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Treatment with Patient Seated

Article by João Antão Marques

Reiki can be passed in many different ways and when dealing with elderly people, or with those with locomotion problems, the best way to treat the patient is having him seated, the application time varying between three and five minutes in each position.

One of the aspects that I cherish most in Reiki is its simplicity and flexibility and the fact that intention is capital.

Here below are two methods to do so:

• Smooth the Aura;
• Start using the modified third position of the head (dominant hand in the forehead and non-dominant hand on the occipital);
• Hands on shoulders in order to alleviate the weight accumulated there.
• Hands on the Heart Chakra (front and back);
• For the last position place your hands laterally on the heaps to treat the Root Chakra;
• In case you feel to do so, you can execute the knees position and the feet position (one foot at the time);

Treatment with patient seated

Image by jclk8888

There is another, more complete, way to pass Reiki to patients while seated, the application time varying also from 3 to 5 minutes in each position.

• Smooth the Aura;
• Hands on shoulders;
• Use the modified third position of the head;
• Hands around Throat Chakra;
• Hands on Heart Chakra, dominant hand in front and non-dominant in the back;
• Same as above for Solar Plexus Chakra;
• Same as above for the Splenic Chakra;
• One hand on the bottom of the column and the other on the knee (or on the ankle, if there are complaints about pains in the leg – sometimes I place my hand on the foot). Repeat for the other leg;
• Hands on feet;
• Sweep the Aura.

Being a volunteer at a Daily Centre of the Portuguese Red Cross, the time available for each patient is, sometimes, not much and, accordingly, the Reiki treatment has to be adapted to the time available although I try to have at least 20 minutes with each patient with a maximum of 30 minutes.

The majority of patients is over 83 and generally present circulation problems, arthrosis, tendinitis, and other localized pains as well as some emotional situations and, to cope with such variety of symptoms, the schema I use has little to do with what we generally learn about the way to pass Reiki.

Usually, I proceed as follows:

• Smooth the Aura;
• Hands on ankle and knee starting either with the left or the right leg (in case there are complaints of head pains, the hand on the knee goes to the head) – 5 to 10 minutes on each leg;
• Modified third head position – 5 minutes;
• Second head position (parietal) – 5 minutes;
• Hands on shoulders – 3 to 5 minutes;
• In case of complaints in the arm, one hand holds the patient hand and the other rests on shoulder – 5 minutes;

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João Antão Marques
João Antão Marques

João Antão Marques, a retired chemical engineer, is an Usui Tibetan Reiki Master/teacher living in Lisbon, Portugal, with training in Jikiden Reiki, Karuna® Reiki and Seichim, Lotus Light Jewel, Tibetan Bowls Massage and Therapy of Past Lives. Works as a volunteer with elder people in a Daily Center of the Portuguese Red Cross and has also worked with drugs and alcohol addicted. Recently undertook a study of the effects of Reiki in people affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis. João can be reached by mail at joaoantaomarques@gmail.com.

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