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Reiki Grids Ultimate Source of Transmitting Power

Article by Vivek Mantri

Hi Friends! Everyone uses electricity in one of other form in our daily life, which is delivered to your home through electrical networks. Where are, these networks connected? Of course, GRID, Power Grid. Which gets major source of electricity from the generation station and then it distributes as per its technical design. This electricity which we receive powers our house. If any technical error occurs you might face blackout. Now that you are reading this article, it means you are also connected to some source of strong energy which has kept you active and engaged in your life. What’s this energy, its cosmic energy which is surrounding each and every one of us in this universe. Similarly like Power Grid, if your energy patterns gets misaligned you are prone to see the issues on physical, psychological emotional levels.

As universal Law of Energy, it can’t be created nor be destroyed, but it can be transformed from one form to other through various means.

When we discuss Energy Grid, in Reiki or any energy healing, this also symbolizes a particular pattern which helps to attract the energy and keep it transmitting towards the intended object or intention set. It’s a pattern which creates a particular vibe or say energy level which gets focused. We set our intentions in this Grid, or even place a photo of person whom we intend to heal. What we do is, we place number of Quartz Crystals which are known for their ability to absorb the energies, and when they are arranged in particular pattern they keep transmitting the energy. This energy pattern varies for different purpose. Even flowers like Rose or Marigold. Jasmine can be used instead of Crystals, but then they form a temporary grid, so getting right Quartz Crystals is very important.

Reiki Grids Ultimate source of Transmitting Power

Image by geralt

Before Using these Crystals, its very important to neutralize them, so we are ready to use them for our Intent. Easiest way is to keep the Crystals dipped in Salt water for 24 hours, or at least 12 hours. After that hold them under free flowing running water, and later keep them in sunlight, in glass plate. Glass plate is necessary so that energy absorbed by the Crystals from sunlight is retained inside. There are various process which can be used as per convenience to neutralize the crystals.

Reiki Grids Ultimate source of Transmitting Power Geometry for the Grid varies depending upon the intention. If one can get the Grid engraved in copper it will be more effective. Grid with 14 Crystals is very much effective, in which pattern is created such that 12 Crystals form as petals, 1 as Center Crystal and 1 and Master Crystal. Center Crystal can be single or Double terminated, or even Clear Crystal Ball, whereas Master Crystal has to be longer in shape just like Laser beam, yes to Direct the Energy! I have shown the basic layout below for 8 Crystals.

In ancient Indian culture we have tradition of using Yantra, which are engraved on copper, gold or silver depending upon the client. These yantras are also perfect patterns of Geometry which attract energy, direct the Energy in particular way. For Eg, Karyasiddhi yantra can be used to get your work done faster. Here also you set Intention, focus on that yantra and it starts transmitting the energy. Shreeyantra, which is most commonly used Yantra, or say energy grid in modern world, its geometry is such that it stores tremendous amount of cosmic energy and radiates it in particular pattern and helps to clear all the negative energies around itself, so people prefer to keep it at home. It is used to bring Abundance in life, as energies from this Grid create positive vibrations.

So whatever grid you intend to use, what matters in its geometry and intent of use. The way you charge it, is most important. Focusing on the pattern is important, so your thoughts get directed towards the intent, so wish you all a very happy Grid Channeling.

Lets Heal the World for its betterment!

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Vivek Mantri
Vivek Mantri

Vivek Mantri is into astrology and energy healing past 20 years where he helps people to change their perceptions and recreate their future. He practices white light healing.
Professionally he is an electronics engineer involved in Sales Job. He also undertakes trainings on product launches, product positioning improving market presence etc.
Vivek’s main aim is to contribute happiness in society. He can be reached by email at vivekmantri22jan@gmail.com.

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