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How Can Reiki Accelerate Mental Patterns and Subconscious Level Healing via Positive Affirmations?

Article by Ranjini Rao

The healing presence is always where you are i.e. in the present moment you can experience healing. If you ever wondered why Past Life regression therapy is complimented with Reiki is because our cells hold the long term memory and past life patterns and memories.

The body condition you experience today is but a reflection of your thoughts and energy stored in your consciousness, just like shadows cast on the screen.

The soul is in flesh and blood, however, it perfectly knows what needs to be done in order to heal in the present moment from past patterns and thereby in to change the images on the screen, it must change what they reflect. At a very deep level, what serves as a mirror inside that reflects on the outside exists at the cellular level.

In my personal experience, I would like to share an incident, wherein a psychology student came to learn Reiki Level 1.

During the course of the day, I had demonstrated several tools and techniques on Reiki touch therapy and we took an existing real life problem to apply during the practical session. While I was listening to her problem and during the experience sharing she had an emotional outburst. She had a deep deep anger issue related to the abuse that she had been through. Some unpleasant memories surfaced and I realised that the issue was at a deeper level.

I felt it had reached her subconscious level and being an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner and having read the book “Power of the subconscious mind”, I thought I could help her by suggesting powerful affirmations. But since Reiki technique itself was new to her, I was looking for something to integrate into her 21 days daily practice.

How Reiki can accelerate mental patterns and subconscious level healing via Positive affirmations

Image by Andre_Rau

To compliment the Reiki touch therapy and body patterns, I drew inspiration from Louise Hay’s book – ‘You can Heal Your Life’ and referred to the list of hand positions and affirmations corresponding to the body.

Here I have listed the hand positions along with the new thought patterns:

Hand Position Number Hand Position New Thought Patterns
1Reiki Hand Position 3 Brain “All of life is change. My growth patterns are ever new.”
2Reiki Hand Position 3 Head “Peace, Love, Joy, relaxation. I relax into the flow of life and let life flow through me with ease.”
3Reiki Hand Position 1 Face “I love and accept myself where I am right now. I am wonderful.”
4Reiki Hand Position 1 Eyes “I am free. I look ahead freely because life is eternal and filled with joy.”
5Reiki Hand Position 2 Ears “I listen to God.I hear the joys of life. I am part of life. I listen with love.”


Sinuses “I am one with all of life. No one has the power to irritate me unless I allow it. Peace, Harmony. I deny any beliefs in calendars.”


Mouth “I am a decisive person. I follow through. I welcome new ideas and new concepts.”
8Reiki Hand Position 4 Throat “I can speak for myself. I express myself freely. I am creative. I speak with love.”
9Reiki Hand Position 5 Neck “I am flexible. I welcome other viewpoints.”
10Reiki Hand Position 9 Shoulders “I release anger in harmless ways. Love releases and relaxes. Life is joyous and free, all that I accept is good.”


Lungs “The breath of life flows easily through me.”


Heart “Joy, Love, Peace. I joyfully accept life.”


Hands “I handle all ideas with love and ease.”
14Reiki Hand Position 6 Liver “I let go of everything that I no longer need. My consciousness is now cleansed and my concepts are fresh, new, and vital.”


Skin “I get attention in positive ways. I am secure. No one threatens my individuality. I am at peace.”
16Reiki Hand Position 7 Stomach “I assimilate new ideas easily. Life agrees with me; nothing can irritate me. I am calm.”
17Reiki Hand Position 11 Kidneys “I seek only good everywhere. Right action is taking place. I am fulfilled.”


Large Intestines “I am free. I release the past. Life flows easily through me.”


Bladder “I release the old and welcome the new.”
20Reiki Hand Position 8 Pelvis “Forms and channels may change but love is never lost. I bless my body with love.”
21Reiki Hand Position 11 Hip “I joyfully move forward supported and sustained by the power of life. I move into my greater good. I am secure.”
22Reiki Hand Position 8 Genitals “Power, I allow the full potential of my sexual principle to operate with ease and joy. I lovingly and joyously accept my sexuality.”
23Reiki Hand Position 12 Knee Forgiveness, tolerance, compassion. I move forward without hesitation.
 24Reiki Hand Position 13 Feet “I stand in truth. I move forward with joy. I have spiritual understanding.”
25Reiki Hand Position 10 Back “Life itself supports me. I trust the universe. I freely give love and trust. Lower Back – I trust the universe. I am courageous and independent.”

Therefore with her permission and consent, I asked her if she was willing to open herself even more and share her childhood experiences or any incidents that were unpleasant in nature. Using a combination of Reality therapies – NLP, Reiki and past life therapy, I was able to understand the cause of the problem she was undergoing.

After the session was over, she felt a release in her consciousness and also understood her emotions had caused her illness and affected a body organ.

To make it convenient for her she had recorded her voice and used to play it while practicing full body healing.

By the end of few weeks that problem did not recur and when I checked with her she was practicing Reiki and the affirmations on a daily basis and her life had significantly improved. She also planned on using Reiki with her patients while she practiced her psychotherapy sessions with special children.

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Ranjini Rao
Ranjini Rao

Ranjini Rao is an independent wellness counselor, who imparts Reiki knowledge and other self-empowerment techniques to individuals looking for serving their life’s purpose and to unlock the potential of their mind. She coaches on mindfulness practices through NLP, meditation, and mandala art painting. Prior to this, she was serving as a Marketing strategy Consultant @ IBM Interactive Experience & Mobile, Global Delivery Services. She has served in several roles within IBM India over 15 years and has over 20+ years of Industry experience and her specialization is Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategy coaching and consulting. Her personal experiences around Reiki have been life-changing and transformational in nature.
She has been a pious person and spiritually inclined soul since a young age. She was an intuitive channel since 1995 even before she realized it. She has been associated with various philanthropy community activities and developed her interests in holistic healing since 2008. She is a Usui and Karuna® Reiki Certified Master, Certified Holistic Well-being Counsellor, TA101 Certified by ITAA, Angel therapy practitioner, Certified NLP practitioner, self-taught artist, and Silva Method Practitioner.

You can reach her at www.srishtivataarts.blogspot.com and on Twitter @iampositive2k, Facebook page Srishti Vataa Healing & Art Studio and by email to srishtivataarts@gmail.com.

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