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Understanding the Reiki Basics

Article by Reiki Master Moumita Rudra

Reiki is a beautiful healing method. Those who have been practicing it regularly with dedication and faith do experience the beauty of it. But the key word is PATIENCE!

So, I am going to share a few very basic understanding of Reiki – this may help the beginners to answer some of their queries.

I have come across various people who want to know about healing or who need healing. Most of them are new to Reiki so they have lots of questions.

Some of them come because they are curious to know. Some come as they are in dire need of help and healing. There are people who need instant fix! So when they don’t see any difference over forth night they shift from one healing modality to the other or they shift from one healer to the other. Most of them being impatient!

So, let me try answering some of the most frequently asked questions that I have faced :

1. How do I know who is the best healer / teacher?

Well, every healer / teacher is good in his / her own way. So one cannot compare or rather one should not. How one healer or teacher differ from each other will be the way they teach, the way the understand, the way they explain or express. Every healer has his/her individual way.

Just trust your intuition. It will lead you to the person who is best possible healer / teacher for you. Keep it simple. Don’t go into too much complications while selecting a healer / teacher. If you are not sure, take your time. Pray to the universe so that you are guided to the right person.

2. I have certain areas to heal. So do I need any specific healing modality?

I personally feel, if you know any one healing modality (I will say Usui Reiki as I find it to be most powerful) you can just heal through the same. You do not need to learn any specific healing modality for any particular issue.

However, it’s good to know more so that you can use them if you feel the need. If you don’t know, absolutely no harm.

What you need is some patience. Nothing really happens over night, it takes time to heal. Reiki heals from the core level so it indeed takes time. When the healing is done – which may take weeks or months or even years, you will notice how amazing it is.

For example, before Reiki, I used to be a person who was very attached to the people or situation so my reaction used to be overwhelming. Now, with most of the events and people I stay absolutely indifferent. Doesn’t mean I no more care. But I no more allow them to ride on me. So people and situation remain same. My reaction to them has changed.

This is one of the changes that I have noticed in me over few months of Reiki.

Reiki Basic

3. Is it ok to learn more than one modality at the same time?

Depending on what you are learning. Few healing modalities are very intense and do a lot of detox. So it’s always advisable you give enough time between two modalities.

If you think, you can give enough time to understand each modality and see the beauty of it at the same time – you can learn more than one modality at the same time. Every modality has its own beauty. Give time to understand that.

Most of us focus on the problem and according to the problem we choose modality and then we don’t even give enough time.

Meditate. Write. Understand. Spend time with it. It’s important that you understand the energy, settle down with it.

For an example, when you get married, you take time to understand the new relationship, your spouse and so many other things, you don’t give up within few months if you don’t like few things; rather you give it time to understand things and gradually settle down! Similarly when you learn a particular modality, GIVE TIME to understand the energy! Don’t spend your money because everyone else is learning something or other every day! Right things come to you when you are ready! So relax.

4. Can one learn Usui Reiki Level 1 and 2 together?

Again, it depends on teacher to teacher. Few teach both the levels over weekend. Few give 21 days gap. Few suggest 3-6 months. I personally feel, 3-6 months gap is the best. Level 1 is introduction to the energy; it does cleansing and healing on physical level. Unless and until you reap the benefit and beauty of it, how do you think you will enjoy another level?

Trust me, it’s not a competition – there is no rush. Be there. Enjoy it. I realized, most of the questions get answered during level 1 and 2. Before going to Level 2 which is cleansing and healing the emotional level, make sure you are ready for it. There is no need of deadline. It’s ok to even give few years gap!

Reiki is such a beauty that you can use it in various innovative ways – there is no such hard and fast rule. You can create something on your own. So if you do not give enough time to explore, how do you think you will see and feel the benefit?

5. Should I do this or should I do that? How do I do that?

There are times when we find ourselves restless and confused. Unable to understand what to do! And most of the times we frantically run from one source to the other for answers.

Most of us don’t spend enough time to ask the same question to our higher selves. Chances are high you will get most authentic answer from higher self!

You can always ask your friends or master or someone whom you think is suitable. But why do you think they have the answer when you don’t have? They may have more experience. Doesn’t mean you have less access to the source. If you are a Reiki channel, you have the access to the source. So without being restless, try to connect with your higher self first.
If you don’t get the answer then you go to another person.

By saying so, I want to say, we have the potential which we don’t even explore! We keep hopping from one source to the other, one modality to the other!

If you have any issue (which most of us have) – find some quiet time. Sit with that issue. Have a friendly conversation with the issue. Dig deep into it. You never know you might reach the core of it and you yourself find the solution. Even if you are a beginner, it’s possible!

Most of us treat it as 21 days course. Once 21 days done we rush to another level or modality. It’s not really so. All you need to do is, spend some time exploring and understanding the modality you already know. Reiki shows you magic and various miracles, only if you are open to receive them.

Hope this article helps you clarifying some of your questions.

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Moumita Rudra

Moumita Rudra

Moumita is a Reiki Master Teacher, a spiritual healer who practices Usui Reiki, Magnified Healing, Soul Mate Reiki, Tiger Reiki, Deep Healing Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and some more. She is also a tarot and oracle card reader. She offers in online/distance tarot consultation healing, as well in-person consultation. She also communicates with angels and believes that the angels are always around us looking forward to guide anyone who needs it.
Her journey into healing has been magical where she was chosen by Reiki over various situations and gradually revealed beautiful insights of life, spirituality and healing.
She is now a fulltime mother, raising her daughter with love, kindness and compassion with a dream to pass on the beauty of healing to her offspring.
She quit her 12 years long corporate job recently to spend more time with her daughter and doing things that she really loves and enjoys doing. Healing is one of them.
She created her Facebook page The Healing Space by Moumita in 2015 with a dream of spreading more joy, love and awareness. She believes that we all come to this earth to spread love and spiritual awareness can help to spread love.

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  • Atul Sharma September 29, 2017, 6:55 pm

    I received better ideas after reading this article and useful book as well. Thanks

  • manyanstarr January 25, 2018, 10:11 pm

    Fake News is all around us. Non more so than the system of Reiki

    There are many claims made about Reiki but does anyone suspect that there may be a lot of fake news about it.
    It is very easy to confuse the reality with the fake.
    That what gifts you were given at Birth with what is created vibrations.
    There can be no placebo with Reiki. That only happens with Pharmaceutical trials.
    Energy/ Frequency & Vibration are the elements that create the system of Reiki.
    Those elements are created from Language or Symbols that when written as sentences are applied through the Physical into the Psychic/ Mental/ Emotional Chakras and for the system to be effective they are retained.

    Can the Real Reiki be identified from the Fake Reiki. YES.
    After an Attunement to test the retention hands are placed over the Crown.

    ***The feeling of Warmth/ Heat or just not being able to enter the Crown means that the applied vibrations have been retained.

    ***However if there is a sense that there is movement down and the Crown has been entered then there is no retention of the applied vibrations. Fake.
    This test can be performed at a distant.

    This information is not provided by those who hold the Fake Reiki as it will expose them as the holders of false information, who rely on the Hypothetical and Assumptions.

    Leonard Thomas (Mr T)

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