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Healing Addiction with the Angels

Article by Jaclyn Webb

I’ve had addictions for most of my life. Food addiction, drama addiction, codependency, caffeine, shopping, Internet. I used to be ashamed of these until I realized how they are in service to me. They helped me in the past to cope with life when I didn’t have better tools, they helped to distract me from pain that didn’t feel bearable, and in many situations I am sure they saved my life. So I want to say that there is no shame in addiction, and in fact, most of us have them in some form in our lives.

I’ve spent the last year trying to heal myself of these. While some tactics have been helpful, and others not so much, it’s been an enlightening journey. I had to try a lot of methods to see what worked for me. And what I’ve come to realize in the last few months, is that many of my physical attempts to “fix myself”, like changing behaviors, has only resulted in temporary benefits. Not until I started working with God and the angels have I felt real, internal shifts that have made me a happier, more upbeat and healthy person.

Before I get into the list of the most helpful methods to share, you must first and foremost pray for help. Doesn’t matter who you pray to, but in a universe governed by free will, you must ask for help in your situation in order to receive it. A simple prayer that I do often, is just asking for all healing and guidance available to me, for my highest good. I also ask that any action steps that I need to take be given with clear signs, that I will recognize.

Healing Addiction with the Angels

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For any type of addiction, I recommend considering the following healing methods:

1. Gestalt therapy
It’s the combination of talk therapy and working with spirit to assist in a perspective shift, that makes this healing method so powerful. I came into such a deep awareness for many of my behaviors using this therapy. I was able to go back to the initial memories that I took on limiting beliefs about myself. Through that awareness, those limiting beliefs lost their power. Gestalt to me is a process of taking your power back, in particular the power that I gave to addiction.

2. Releasing cords with addiction
Working with Archangel Michael in a visual meditation to ask him to cut and release all of my cords of addiction. You simply have to ask Archangel Michael for his help, then watch as he cuts these ties. You may receive messages in the process as well.

3. Removing earth bound spirits
Earth bound spirits with addiction, often attach themselves when they see an opening in the aura or a person in a weakened state. An example is drinking in a bar, many spirits that have alcoholism and have since passed on, will attach themselves to you so they can live out their addiction. Crazy, right? Similar to the process above, ask Archangel Michael for removal of these spirits and watch it happen. You will likely see how many spiritual attachments you have in your minds eye.

4. Clearing addiction from past lives
We carry over our addictions from past lives, often times. The idea is, we didn’t do the “work” to heal the addiction in that lifetime, so the same thoughts in this lifetime perpetuate it. This is similar to releasing cord of addiction. Simply ask and watch as Archangel Michael clears these from your spirit.

Releasing cords, removing earth bound spirits, and clearing ties to addiction from past lives, can all be done in a Reiki setting. Have the client set this intention at the beginning of the session, and be open to letting the experience unfold. The power of Reiki combined with intention is powerful enough to heal addiction in this manner.

The angels are happy to assist you in healing your addictions. They hold you back from your life purpose, and God would like to see you carry it out in this lifetime! My hope is that by sharing these methods, your soul will feel lighter, happier and more peaceful, and ready to realize all of your greatness. Just as I did.

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Jaclyn Webb
Jaclyn Webb

Jaclyn Webb is a past life regression hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner from Santa Monica, CA. She spends her time studying energy healing, nutrition, and spirituality. Her life purpose and passion is healing; her goal is to empower others to heal their own lives, through the wisdom she’s gained on her journey. Jaclyn spent the majority of her life with chronic health issues. She found that getting back into nature, practicing energy healing modalities such as past life regression and Reiki, using intuitive nutrition, making healthy lifestyle changes, and healing traumatic childhood experiences with gestalt therapy was what got her well. In her newfound wellness, she loves beach walks with her sister, traveling, reading a good book, and spending time with her family. Jaclyn looks forward to sharing her spiritual gifts with the world! Find her at: www.jaclynwebbhealing.com

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  • matt March 20, 2017, 8:21 pm

    Great article. I often call in Archangel Michael for help. Another great way to help the healing journey from addiction is combining positive affirmations and forgiving yourself.

  • Jaclyn Webb March 22, 2017, 10:06 pm

    You’re right! Forgiveness is key in recovery

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