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Reiki and Inner Self

Article by Abhishek Jhaveri

My Reiki teacher always told me that Reiki will get me more aligned with my inner intuition. I always found it very intriguing. I was not really following my intuition or gut feeling in my early 20’s. Now I do. Rather I always try to.

Ever since I started practising Reiki, I feel more aligned to my intuition and conscience. I am talking to myself more often. I find people or means who help me get answers which confirm my intuitive feelings. Yes sometimes we doubt our inner messages and ask for confirmations outside. Which I think is very human to do so and probably keeps us humble. And it is always nice to have a trustworthy friend who gives us the right advice. It is relationships with family and friends which makes this world more beautiful.

What I was amazed with was that while doing Reiki I got some messages for some people. Initially I was hesitant to tell people because I was not sure what I was getting was my imagination or an intuitive feeling. But I still decided to say it. I was amazed that people could relate to it.

For example I told a lady that a particular Goddess came forward to do her healing. She really connected with the Goddess. The lady had come to me for back pain. While doing her Reiki I felt that her Root chakra and her Third Eye had some debris which needed to be cleared through healing. It was probably some past life pain she was carrying within. We healed that through Reiki. She felt much better after that. She also continued her normal medical treatments during the period she took Reiki from me. It is very important that the clients continue their on going medical treatments.

Reiki and Innerself

Image by Myriams-Fotos

What is important that we make sure the client goes with a smile. Reiki is Divine Love and one cannot go wrong with it. According to me it creates an environment for faster healing. It is important not to instill fear among our clients. It is important that we tell them things in a good way and give them easy solutions.

For example in the case of another client I felt that her resentment was holding her back to be happy. In such cases you can tell the client about various forgiveness exercises such as Ho’oponopono or forgiveness prayers. I also advised her to take a Bach Remedy called Willow.

While giving Reiki I invoke various God and Goddesses to be in the client space. This is to make sure that if I have left anything unfinished or probably given less time to a particular chakra than required then in that case they can take care of it. I generally listen to my intuition on how much time I should give to a chakra. The invoking of Divine makes the process extremely pure and more helpful.

I generally give people distant healing rather than hands on healing. I imagine them and their chakras and try to see which chakra is shining, which is dull? Which chakra has some debris? If I see the Heart chakra shining then I feel the client is a very unconditionally loving person. This makes doing Reiki a lot more fun when you try to discuss this with  the client later.

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Abhishek JhaveriAbhishek’s spiritual journey began few years back when he was very depressed. He realized that his happiness was mostly dependent on external factors. Peace of mind too eluded him. Abhishek learnt many tools to counter his depression and see a new meaning to life. Abhishek is an Angel card reader and a Reiki Grand Master. He has also written a play which was showcased in October 2016.

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  • diana balgaard July 11, 2019, 5:00 am

    how do you get your distant healing clients. I have had great tesimonials on the phone. Seattle is very hard to market Reiki

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