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How my Stammer Affected my Ajna and Anahata Chakras

Article by Shwetha Holla

Our chakras are interconnected to each other energetically. When one of them goes off balance, it naturally affects the other chakras. It’s known the immediate neighbouring chakras are affected a lot more, when there is an imbalance in an energy center. In this article I am going to talk about how my stammering affected my Ajna (Third Eye) and Anahata (Heart) chakras.

I have had a stammer since the age of 9, as a result of being brought up in a dysfunctional family. The Throat chakra is primarily associated with communication. Along with having to deal with tooth cavity all the time, I also experienced the effect of the chakra imbalance in my Third Eye and Heart chakras.

Third Eye: This is the sixth chakra and is located between our eyebrows. The ajna chakra is the energetic center for our intuition. It is here that we have a “knowing” or what we call the little voice inside us that guides us. The motto here is “I SEE”. When this chakra is not in balance, you are unable to distinguish between illusion and reality. It becomes increasingly difficult to “see” and “know” whats happening in your life and take decisions that are for your highest good.

Throat Chakra: This is the 5th chakra and the main energetic center for communication and expressing ourselves. It is located in the throat region. The motto here is “I SPEAK”. When this chakra is off balance, you find it difficult to speak out your truth and stand by it. You find yourself being unable to voice your feelings. This only leads to a sense of frustration and helplessness and a feeling of being suppressed, which brings us to the next chakra.

Heart Chakra: This is the 4th chakra and is located at the centre of your chest region. Love, compassion and being kind all have ties in here. The motto here is “I LOVE”. When we talk about about love and kindness, it’s important to note it isn’t only about giving love, it’s about receiving love too. The feeling of “not being worthy” of receiving love and compassion, hating yourself and others, self loathing all indicate a blockage in the Heart chakra.

How my Stammer Affected my Ajna and Anahata Chakras

Image by TanteTati

Each time I couldn’t get the words out, I hated myself a little more. I hated and dreaded situations where I would have to talk. Deep down I knew it was okay to have a stammer, but I refused to accept it. I have faced a lot of complications because I trusted myself less and blocked out that small voice within, only to regret it later. The imbalance in my Heart chakra resulted in me giving so much and still feeling I am not worthy enough to receive. I refused to look at my strengths and love myself. I found it easier to hate, both myself and others. The third eye imbalance caused me to not trust my intuition which resulted in situations that did not keep me happy and free.

I have finally pushed myself to heal. With just few days into it, I see a positive change. I know what I want, I am opening up more and most importantly, I have started to love myself.

When we want to heal, we are usually clueless on how to begin the healing process. I went through the exact same thing.

This is something to help you get started.

  1. Take a pen and paper. Ask yourself, what is it you need healing in? Anger issues? A feeling of worthlessness? Insecurity? Write it down.
  2. Next, ask yourself why the issue is present. You might get visions, you might sense the uncomfortable feeling in your body. Again, make a note of whatever comes through.
  3. Start healing. Put an intention and start sending it Reiki. As simple as that. Make it a point to do this everyday. You will see results. Trust that it will work and let go.
    When I have to heal my stammer, all I do is place my hands on the front and back of my throat, and request Reiki to heal. The only intention I use is “I talk easily and fluently. I am a confident speaker.” This has been working beautifully for me. You can easily come up with such easy intentions.

There is another point i wish to put across here. I strongly feel the areas that need healing, are the ones we ignore the most. This could be because you are healing something that is karmic. Yes, it can be healed. You only have to stay dedicated in healing the issue.

I learnt Reiki in 2012, till 2017 I refused to give myself daily self reiki treatments. All along I was happily healing everybody else who wanted help. So if there is a part of you which you feel uninterested in healing, that issue/body part needs to be healed. You already know the answers. Give yourself time to work on the solutions.

Try not to skip on your self reiki treatments. Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup. The world needs you. Shine on!

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Shwetha Holla

Shwetha Holla

Shwetha Holla is a Reiki Master and Teacher. Reiki came into her life at the right time. In her words, she does not just practice Reiki, she lives Reiki. She is an Usui and Karuna Reiki Master and also practices pendulum dowsing. She firmly believes that healing is all we need and Reiki can be applied in each and every aspect of our lives. She lives in India and can be contacted via her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/The-Whistling-Ocean. Her email id is shwetha.holla05@gmail.com.

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