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Reiki and Ethics

Article by Abhishek Jhaveri

Doing Reiki everyday has made me so much more ethical as a person. Everyday while doing Reiki I am having my day review with the Divine. It has made me more conscious as a person as I know I have to give some answers to higher self in the presence of the loving Divine.

Yes, I learnt not to be too harsh on myself. If jealousy or anger or irritation comes up then Reiki gives me the strength to work on it or provides me solutions on how I can make my situation much better.

Reiki and Ethics

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I have heard such wonderful stories from my teacher how she could change her clients with Reiki. She has helped people with addiction problems. It helped them to give up bad habits. Once someone starts living without addiction and focuses on good things in life, life automatically gets better.

Being of help to others is such a wonderful thing. Reiki helps us help other people be on the right part. It is a very noble thing to take the time out and support someone being a Reiki Medium. We ourselves also get healed while sending Reiki to others. For me being a Reiki practitioner is great tool to help others and ourselves be more ethical.

One thing I have also learnt from my teacher is to make sure one does not overcharge. She was telling me a story where she helped a girl who was suicidal in 21 days with Reiki. She had earlier charged her for the entire month. When her intuition told her that the girl is already healed in 21 days, she returned the money for remaining 9 days. The girl she healed is now a healer herself.

It really amazed me how once we are ethical, what amazing opportunities come our way.

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Abhishek JhaveriAbhishek’s spiritual journey began few years back when he was very depressed. He realized that his happiness was mostly dependent on external factors. Peace of mind too eluded him. Abhishek learnt many tools to counter his depression and see a new meaning to life. Abhishek is an Angel card reader and a Reiki Grand Master. He has also written a play which was showcased in October 2016.

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