei and state the intention – My baby is happy, healthy and normal. All its internal and external organs are normal, healthy and strong. All its body systems are healed, healthy and strong. Seal it with Zonar + Halu + Mara + Cho Ku Rei.

For both baby and self, you can program the Reiki for 15 days in case you are a Reiki level II and above. Or else give Reiki daily to the above chakras as narrated above. In case you are diabetic besides healing you can also incorporate small, slow walks post meals to regulate your blood sugar. I would walk 500 steps post lunch and 1000 steps post dinner. Also, eat healthily and avoid sugary drinks and food. You can satiate your sweet tooth by having fresh fruits.

In my case, after the first 15 days session my amniotic fluid level decreased to 18cm from 20cm and after another 15 days it came down to 16cm. Though I was found with borderline gestational diabetes it did not affect me or the baby in any way. A healthy baby was born on March 6 and now here I am sharing this amazing tale of healing and hope offered by Reiki.

Thank you!

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Naveeta Singh

Naveeta Singh

Naveeta Singh is a former journalist from India, based in Kalyan near Mumbai. She is a Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki practitioner who loves to experiment with Reiki and various healing arts since 2009. She believes that everything and everyone in this world deserves to be happy and can attain this through Reiki. She is also into Magnified Healing, Money Reiki, Abundance Healing, Tiger Reiki, Navgraha Healing, etc. Though she loves to learn various healing modalities it is Reiki where she finds perfect solace.

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  • Vidyaa Bunty Talreja May 23, 2017, 4:19 pm

    Lovely share. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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