My Healing Journey


Article by Frances E Walker

Hi! I’m Frances E Walker commonly known as Fran.

I am a qualified Reiki Master Teacher, Angel and Crystal Healing Practitioner, Holistic Counsellor and I hold qualifications for other modalities. However I’m very passionate about Usui Reiki and feel we can all benefit from this in some way. I hold free Reiki Clinics, Share Days and run all Usui Reiki level courses and workshops; I also teach people individually if they prefer to do so or in small or large groups; maximum being 15 people at any one time.

I just love giving Reiki Healings and Teachings and seeing the outcome of each client and having them come back to have regular Reiki Sessions, also seeing my students grow from Reiki Level One and going on to do the Practitioners and then onto Master Teacher level, having them follow the tradition of the Usui Reiki and them growing as individuals it is a great thing to grow with them. I love using Reiki on myself, family, friends and including my dog he loves it just as much, it’s very rewarding to help others. In my practice I do all my healings by appointment only.

I am a Registered and Approved Training provider and practitioner with; (RA) Reiki Australia | (IICT) International Institute for Complementary Therapists | (IPHM) International Practitioners for Holistic Medicine | (INHA) International Natural Healers Association | (NTP) Natural Therapy Pages | (RHA) Reiki Healing Association | (WWWB) Who’s Who Worldwide Branding | A Registered Member with (ARC) Australian Reiki Connection | these are all approved in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and Worldwide.

I founded National Alternative and Holistic Health Clinic in 2014 and originally founded Infinite Rainbow Tarot Card Readings 2013 to be able to do Psychic Readings, now along with my Psychic Readings I practice and teach Usui Reiki Professionally along with my other healing modalities such as; Angel Healing, Crystal Therapy, Chakra Healing, Holistic Counselling, Psychic and Spiritual Development and many more…

I’m a well-known psychic card reader and healer in the ACT and surrounding regions, nationally, internationally and through social media and have been invited and participated with Psychic, Health and Soul Expos, Shop Openings, Parties etc and these are another way to pass on all my knowledge and love for what I do. I am also a member of a number of different Reiki and other Associations, as It’s important and necessary to stay up to date on the industry and any of its changes. I hold appropriate insurances to practice professionally, to heal, teach, to do expos, to talk to others on a stage setting and to sell different items etc.

My Healing Journey
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My Journey I started out over 30+ yrs. ago doing normal tarot card readings but I only did this for friends and family. After many years of serious and numerous illnesses and surgeries, leaving good jobs due to health reasons I had been doing accounting and finance, payroll and office managers jobs for over 20yrs but just didn’t want to do that anymore! It was then approximately in 2012 I decided I had to do something more substantial in my life and felt it’s time to do Tarot Card Reading professionally and that’s when I founded Infinite Rainbow Tarot Card Readings in 2013 that’s when my new journey in life started.

Once again got seriously sick and then had more surgeries. However it was in 2012 I was suddenly diagnosed with right lung cancer and the fear and not knowing what outcome of this would be; (I had already gone through breast cancer in 2001 and had a double mastectomy and a very bad three years followed that) Having lung cancer silently scared me so much and I had to face it! And on from there came another journey in my life! My 2nd Cancer Journey turned my life in another direction that I never heard off…

In hospital having a half right lung removed to remove the tumour my outcome is unknown to doctors and myself…I really can’t tell you if I was asleep, awake or both combined? However coming out of anaesthetic I think, I was seriously guided to do Natural Healings! What are natural healings I never heard or even knew about them as I’m old school. So my journey started whilst recuperating from surgery which I always do very well as I’m a get out of bed and move around the same day if I can so my recuperation is quicker and makes me feel so much better, as walking pain off is the best for me personally. Anyway at home I did some searching, asking, and finding out about natural healings, I came across Angel Healing and did a Diploma Course on that and loved it pass very well, and then I came across an online Reiki Course this sounded like it was the next journey for me, so I completed this course and passed.

However I didn’t know anything about Registrations, Accreditations then and I’m feeling quite good at that time I was succeeding in studies something I wasn’t able to do when I was school aged (when we arrived in Australia from Scotland in 1972. 2 years later, I was 14. My Mum Died of Cancer Aged 40) I was devastated I was only girl with 4 brothers and father. Back then it was my job to take over the house duties (that was just the way it was back then, no questions asked) I have to say I really was an angry person due to all this as I never was able to finish school, I always wanted to be a Nurse…not to be…

Over time I did a numerous mixed range of courses but none had this that’s it feeling!!! It was in this period of time that I was again guided divinely if you like! To open another business but for Healing and Card readings combined but with the business I had already opened previously Infinite Rainbow Tarot Card Readings well that was for card readings it just didn’t fit for healings too. It was then I founded National Alternative and Holistic Health Clinic and my new journey began. More searching talking to others etc over a couple of months I wanted to just do more! Not sure why and when but just needed to do it!

I had this drawn type feeling towards Reiki it was stronger than my other healings I done, so I began to search for more information on how I can help other people in anyway, so this journey began…I started to get on the Internet and Facebook, I came across a page that took my interest, and it was there my information on Reiki got more involved, if I wanted to become a good healer, teacher and reader I needed to have a plan. This is how my mind plan started, and my journey began again!

I wanted to be a legal business and a registered healer, and found out if I wanted to register as a Reiki practitioner I needed to study Reiki again but in person along with having an Attunement in person…So again I did do this and the teacher I found for Usui Reiki Level 1 was interstate so I travelled to do it (from Canberra to Perth x 4). Loved every minute of Level one and it just clicked for me it felt this is IT! So for the next 2 years I studied and travelled interstate to do all levels of Reiki and that’s where I’m at today!

I’m an Accredited and Registered Usui Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher and along with my other modalities have found my calling! and best of all I’m happy doing what I truly love to do, help heal, guide, teach and learn with my Clients and Students and get involved with my community in another type of way. I have also have a license to work with vulnerable children, so I can give them healings and even teach children Reiki as I believe children are sponges they just soak up information and I truly believe they are wonderful self-healers, and later in life they will make great healers too…(more of my journey to come very soon)…. So now I have a client base which is returning each year and new clients. I just love doing Healings, Readings, Courses, Workshops, Reiki Share Days, Free Reiki Clinics, Meditation Groups and much more and have already taught students of all levels of Usui Reiki along with a few other courses and it’s wonderful. I’m just loving my new journey in life…what more can I ask for!

My vision, my passion for Usui Reiki is to spread this natural and deeply wonderful healing as far and wide as I possibly can, through healing, teaching, talking, Reiki share days and free Reiki clinics, expos, palliative care, sharing with my community like the aged, unwell, people who are in hospital and more as I just love using and sharing my true deep passion for Reiki with as many people I can and I look forward when it’s even more world widely recognised, as it has so many benefits that it can provide to people of all ages and languages around the world. It’s even better now with social media as it’s talked about more and more each day yes there are many different versions of Reiki now however my lineage is Usui Reiki and this is what I shall share with all others. Hey how often do you get to say I LOVE MY JOB! And I truly do love my current journey in life…

With love, gratitude and blessings Fran xxx

Frances Walker
Frances Walker

Fran has been a Practicing Psychic Card Reader and Intuitive Healer for 30+ years and has a private practice. Fran is a well-known Canberra Psychic and Healer who has read and given healings to people from all walks of life, including local, national and international thanks to social media. Fran also loves giving clients her Reiki Healings, Angel Healings, Crystal Therapy, Chakra Balance, Combination Healings, Holistic Counselling and Psychic Readings and more. Fran runs Accredited and Registered Usui Reiki Level 1 Self Healing, Usui Reiki Level 2 Practitioners and Usui Reiki Level 3 Master Teachers, including Reiki Refreshers all 3 levels, Angel Healing, Psychic and Spiritual Development and more. Fran also has Reiki Share Days, Free Healings Circles, Meditation Groups, and runs a Psychic and Spiritual Development Community Forum on Facebook. For more information on healings and which courses are available contact Fran at or visit her websites:,


  1. Lovely story Fran glad you made it through the cancer and now its nice to see you are helping others with healing using Reiki and other healing modalities.
    All the best for the future

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