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Reiki and Soul Healing – Are You Addressing the Right Area for Relationships Healing?

Article by Ranjini Rao

I am going to introduce you to the concept of a powerful technique that healed several relationship issues and blocks for myself and then helped a lot of my clients and friends to release them from several self-sabotages and beliefs they were holding their soul patterns.

As healers and seekers of information and problem-solving techniques, we keep expanding our consciousness and awareness to constantly help ourselves and others on this journey towards enlightenment. What is enlightenment? ….it can be to allow a light to enter into our lives, it could allow light to enter an area that is dark or unknown to us, or it could be light entering our souls and at cellular levels. However we call it, enlightenment is a process of the unfolding of our fullest potential at all levels to realize ourselves fully.

We know that our cells carry old memories and mental/emotional energy that we carry from the past lives. Once the Divine Life force energy or Qi energy permeates every cell, it transmutes the dark energy into light and heals that cell and brings it to a state of wholeness and oneness and perfection. Imagine we have trillions of cells in our body and every cell has its own stored intelligence.

There is an important step, as I first hand experienced this in my life. Once we are attuned and initiated into Reiki and invoke Divine energy to heal our physical health, our relationships, our work, our personal life, our lifestyle, our mind and soul, I would keep wondering that why do I feel that some relationships are just not vibing at my frequency or I am unable to vibe at their frequency.

And this need not be conflicting but generally, their perspectives didn’t match, their values did not match mine. For a long time, I would try to send them distant healing and send prayers to attune my mind and think it has got to do with forgiveness or healing or acceptance. Yes, the usual suspects!

However, then, I got to know of this very powerful technique called ‘Soul Conference’ that was shared to me by my Spiritual mentor who is into soul level and light healing and by and large following East Asian light healing practices. She told me that at a deeper level the energy is trying to penetrate but the soul energy also needs to be consulted for that relationship issue, or any issue for that matter.Are you addressing the right area for relationships healing

Our Soul is like a gatekeeper to the healing codes and behaves like a security guard. The soul is the boss. Imagine you are visiting a friend to an apartment and the security guard at the gate asks for a reference check or a door number and then calls them and reconfirm… likewise I can visualise literally that our cells must be contacting our soul to heal ‘holistically’ and only when we are totally aligned – at 3 levels – mind, body and soul, we experience the breakthroughs.

When you ask for a Soul conference healing, your soul applies its soul frequency and vibration with soul love, forgiveness, compassion and light that could remove the soul mind body blockages to that part that needs healing. Imparting soul healing becomes essential to accelerate the process of overall healing at all levels and allow ourselves to be guided to be the best possible outcome. It can be applied for any kind of self-healing – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and more.

Point to be noted that this kind of healing need comes from a point or ground of lack and not from a ground of wholeness. For eg: A person may always feel the need to fill his/her bank balance with money. At a lower plane level, he/she is trying to live life materialistically and nothing wrong with that. And may keep thinking that he /she needs to be healed of money beliefs because there is a lack. But if the person goes deeper at a soul level and introspects, the lesson could be very different. It could be first to understand the past life lesson or soul’s pattern and the energy essence he/she has been carrying.

Awareness and willing to let go of the Soul’s pattern with full consciousness is when that process opens up the door to ‘money consciousness’ or ‘success consciousness’. Well, you can call it a metaphor!

Does that seem interesting or shocking?

So how does one heal themselves at a soul level? What is the exact process to be followed? How can this process be complemented with Reiki practice and help others?

According to Master Sha, a well-respected soul healer, who teaches that everything has a soul, including relationships, finances, and all aspects of life.

If we now draw a parallel to teachings of Dr. Usui on the 5 principles of Reiki – There is one principle that states “Just for today I will love and respect and honor all living beings and things.”

Dr. Usui’s teachings were to respect and see the God in everyone and everything that is living has a life force energy, living mechanism and we are all a part of the one Divine energy of God / Universe …we are in it …it is within us and it is all pervading.

After I completed my Angels practitioner course in March 2011, I had developed several relationships handling issues at work and it had become urgent and pressing need to focus on certain aspects of my soul and impart healing. It was like a first call to awaken! They encouraged me and helped me to see the truth.

I followed the Soul Conference technique mentioned below to heal relationship issues, shared this with many who had money and life abundance issues and so many of them reverted that the Universe worked mysteriously to help them. Thanks to my spiritual mentor for the timely help. I have immense gratitude to her soul while I am sharing the gist of the five-step power techniques.

Preparation Process:

1. Room preparation
Are you addressing the right area for relationships healing

Prepare and energize a quiet room for meditation and make sure you are not disturbed or distracted. Keep your phone in silent mode.

Light a lamp and some aroma essences if need be and keep your Angels, Spiritual Guru or Ancestors photograph if required.
Call upon Reiki Masters, Archangels, your soul guides and spirit guides, your guardian angels and your ancestors to watch over you during this meditation. Also call upon Divine Masters, Divine Spiritual Guru and Ascended masters to guide you in this process. Connect to your higher self and Divine Energy using the Reiki symbols. (If you are familiar with the Master symbols and Karuna® Reiki Symbols and have been previously attuned to them, use them here) For eg: Use Karuna® Reiki symbols like Rama, Hosana, and Aum for grounding and protection and then invoke symbols like Zonar, Halu, Harth for the healing of the past and at a soul level.

Place Cho Ku Rei and Sei He Kei on all sides of your aura and room.

2. Body attunement Process

Now for a moment, just center yourself. Take 3 deep breaths. As you inhale, breathe in the Reiki / light energy and as you exhale release any tensions, stress or thoughts bothering you. Let your mind be relaxed. Let your body be relaxed. Let go of any tensions or any kind of pressures stored in your muscles or tissues surrounding the cells. Your body needs to be completely relaxed.

3. Mind connection process

For a minute think about an issue or situation that is bothering you. Just bring it into your awareness without being judgemental and critical about it. It is like allowing a child to enter the forbidden zone 🙂 and you simply acting unnoticed and unaffected. You get what I mean? Now call upon the soul of that issue just like you call someone.

4. Soul connection and conference process

Imagine that you are going to have a conference with yourself and the souls of the issues that you are facing. There are some specific soul chants one invokes to connect to them. You may visualize them sitting in a circle in front of you. This circle is filled with light and love. You may fill this circle with any other colors you may wish to. There is another soul chant to highlight and mention the issue. Do a silent prayer to invoke the souls of blockages and people related to the issues (depending on what your requirement is) Feel their presence. Talk to them. Listen carefully to what they have to say to you.Chant any mantras in their presence that come to your mind as an intuition or guidance.

5. Soul message and disconnection process

After this, remain still in meditative position. Notice any awareness, enhanced feeling or release of anything that you could sense. Mentally make a record of that moment. In case you are guided to visualize any mental image, any suggestions note them down. Once you are completely feeling there is no more need to communicate or converse, then slowly disconnect from the souls and disconnect from the Usui Reiki and Karuna® Reiki symbols. Thank the angels, guides, and masters for being with you and protecting you. Offer gratitude and gently take your time to come out of the meditation. Disconnect using the dry bathing technique. If there is any heaviness or discomfort feeling inside your body or head, ask the angels to send the energy back to light. Thank them for being present and helping you in this meditation. Slowly become aware of your surroundings and start to move/shake your legs and fingers. Inhale deeply once again and release the breath through the mouth and intend that “This has been resolved and healed in God’s light. May this or anything better happens to myself and everyone concerned in the best possible manner.”

Thank yourself for taking accountability and ownership in your hands to take charge of your life’s issues rather than leaving it to chance.

Thank you!


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Ranjini Rao
Ranjini Rao

Ranjini Rao is an independent wellness counselor, who imparts Reiki knowledge and other self-empowerment techniques to individuals looking for serving their life’s purpose and to unlock the potential of their mind. She coaches on mindfulness practices through NLP, meditation, and mandala art painting. Prior to this, she was serving as a Marketing strategy Consultant @ IBM Interactive Experience & Mobile, Global Delivery Services. She has served in several roles within IBM India over 15 years and has over 20+ years of Industry experience and her specialization is Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategy coaching and consulting. Her personal experiences around Reiki have been life-changing and transformational in nature.
She has been a pious person and spiritually inclined soul since a young age. She was an intuitive channel since 1995 even before she realized it. She has been associated with various philanthropy community activities and developed her interests in holistic healing since 2008. She is a Usui and Karuna® Reiki Certified Master, Certified Holistic Well-being Counsellor, TA101 Certified by ITAA, Angel therapy practitioner, Certified NLP practitioner, self-taught artist, and Silva Method Practitioner.

You can reach her at www.srishtivataarts.blogspot.com and on Twitter @iampositive2k, Facebook page Srishti Vataa Healing & Art Studio and by email to srishtivataarts@gmail.com.

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  • Violet May 9, 2017, 12:46 pm

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful technique. It would have been very useful if you had given the link to the specific soul chants to be used. Now, the reader feels unable to experiment with the process not knowing what are the specific soul chants to be used. Thank you.

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