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Loving Yourself with Reiki and Mirrorwork

Article by Akshayaa Selvaraj

“You are a mirror reflecting a noble face. This universe is not outside of you.
           Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you are already that” – RUMI

From Louis Hay’s book of Mirrorwork to Indian guru Vedathri Maharishi’s Mirror exercise, the Mirror had proved to be a magical tool that reflects not only our physical body but also the inner soul as it is, without any partiality!

It could be the traumatic childhood or unhealed wounds from your past relationships, whatever it is, know that you’re carrying a toxic burden which had mastered your present and will influence your future greatly! It becomes a karmic issue deeply rooted in, unhealed. Letting go is not very easy, but it becomes truly simple when you start to LOVING YOURSELF!

Lets get started with the mission of loving yourself! Reiki with mirrorwork makes the manifestation process faster and aids in complete healing of all stressful past situations that had created your traumatic present.

I am sharing with you the method I had used and tried by many to overcome their past issues and benefitted greatly!

What you need

  • A strong will to let go (Mandatory)
  • A personal mirror / pocket mirror
  • Personal diary / journal
  • Incense sticks / sage

Before you begin

  • Before starting, clean your mirror neatly, clear the space with a sage or incense stick. You can also invoke the angels to cleanse the mirror of any negative energy or you can buy a new mirror personally for you!
  • Take time to think of your past issues which you had been holding down for years.
  • Draw a tabular column in your diary with six columns and 21 rows.
  • Column title:
    1- Past situations
    2- People involved
    3- Emotions and feelings associated with the situation
    4- Bodily sensations / diseases you had after the past situation
    5- Affirmations
    6- Observations (How you feel each day after doing the let go process)
  • Write down every detail of the situation and people involved in it in the diary and how you felt about it or reacted to it.
  • Think about the bodily sensations you get when you think of it every time and the physical pains, discomfort, disease you have!
    Now you are ready to start!


  • After the cleansing process, draw a big power symbol (Cho Ku Rei) on four sides of the mirror.
  • Draw the mental healing symbol (Sei He Ki) at the centre of the mirror.
  • Sit before the mirror and connect to your past situation with Distant healing symbol (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen).
  • See yourself in the mirror and let out all your feelings about that past situation, its okay if you cry or express your emotions strongly.
  • Ask yourself what benefit the past situation has given you over the years, nothing but physical manifestion of disease/ discomforts and blocked you from stepping into the light!
  • Are you willing to finally let go of it with happiness?
  • Act and Visualize yourself reacting in a positive way that could have made the situation happy or better, visualize yourself very happy and relieved!
  • You can also do Ho’oponopono to help in letting go of all situations or people.
  • Say to yourself I love you, I accept you and cherish you.
  • Invoke the guardian angels and spirit guides to support your healing process and give Reiki to the mirror for as much as time you have been guided.
  • After finishing it, draw a big Cho Ku Rei and seal it.
  • Thank the angels and spirit guides for supporting you with the healing process.
  • Try to look at the mirror several times during the day and say I love you!
    Yes, you are awesome!

Alternatively, you can also do this with a small pocket mirror and carry it over to your workplace and look at it often and say I love you! Note down your observations in the diary regularly everyday. Say goodbye to those past hurdles and lead them to light your path! Please do try it and share in your magical experiences!

Have a blissful blessed life always! Love and light to all!
Thank you! Te Amo

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Akshayaa Selvaraj
Akshayaa Selvaraj

Being an architect and an artist, Akshayaa feels blessed and grateful to imbibe spirituality through all forms of her life and career. An ardent devotee of Shirdi Saibaba, her journey was guided by him through various levels and one such great potent was Reiki! Reiki had been everything to her through its various forms such as a friend, family via other healers all over the world and guiding her to other spiritual channels. Having the gift of being a channel, surrounded by divine angels and a healer, she believes her life soul’s purpose is to provide helping hands to every single soul on this universe. You can feel inspired by her spiritual journey and career through her blog http://beingawesomebyyourself.blogspot.in/ and her Facebook page: Undelivered letters. For all your healing needs or any help feel free to contact her at, happyheartswithreiki@gmail.com.


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  • Rena March 11, 2017, 4:39 pm

    A loving exercise.

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