Getting Your Power Back with Reiki


Article by Abhishek Jhaveri

Reiki is like a direct plug to Divine anywhere and anytime. I love going to Holy places as I generally feel great tranquillity there which is unexplainable. Reiki for me is creating that same tranquillity and sacredness anywhere and anytime.

For me the journey of being a Reiki practitioner started more than a year back. Life has just not been the same after that. Thanks to social media and social apps I came across a lady whose life story intrigued me. I was amazed to know how she was bed ridden for many years and after learning Reiki she changed her life around. Now she is a well know Reiki healer and touched many people’s life.


So I decided to give Reiki a chance. So how did it help me? First thing first it helped me recognize myself. It took me to the darkest parts of myself which I had hidden under the carpet. I knew it was time to work on it or life would become very hard. Suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I knew if I left it unchecked it could lead to further complications.

Before learning Reiki I was on a self-given house arrest because of my anxiety issues and OCD. I always feared going out. Fearing accidents, fearing cleanliness issues the city faces and thought I need to protect myself from negativity around. I did not realize I am being more negative by staying idle at home and getting more negative thoughts. Idle mind sometimes is a devil shrine.

Somewhere I am a believer of past lives and karma. I do take responsibility of whatever happened to me which lead to these issues.

Reiki Power Back

Now you may wonder where does Reiki fit in here? Reiki helped me calm my thoughts. The unbelievable connection I felt with the divine which by doing Reiki brought in new hope. It is an amazing tool to connect with the white light. I started getting different perspective on things. I got strength to face certain situations in my life. According to what I have come to believe is that it helps bring the right people to your life who can help you. For example, new friends counsellors etc. I feel it helped me align myself further with my consciousness. Yes I am working and following some of my passions now. I do go out more often and I know I am on road for recovery.

So I feel Reiki helps you to stop buying into your problems and look at life differently and effectively improve your life. My reason to write this is that do take a few minutes out for Reiki often.

Abhishek JhaveriAbhishek’s spiritual journey began few years back when he was very depressed. He realized that his happiness was mostly dependent on external factors. Peace of mind too eluded him. Abhishek learnt many tools to counter his depression and see a new meaning to life. Abhishek is an Angel card reader and a Reiki Grand Master. He has also written a play which was showcased in October 2016.


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