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Being a Reiki Mom

Article by Anna Marks

Recently, I have become a Mother. Beautiful and also very frightening. More frightening than a spider and I’m arachnophobic.

As you probably heard the saying before, we are all great parents before having children. This was also my case. In my mind, my perfect vision, I knew all the right steps to be done, I was a great adviser for other parents. But reality struck right into my haughtiness.

Raising a conscious, aware child isn’t easy at all. Actually, it seems the most difficult thing ever. And guess what? We’ll know if we’ve done a good job only in time when it will be too late to make substantial changes. So we have to give our best NOW to ease the healing path of our followers. Despite the age our children have, NOW is the right moment to act wise and aware. Being spiritual doesn’t guarantee you having spiritual children or having an easier path in raising them but it will give you the tools and the mindset you need to grow a healthy aware child on all levels of existence.

Many of us, and especially those before us, were raised as physical beings. We had a shelter, health insurance, food on the table, education. But how about our emotional aspects? Spiritual aspects? We are multidimensional beings. We are not only this physical body. We are so much more. The pregnancy period and the childhood are creating the blueprint of our wounds. An aware parent can prevent a karmic wound to be rebuilt into this life also; it can heal it with its presence. To evolve, we have to learn from our mistakes and stop multiply these ancestral wounds.

Being a Reiki Mom

Image by Myriams-Fotos

When we become parents, our unhealed aspects are going up to the surface. We find ourselves into the emotional torment and it’s difficult to be aware and centered from that point. When I was pregnant, I felt my little baby girl speaking to me. Sometimes, I kept on doing things I wasn’t proud of like eating unhealthy or being sad and crying or being tart all day or having bad thoughts and so on. Instead of being more aware and responsible for the being I was carrying inside my womb, I advised her to act differently because this is not such great behavior. And suddenly heard a clear bright innocent answer: <If you’re doing it, it must be good.> Such answer seemed ironic and defiant, but the energy that voice had was innocent indeed. It simply said something that brought me in a sec into the present. It’s not different than smoking – we always see parents who smoke and tell to their children not to do it because it can cause many dreadful illnesses.

Why is it so important to stay aware and present, especially near a child?

Because if we’re doing it, it must be good. Everything we are thinking, saying, doing, our children will take it as a core belief, as something GOOD for them to think, say or do. No exceptions. We are the example, the cornerstone, the adult which builds their reality. Or at least, we should be that adult because we have access to their cell-level where the deepest healing resides. All the wounds are created due to some affinity or exclusion towards those before us. For example, if the father is an alcoholic, there are several types of unconscious behaviour – the child might activate the savior instinct and maybe even develop the same addiction as a faithfulness towards the unfortunate father, just to show him love and devotion; or on the contrary, the child will grow up avoiding and repelling any person with drinking problems, judging them also. An aware loving presence, in this scenario it could be the mother or someone who earned the child’s respect and trust, will prevent the pattern go further into the child’s behavior. Awareness is so important. These transgenerational wounds can be permanently removed through the presence of another, not falling into reactions, but creating aware responses to the situations we encounter.

What can we do for our children?

Only two things. Being present and love them. That’s all. As I said, it’s the most difficult thing ever and also the easiest and most useful to do for them and for us also. Embrace their uniqueness. Let go of any expectations regarding their physical appearance, their behavior, their further achievements. Don’t run away on autopilot and be there for them simply to smile with your heart and say „Everything is just fine, my dear sweet child. I am here with you. You are loved. You are safe. You are blessed.” As Reiki practitioner, you have a blessed path on doing so. As Reiki practitioner, the access to higher levels of consciousness is guaranteed. As a dear friend and spiritual coach told me once, being spiritual doesn’t mean you are a jellyfish, floating around and chanting Aum all day long. It means you are willing to work hard on yourself, take responsibility for who you really are and live that unique life of yours bringing up all your gifts to the world. We are not here to change the world but to change ourselves and, through us, inspiring those around. It’s like on the plane when you have to put your own oxygen mask first and then assist your children or other passengers. If you’re not feeling good, do you think your child who originates on the same multiplied cells will be just fine and proud of your sacrifice?

Being a Reiki Mom

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How to actually do it?

That’s the harsh part. There is no accurate recipe on how to do it, but are some tricks that might help you on the aware motherhood path.

Conscious breathing is a must; otherwise, we’ll fall into emotional reactions and we are helpless from that point. When things get messy, always breath and create a conscious breathing mantra – something like “Peace dwells inside my body, mind, and soul. I am peace.” While you’re saying the mantra, visualize the peace flooding your being. Or you can create a healthy habit in asking yourself some aware questions to prevent falling into autopilot; for example: Is it useful to respond like this? Who am I serving now, my egotic mind or my loving soul? At the beginning, it might be difficult but worth the effort – it helped me many times.

Active listening also helps. First, you should listen to yourself. This way, you’ll get to know the hidden wounds and fears which tend to manifest to your child also. If it wants to, leave your mind wonder in fears, plans, scenarios and thoughts. You just listen to them detached. Once the inside is heard, the interest in bringing them to the outside world into manifestation decreases. Then listen to your child because what you deny in seeing will be seen into your child’s behavior – your anxiety, fears, sadness, lack of action, insecurity, low self-esteem and so on.

Being detached is also necessary because our children aren’t here to do the things we failed on doing, our children aren’t here to live the life we dreamed of. They are here for themselves and praise be God for the huge awareness we already have to acknowledge this fact. If we simply integrate this core belief, most of the wounds and fears will be wiped off and our children will be free to live their own lives without saving or punishing us or our ancestors.

Daily meditation, daily practicing Reiki will help us breathe consciously, listen, be detached so that we can stay aligned with our aware “mom” mission. We are different souls here so do whatever suits you and keeps you attuned to the high frequencies but those three things mentioned above I consider them being vital and can all be provided by Reiki energies. As I said before, I’m a good adviser. I’m saying this to you as I’m saying the same to myself. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and hope this will inspire you too.

At the end, I would like to share with you the Reiki Mom Mantra. You can say it while looking in the mirror, feeling all the words and frequencies. Let your heart speak and your mind still.

Just for today…
I am here with my child.
I am loving,
I am nurturing,
I am blessed to be his/her mother.
For better or worse, I’ll remain here
To grow together into love and light.
For our souls were meant to meet and rise into

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Anna Marks
Anna Marks

Anna Marks is part of the Reiki Rays Team since 2016. She is a freelance writer and a freelance soul. Although she got in touch with many healing methods and teachings, her journey made her realize we are our own authority and there is only one Truth that unite us all – unconditional love. She has only one thought for you – Learn to love yourself just as much as God loves you. Reach Anna at anna@reikirays.com.

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  • twinklebliss June 7, 2017, 10:23 am

    Love this article. It is so true. All we need to do is be present and let our children know we love them… Thank you for this

  • Nicole Walter May 27, 2018, 5:22 pm

    Beautiful article!

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