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Reiki Upgraded – New Energies Are Coming!

Article by Anna Marks

Reiki, as a messenger of the Universal Life Force Energy, has been joining us on the evolutionary path since first attunement. All the blessings, intuitions, guidance, help Reiki has given brought us today in this point when we can say we are more aware, healed, present, in contact with ourselves than we were yesterday, one year or even ten years ago.

It’s interesting how we might look the same on the outside and feel entirely different on the inside. The way we look at things has changed, our behavior, patterns, reactions, feelings, thoughts. Everything is absolutely different. New people came into our lives, many left, the relationships with our parents or children have changed.

Remember how you used to look at yourself in the mirror. For example, I was seeing just my negative parts, my messy hair, my unathletic body and so on. Now I’m the same, but I accept and love my imperfections. I accept myself. Maybe you experienced something similar. Maybe you too found the self love we were all seeking all along.

Everything is changing and we have been blessed with this amazing journey partner. Reiki. When I think about this guiding energy, I compare it with the one of a divine parent. Always holding our hand, encouraging us to have faith and take the next step and the next step until we are able to walk alone without being afraid to express and shine our light and love.

We are not fully grown ups, but I think we can say we are somewhere on the process. Now we have responsibilities, homework to do in this school of life. The Divinity is giving us bigger and greater roles on the Scene.

Reiki Upgraded – New Energies are coming!

Image by gr8effect

As always, Reiki is here to sustain further our process. But I feel a new opportunity is arising for those of us who are interested to explore even more. If Reiki was a teacher and we were the students, applying the lesson, now we can work together and find solutions, now we can reclaim our co-creator part on the Scene.

We are the new Reiki. Through us, everyday, Reiki is being upgraded. We discover new energies, we channel new methods and healing techniques, new ways of combining Reiki with other healing methods, new ways to integrate its energy into everyday life. Reiki itself is adjusting to the current energetic changes. We can choose to remain attached to the old ways and teachings, saying to ourselves we need to keep the energy and the path clean, just like the original master did it or channel it, but the truth is that those ways are not applying anymore because the reality is different now. We are different.

Of course, the channel must be clean and clear, undistorted. Otherwise, we will channel our mind’s limitations and, indeed, this will affect the energy. In order to keep the channel undistorted, there are some inner qualities and values one has to develop first:

  • healthy detachment from the outcome of the channeling process
  • self-value, self-worthiness, self-esteem, self-love despite the contribution one might have. Remember, you are worthy and loved just by being!
  • acknowledgment of the fact that a being is a messenger of God
  • acceptance
  • let go of any “I” and allow the “WE” to speak – unity comes before singularity
  • honesty

Even though is the last on the list, in my opinion, honesty is the most important value. As long as you’re honest with yourself, you can see what’s going on inside and which are the points where you have to work harder.

The new Reiki energies are actually asking you to become a VESSEL. Let go of the old and welcome the new. Create space inside yourself and let these new frequencies radiate outside the body. Each of us has access on different parts of creation and each of us will bring something completely unique if the connection is authentic.

I leave you with my favorite image of creation. Visualize all creation is a clear brilliant diamond with infinite faces and edges. And each of us is simply a face of this unique diamond which radiates light and love. Some of these faces have woken up earlier than others and they have inspired us and channeled from the diamond core. Now we are preparing ourselves to wake up too and bring our unique gift out into the world. Every face of the diamond has its unique truth. Through words, the energy can be distorted. Only the state is genuine real. That’s why it’s important, when you are ready, to go and take the knowledge yourself, right from the core. Step by step, we will get there.

The new Reiki energies are waiting for you to reclaim your legacy!

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Anna Marks
Anna Marks

Anna Marks is part of the Reiki Rays Team since 2016. She is a freelance writer and a freelance soul. Although she got in touch with many healing methods and teachings, her journey made her realize we are our own authority and there is only one Truth that unite us all – unconditional love. She has only one thought for you – Learn to love yourself just as much as God loves you. Reach Anna at anna@reikirays.com.

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  • Carmen February 28, 2017, 4:35 pm

    Beautiful article. Love the message here!
    Thank you so much!

  • Rachael J Zamarron February 28, 2017, 4:37 pm

    Great article! What are your thoughts on “self attunements” by Reiki Masters?

  • Julie Narewski April 30, 2017, 7:17 am

    This is what we are finding too, lovely article, lots of new techniques, all about joining with others, being expansive, and finding our own true natures. Just about coping this year with changes, have been guided that next year will be more gentle and happier energy.

  • Brandi Petrey April 30, 2017, 2:26 pm

    Thank You ..Sending All Peace Love and Light in Always❤

  • cherrigness May 1, 2017, 3:29 am

    Thank you for this positive message!

  • Elvira July 15, 2017, 8:02 am

    Thank you 🙌🙌🙌

  • Caroline Flynn September 10, 2017, 1:33 pm

    Beautiful article and cleared up a lot for me. I had been noticing that the energy of reiki had changed over the last few weeks and it was a lovely soul I spoke to of this shared the article with me. I was relieved and delighted to know the changes in reiki weren’t my imagination. Thank you.

  • Patti D September 10, 2017, 9:16 pm

    This is now one my favorite articles as it clears up so many questions for me. Lately, I have been feeling like I did when I was first going through the attunement in becoming a Reiki Master…my stumbling block has always been self-doubt.
    It is something I still struggle with but unlike a yelling voice, it’s now a tiny whisper that I only hear occasionally instead of all the time.
    These articles are like flashlights telling m I am on the right path and to keep letting go which has not only became a mantra of mine, but one that I have seen I am to help others “see” as well.

  • EL January 28, 2018, 7:21 pm

    Evolution is necessary to “Be” all we truly are… Rather than a continuance of the reflection(s) of others, or the remaking of ourselves (ego gerbil wheel!)… Our True Selves already within(!) is the diamond (the Divine God/dess spot we are born with!)… It is through dropping the limitations we learned, our true Essence reveals itself in all; it’s colors, dimensions, facets, shapes and pure space with absolutely no form (embracing both the embodiment and nothingness of All)… Reiki (once we learn to surrender ourselves!) unlocks the door that was placed in front of us, helping us realize the door wasn’t there to begin with! The door of all limitations vanishes, once we surrender and open to possibilities and receiving… Once open, being a vehicle, there are no limitations… Others become inspired just by our presence, remembering their pure Self too… Be fully Present and the Presence (Reiki) is… Namaste…

  • Sriyani March 14, 2019, 8:03 am

    Thank you

  • Lori Hunter July 8, 2019, 12:50 am

    In loving appreciation for your sharing ♥️🇨🇦👏🏽🌎

  • Lori Hunter July 8, 2019, 12:53 am

    So appreciated ♥️👏🏽🇨🇦🌎🥰

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