HOW Do You Connect with Reiki?

Article by Angie Webster

Most of the time, when we speak of doing Reiki, we simply say “connect with Reiki” or “send Reiki”. Some say “channel Reiki”. But what does that mean exactly and how do we do it? For some, it feels automatic and no explanation is necessary. But we all learn and experience things differently. Reiki is most certainly something you learn through experience, so it makes sense to explain this in a few ways so that each person can find their own path to experiencing the Reiki connection.

For those who get attuned and feel Reiki flow simply by thinking about it, no further explanation is needed. You can very clearly feel your connection to Reiki in your body every time you have a thought about Reiki or read about it. When you have the thought to send healing to someone, it “turns on” and you feel it. Thought is how you connect.

You can also connect by simply asking. It seems too easy and simplistic, but Reiki really is very uncomplicated. We can connect to the energy by asking either verbally or within our minds. Don’t be concerned if you don’t feel Reiki flowing. The results are what matters, not what you sense in your hands. Simply ask and Reiki will flow, near or far, hands on or distantly.

My favorite way to connect is by inviting Reiki to expand within me. This is a visual and visceral way of connecting with Reiki. It feels as though it strengthens, grounds and heals me, while expanding that healing to whoever I am working with. To do this, sense the Reiki energy within you as light. You may see this as light pouring over you and filling you full. Or you might see light flowing into the top of your head, filling you up and flowing out of your hands. Or light filling your heart and expanding outward to encompass all of you. See and feel the light of Reiki within you until your light has become strong and huge. Then let that Reiki light connect to whoever you are working with.

HOW do you connect with Reiki
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Another favorite way of connecting with Reiki is to settle into unconditional love. This takes some practice because most of us confuse sentimental love, or the love of attachment, with unconditional love. If you have any conditions to the love you are holding in your heart, even conditions that the person heals in a certain way or that they heal at all, then you are in attachment and holding need rather than unconditional love.

To hold unconditional love in your heart, you must be in complete acceptance of whatever is. It is the same feeling you might have when admiring a scene of natural beauty. It holds a bit of awe and wonder and is full of joy with no expectations to affect the situation one way or the other because you know it’s in the hands of something much larger that you. This state allows space for the person’s path to unfold as its meant to, with Reiki guiding the way.

Mostly, connecting to Reiki is letting go. It is not something that we do, but more something that we allow. It is an intention to surrender to a larger energy that is already within us. It can take practice at first to learn how to let go and allow this energy to flow. Be patient with yourself. Once you find your way to the flow, you will never lose it.

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Angie Webster
Angie Webster

Angie Webster is a Reiki Master Teacher and author. Angie’s primary focus is animal Reiki, which she adores. She also teaches classes and workshops about Reiki and spiritual growth. She works often with nature healing and Earth healing, hoping to better understand our connection with Mother Earth. Angie is the author of Infinite Reiki, Infinite Healing: How Energy Medicine Healed my Life and What It Can do for Yours. Reiki and a healthy lifestyle contributed to her healing after a 20-year struggle with neurological and chronic pain issues. She comes out the other side with a new perspective on life and now seeks to empower others, guiding them back to their own innate healing abilities. You can follow her at:,,


  1. ‘Thank you so much for this article .I am looking for this unconventional love way of invoking reiki and thanks for telling me how to go about it. Many instances in my life are leading me to surrender n it’s taking me awhile to figure it out .thank-you very much ?

  2. Thank you Angie. It was a timely reminder for me that Reiki is about allowing and is unconditional and not about trying to fulfil a personal expectation. Sometimes I think we forget that. Heather.

  3. Reiki practitioner is a name given to those people who work with the healing energy following teachings originating in Japan. This energy is actually the Light of Creation, God Light that carries Love, Harmony, Peace and Healing Energy and because of the disconnect with the Light on the Earth plane millions of years ago caused by the FALL….the change of vibration that WE accidentally brought about when we collectively attempted to speed up ‘thought creation’ in the mistaken belief that it would please God. The change of vibration also, over time, caused the solidification of matter and resulted in us forgetting who we are and why we chose to incarnate on this planet to ‘experience aspects of being and examine potential’. The Light is all that we need to sustain us throughout Creation as the aspects of God, the children of God, the Angelic infinite beings of Light that we truely are. Our soul resides in our heart, the heart-mind, the God within from where we get our intuition and emotions. The Light is within our soul and it is from here that we can learn to channel it with INTENT with the power of our heart-mind. Our head-mind is really just a misunderstood under used calculator. The easy way to channel the Light is through the relaxed state in meditation when our vibration rises sufficiently to connect with this pearly white Light. In doing so we can experience the bliss and also communicate with God. Always trust your intuition, your first thought being the right one, do not overthink issues. THE LIGHT THAT YOU SEND OUT WILL ALWAYS RETURN TO YOU. Our thoughts do still have power and we create our own reality. If we believe that we will one day be ill, get cancer or perhaps dementia, we attract that vibration. Positive, loving thoughts of gratitude for this experience of physicality are strongly recommended. This knowledge and much much more has been delivered to us during the last decade from the collective consciousness of the millions of highly evolved Spirits in Joseph’s soul group, through fully filmed trance mediumship. The chapters are dictated and sold with all profit going back into reprints and advertising. Love and Light to all. and Facebook page ‘Joseph Communications’.

  4. So many people get discouraged because they expect it to feel one way or another, and it doesn’t feel that way – or maybe they don’t feel anything at all. It’s always good to get them past that “I can’t feel it so it must not be working” mentality. Just asking for it to happen is enough because energy follows thought. The hard part is always getting students and others to trust that.

  5. The key word is “surrender.” I expect and sense Reiki (intuitively) within seconds of requesting it and trust that I have it. This is an excellent article, very relevant to any Reiki practitioner.

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