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Removing Dark Entities – Part 2 of 2 – Removal

Article by Alejandro Sánchez Martínez

Notice: This is just an article to describe one way (there are many) to remove dark entities in a very general way, it’s not an instruction manual, and it’s not intended to encourage you to do so, it’s just a simple guide on what and how to perform a dark entity removal with safety.

This article is intended for Reiki practitioners who have completed at least the 3rd level on their Reiki practice, it´s not for beginners, so if you are not into Reiki and think that you or someone you know has been possessed by a dark entity, please find someone more experienced who can help you, since this article won’t be useful to you.

If you don’t know anything about spiritual things or Reiki related things, please don’t try to do this, you are not prepared for many things, it would be like trying to solve a Calculus exam without even knowing the basics on Arithmetic, so it could be a hard and bad experience to you.

You might not understand at first some of the materials requested, but it’s better to be prepared for most cases.

In this 2nd part of how to remove dark entities I’m going to try to explain this as detailed as possible, and try to cover every angle I know, but be careful. I have had to do this only 2 times, and trust me that might be too much. Also, each situation is different so it’s hard to know exactly what may happen if you decide to try this yourself, some entities might be easier to remove than other ones. I added some information my guides gave me for some cases to provide you with as much information as possible so you can be ready if you ever have to do a session like this one.

The first thing to do when you suspect of a possession is to try to confirm it, try to make contact with your guides, and expect for any kind of signals, these signals may also tell you whether you should or should not try to remove the entity. Again, trust your intuition, if you feel you can’t or shouldn’t do it, then don’t do it. – Don’t be a hero.

If your intuition confirms the possession and you decide to do the session, you should always try to have an advantage over the entity, since you usually don’t know what exactly you are dealing with.

You can have advantage by:

  • Performing the removal in your territory – don’t go to the patient’s house since maybe there might be dark energies too. Entities may attach to people and object anywhere, in the street or at home. If your patient has had this entity with him/her for a while, its dark energies might have ‘expanded’ over the patient’s house, so in order to remove it, it’s important to take it somewhere with more light and divine energies flowing. (You may visit the patient’s house afterwards for cleansing if you want to)
  • Keep the “surprise element” on your side – this might be difficult. When you detect a dark energy attached to a person you must try to keep that “as a secret”. Also don’t feel afraid, as I mentioned before fear may feed the entity causing it to know you have discovered it. You must not tell the patient about it either, you may make an appointment with him/her at your Reiki classroom later.

Why is this important? When you detect a dark entity you might not be ready to deal with it, so give it some time. You may also use this time to confirm with your spiritual guides if you are right about the possession or not, and if you should or not do the removal session.

I allow the patient come to the next Reiki session or class as usual, especially if it has been scheduled for the next week.

Removing dark entities

Image by tpsdave

1 Week before the session

During that week meditate in the place you will do the session, it is preferred to be the place you usually meditate in since this is a place with white and divine energy, and it is safe to be there, you may take fresh water and incense sticks with you (the ones you are going to use in the removal session), and a coin or a pebble. Try to be in the center of the room and protect it using CKR on every corner, then floor and ceiling, protect you, the patient, the room, and the removal session you will perform.

If you have a pendulum use CKR, SHK, HSZSN to add more power to it with the intention to make it act as a “shield” for your use, you may invite divine light entities into it too.

Draw CKR, SHK, HSZSN and DKM on the floor at the center of the room to make it more divine, you might also want to try using the symbols on the water, incense sticks, and the pebble/coin since all of these will be your tools/weapons to remove the entity. Try to do this every day during 7 days before the session takes part, the 7th should be the day of the session, that day just do it before the patient arrives.

3 Days before the session

During the last 3 days of that week, invite divine entities. If you are unable to see your guides don’t worry you might invite angels, or archangels to assist you. Ask them to take positions on each corner of the room (where you place CKR every day). If you do see your guides (more than one) and they have different colors on their clothing or energy ask them to take places in the corners, but ask them to take opposite corners in the room so the peak of their combined energies stays focused in the center of the room. For example, if their elements are fire and water one should be in the upper corner of the room and the other one in the lower opposite corner of the room.

For this it is also very important to invite all of these guides, but with the intention of making them “invisible” to others, you may use affirmations for this.

During those last 3 days, you must also open the “tube of light” or gate to the other world, do this on the ceiling of the room but with the intention of opening it on the day of the removal session; you may use affirmations for this too. In order to open the “tube of light” draw HSZSN, SHK, and CKR on the ceiling of the room.

It’s recommended to protect the room during these last 3 days with more symbols; you may use Om, Rama, Shanti, Tamasura, Gnosa, Life Divinity, etc. The idea is to get the room completely covered with divine energy light and positiveness. You may also draw the Rama and CKR symbols where the patient is going to sit or lay.

One more thing you might try is to visualize a closed empty box in a wall of the room as big as the entire wall (if the room has a window, visualize the box there as big as the window), it’s said that Universe dislikes emptiness, so it’s always looking to fill empty things with something, especially if it’s something that is in the wrong place, so empty boxes are useful for absorbing dark energy too.

Also, since what you are going to do is not “normal” there should be a payment, I try to make some sacrifice during those 3 days too, and drink only fresh water to purify my physical body.

The day of the removal session

Do the protections and everything you have been doing, but with a little extra:

  • For the door make a different intention, allow only beings and entities invited by you to get in that room, and if someone who enters the room has something that shouldn’t be there with him/her, they must enter the room together.
  • For the room, the intention that for what is about to happen the entity may leave that room only in 2 ways, through the door, or through the tube of light, but as soon as the session is over, nothing that you don’t want must stay in the room.
  • Wear your “shield”, if you can’t attach a string to it, just place it in your pocket but always keep it with you.

So, everything is set. If the patient arrives late to the session it’s ok, maybe the entity has noticed that something is wrong and might be willing to avoid the patient to go to that session.

If the patient comes with a friend or family member, just ask him/her to enter with you alone to the room. You need to explain that you want to help him/her because you think that he/she has some dark energy and you want to remove it. Don’t use words like “possession” or “exorcism”, since that could scare the patient and feed more fear to the dark entity, besides you are not an exorcist, be humble. Also, by using such words the patient may don’t want your help (because of the negative ideas those words may create in the patient). Here, it’s very important to have the patient’s permission (it’s not entirely necessary but it’s very helpful).

So ask the patient to take a sit/lay down and start a normal Reiki session, scan each chakra, and the body, you want to detect any harm on the patient’s body but also you want the entity to feel ok, so send some energy to it too.

If there are other people in the room (I had one of these sessions during a Reiki class!) it’s helpful if they meditate too, especially if they are on Reiki, don’t tell them more than what you told the patient, but if they are meditating protect them too and draw the Rama symbol between them and the patient, this will “isolate” the patient’s energies.

Most entities are attached to this material world because they have unfinished business, or might feel guilty about something. Try to contact the entity (mentally) and explain that you just want to help, tell the entity that this is not its place anymore and tell the entity that you forgive it for everything it has done and try to convince it to forgive itself. The entity’s family, job, friends, etc. are gone (most times), but also entity’s troubles, debts, fears should be gone too, since they belonged to the entity’s life, and it was in a different place and time, all of that is already over just as it’s time and place in this physical world.

Then open the “tube of light” you had prepared, and ask the entity’s guides to take it through it, to the place it belongs now. At this point, if you feel unsecure about something you may ask your guides to assist you, remember they are in that room with you too.

If you feel the entity doesn’t want to leave

  • You may ask your guides to take it themselves through the “tube of light”, also visualize the tube of light as a vacuum cleaner machine, and add a CKR to increase its power. (Try to visualize the entity leaving the room through the “tube of light” guided by positive entities).
  • Use the empty box, just visualize it being opened and the entity absorbed inside and then visualize the box closed, surround it with a violet flame and ask for angels and archangels to take it to the “tube of light”.

If you still feel the entity doesn’t want to leave

  • Use the coin/pebble with the intention of “capturing” the entity inside, and lock it with DKM, CKR, SHK, HSZSN and DKM again. Then, “cut” the entity’s relation with this world using Rama symbol.

After the removal, keep up the Reiki session with the patient. Close the “tube of light” by drawing HSZSN, SHK, and CKR, and be thankful to God, your guides and protectors for assisting you, and the patient for allowing you to help him/her.

You may want to sprinkle some water (the one you worked energy with) on the patient. Do it carefully, you don’t want to make him/her open his/her eyes before the session ends. Work with every chakra, and the threefold flame (I described a powerful technique for this on my Chakra Color Fire article)

And end the session.

After the session ends, if you feel comfortable with doing it, you may tell the patient about entities or even everything you did, but don’t feel too important, be humble. Also, you don’t want to be known as your neighborhood’s exorcist.

As with any Reiki session you are going to notice a change on the patient’s face, and the patient may say he/she feels lighter, that is normal.

You may don’t want to tell anything about the session to the patient, but it is important for him/her to know at least a bit of what have just happened, since he/she must make a payment/sacrifice too.

If you used the pebble/coin

After the session is over and you are on your own again, visualize the pebble/coin surrounded by a violet flame, and place the pebble/coin into the water (the one you filled with energy), and take it away from your working space, house, etc. Go somewhere in nature and drop the water and pebble/coin there, so the entity finds its way back to the Universe by itself, when it wants to, when it’s ready.

(Someone could find it making it advance one more step on its learning process, but the entity would be wiser. But if it makes you feel more comfortable, you may bury it.)

Never keep the pebble/coin with you, let it go, let it flow with the Universe.

If you or the patient feels that the same entity is back again, don’t do this session again. This kind of sessions shouldn’t be done for the same patient/entity twice; tell the patient to go with someone else for help if he/she still wants help.

Some additional notes:

  • Sometimes people may have entities with them but they are not negative or bad ones. I often have entities with me, my spiritual guides, but I’m not possessed by them. I guess some people could see them as dark ones, but that doesn’t mean they are, maybe those people are not ready to see them, or maybe the entities are keeping the person away for some reason.
  • To try this as a distance therapy you must be really experienced on distance sessions, visualizations, and also you should have been in contact with your spiritual guides.
  • Remember to always express gratitude and to be humble.

So, that’s it. I hope you find this useful, but I especially hope you never have to do this kind of sessions.

Trust me, especially if you are afraid or get easily scared:

It’s bad to hear about haunted places.
It’s worse to be there in person.
But the worst is to be there and be the one who is expected to do something about it.

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Alejandro Sánchez Martínez
Alejandro Sánchez Martínez

Alejandro Sánchez Martínez is an Engineer, Hypnotherapist, Reiki master and freelance writer. As a Reiki master he teaches and practices Reiki on daily basis because he loves helping others, especially when he can teach them how to help themselves. Alejandro likes talking to others about spiritual things. Because of his Reiki practice he has been able to have visions of other realms, and angelic entities who usually help him and guide him during his practice. As a hypnotherapist he discovered he loves helping others live their lives the way they want to live them, and by using Reiki he has discovered he can help them achieve that on a much deeper way.

You can find more of his works on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Iris.ASM and on Twitter twitter.com/asm124.

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  • Julie Narewski May 1, 2017, 7:37 am

    Very wise and practicle advice, especialy not for beginners, learnt the hard way about this myself.
    Also maybe helpful, once the client is in the room, with all the protection you describe, which is beautiful.
    you can send healing to the entity, if it was human, send healing to the end of its last lifetime,
    then to the entity in the here and now, also you can clear the chskras using the attunement process in each event, then do all the things described. Very useful advice.

  • sunita July 17, 2017, 10:50 pm

    hi can I read I am reiki level2

  • Jan E June 24, 2018, 6:04 pm

    With respect to this writer, who finds strength in these preparations, I would like to share these simpler steps to remove entities, lost souls or darker thought forms (embedded energies in items or homes). As a Reiki Master Light worker I have helped lost souls return home. Simply call in Arch Angels Michael, Arch Angel Raziel and Arch Angel Chamuel in that order. Ask them to take this or these lost souls and transmute them to a higher source of love and light. As we, Reiki practioners, are vibrationally changed lost souls will come to us for help. Do not engage them, as they have come to you for a purpose, whether it is by attaching themselves to others or directly to you. Simply gifting a small piece of Black Tourmaline, jasper or selenite (not Satin spar ) will draw away dark energies from your client or yourself. If you wish to CKR the piece with intent to draw away darkness that is your choice, however these crystals already do draw away negative energy. Tell the client to sleep with the piece of crystal. Place selenite on or under your Reiki bed when you work w your clients, and all negativity will be drawn away.
    Take the antahkarana out of your reiki room and home. It is a portal a gateway for all that moves both ways. We draw divine energy down entities pull it back up so our guides work twice as much to channel energy to our clients.
    For more stubborn darker energies call in Arch Angel Michael. Stand before a mirror or in a shower, call in AA Michael and his four warrior angels to surround you in loving protective light and to remove all that does not belong to you and transmute it to a higher source of energy. Thank and ground yourself and surround in protective loving light and as your aura will be somewhat depleted Raku your aura for self protection. Don’t /Never Raku yourself or another unless they chose to commit their service to the Realm. If you dont know or do not free willingly want to Raku yourself. Carry black tourmaline until you feel better, have rebuilt your auric protection. Sometimes people who are ill, depressed or grieving have lesser auras and unwillingly have darker energies attach themselves. Not always, but sometimes.
    Clear your home with sage or frankincense. If it makes you feel better place selenite in four corners of your home and over your main door. Do CKR or DKM your portals with intent to shed all darkness of those who enter and transmute those energies to a higher source.
    Do not fear, become angry or engage any entity. As healers we must acknowledge that we are to always help the client first, it is not our job to engage w the darkness. Trust that the Arch Angels will assist, but you must call them to help. Then remember to thank them. 062418 Jan.. Living with Light Joules Healing

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