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The Stellar Gateway and Reiki

Article by Dhwani Parikh

From last few thousands of years, we as a human have experienced a lot related to this physical world using 7 chakra system. But now, with the evolution and talking about the other planets and other aliens, which make us think beyond this earth and the solar system and for this, our rishi has used energy beyond these 7 chakras. There are 5 more energy points to be acknowledged which are very important for the spiritual development as well as healing. As we believe that many diseases enter through our thoughts and energies and these 5 points, 3 points above the Crown chakra, one in feet and one in both hands are very important.

We are going to talk only about one of these point in this article which is known as the Stellar Gateway. This is very important to activate to feel the oneness of the energy and removing all the differentiations in this world. This is located approximately 12 inches above the top of the head and this is the highest chakra which is beyond our physical body but related to other 6 bodies of our existence.

This chakra is very important for 2 elements. One is vitalizing cosmic rays from the Sun which we receive from the sun and improving the focus in conscious intention. This helps to make a human light to link directly to the divine. This is the ultimate of all the religions which aim to meet the higher energy. This helps to overcome all the identities including whether you are male or female, rich or poor, race, religion etc. By activation of this, you are lifted by the universe and your will aware of all the creative forces, harmonies, and balance. With daily meditation, it will transmit cosmic rays into the consciousness and elevate the atomic frequencies of the body so which you call as higher vibrations. This helps us living wisdom, undying compassion and a constant permanent connection to divine guidance in human affairs.

In Reiki, we already imagine that flow of white light is flowing above our head and enters through the Crown chakra or head and passes through the whole body. So, though we don’t visualize the Stellar Gateway chakra for healing, it gets energy naturally by the pathway of the flow.

So, for the specific healing of this chakra, whenever you heal yourself, use the master symbol first. Connect with the distance healing symbol and start the Reiki flow and think that you are having waterfall of the cosmic energy which is coming at least from the foot above or you can visualize yourself in the universe or cosmos in the meditation position and cosmic rays entering from 1 foot above the head, this helps the Stellar Gateway to get energy.

Continuous meditation and energy practice help this chakra to activate and help you connect more with the universe and manifest all the things easily. This is chakra beyond your physical body, so many non-physical experiences such as sending a message to a friend who is at distance or sending Reiki far from the place become very easy. You can use any meditation with Reiki flow for this chakra activation.

Thank you, Readers!

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Dhwani Parikh
Dhwani Parikh

Founder & CEO of Race is Not Over, Astrologer, motivational speaker, counselor, pharmacist & Reiki Master Dhwani Parikh is the founder of "Race is Not Over" and a pharmacist by profession, attuned to master level Reiki. She has started her journey with Reiki nearly 14 years ago. She has given at least 4-6 Reiki healing sessions per week globally from these many years. She is an astrologer and gives remedies based on planetary positions combined with Reiki healing. She has an in-depth understanding of chakras, natural healing, energy healing, effect of planetary position on Reiki energy and healing. She has travelled across 18 countries. She is voracious reader and university topper in her studies. She has reduced 14+kgs of weight using Reiki and natural remedies. Also, consulted for weight management and healthy living successfully. She currently lives in Toronto, Canada.
You can reach Dhwani on reikimasterdhwani@gmail.com and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/raceisnotover/

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