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Rise and Shine, Reiki Mornings

Article by Jason Grace

Reiki self treatment is emphasized in all Reiki systems. It is generally presented as a way to familiarize yourself with the system and methods of feedback that it gives. This usually falls by the wayside as one progresses on the path of Reiki. Maintaining a daily practice can be of immense benefit to all practitioners of these systems.

I’m going to outline some easy ways to incorporate Reiki into your morning. This is the best time to do this, as it sets your motivation for the day. It sets you up to be well and open.

The first Reiki exercise is when you first place your feet on the floor. Focus your awareness at your Crown chakra. Feel the energy gently flowing in. Now, visualize it going all the way down to your toes. Then, it begins to form tendrils and roots, extending down into the earth. These roots connect you to the heart of the mother. Let them nourish and stabilize you. Relax in the flow of energy that is drifting down from above and is being drawn up from below. Let it swirl around, cleaning out all corners of your light body. Let it energize you for the day.

Rise and Shine, Reiki Mornings

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The next Reiki exercise begins when you reach directly above you into the stream of energy. Stretch out, elongate your spine. Slowly, let your arms lower to your sides forming a circle as if you’re tracing your aura with your fingertips. As your arms come down, visualize the stream of energy clinging to your fingers. It strengthens the surface of your aura and revitalizes it clearing away any debris that may be there. Place a Cho Ku Rei at your crown and at your feet, sealing your aura.

After this, feel the Reiki collecting in your Heart chakra. Visualize it getting brighter and brighter. See it as being so bright that it is blinding. The light is like the light reflected off a snow capped mountain peak. Let this brilliant light fill you with the love that is Reiki. This light will dissolve any negativities like a meteor being devoured by the sun. Let this light shine forth. It can be the foundation for your motivation, being like the sun. Radiate warmth and good will to all, regardless of any terrestrial concerns.

We are what this world needs, beings of compassion. This is a way to actualize that. This whole thing should only take a few moments. You can take as long as you like, slowing it down. When well practiced, it is done just with the physical motions and takes no longer to get out of bed. You train your mind with your body. I hope these techniques help you along on your path, and ultimately may they be of benefit for all.

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Jason Grace

Jason Grace

Jason Grace is owner of The New Hampshire Meditation and Spiritual Center. He is a Western Vajrayana Buddhist Ngakpa who has been practicing for over 25 years. His focus is on ancient practices that can be applied to any tradition. These practices are to reconnect us with our true selves, nature, nirvana and to relax into our natural state of being. He also does energetic work using several different lineages of techniques like elemental recovery, Reiki, sacred sound and crystals, just to name a few. The karmic vision of his tarot readings is truly unique in its scope and application. His main goal is promotion of peace, healing and harmony through practice and development of our spiritual qualities. Reach Jason at http://NHmeditationcenter.com/, by email at NHmeditationcenter@gmail.com and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nhmeditationandspiritualcenter/.

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