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Reiki Calms the Nervous System

Article by Kriss Erickson

As with many meditative or spiritual practices, Reiki gives us the opportunity to widen our perspective through regular practice.

Using Reiki Symbols as focal points for a quiet morning or evening meditation, for example, provides the opportunity for us to think through our day, month, even our life as a whole, and consider what is working for us and what we’d like to change.

Focusing on the Mental/Emotional Symbol, for example, helps us to become more aware of how our nervous system is functioning, which in turn gives us the opportunity to consider how we respond to the experiences in our lives.

No matter which Reiki symbol you choose as a focal point of meditation, here are some simple steps you can follow:

  1. Take several deep breaths and give yourself 5 – 10 minutes to simply relax.
  2. Call up an image of the Mental/Emotional (or other) Symbol. Let it float in your awareness, and ask it to teach you its wisdom. Give yourself at least 5 – 10 minutes for this step.
  3. While focusing on the Symbol, call to mind instances from the past week. Where did you feel strong and balanced? Where were, your boundaries were breached? Where and when did you overreact? How did you feel in each instance?
  4. Ask the Symbol for wisdom to show you how to work with the energies that present themselves to you each day.

Focusing on Reiki Symbols can help to balance and broaden your perspective by helping you think through past experiences to inform future experiences.

Japan Garden

As you meditate, issues will probably arise that you hadn’t thought of before, perhaps challenges that you had to deal with. This is an opportunity for you to communicate more deeply with your body/mind/spirit on deep levels.

Suggestions for communicating with your nervous system

  1. Tell your nervous system that you’re sorry you weren’t more considerate and that you are taking steps to be more considerate in the future.
  2. Tell your nervous system you will do your best to be more aware of how it is feeling in the moment so you can respond more appropriately.
  3. Tell your nervous system that you will not judge yourself for any way you feel in any instance, but instead will seek deeper understanding.

Since Reiki has been proven to calm the nervous system and lower blood pressure, the Mental/Emotional Symbol is a wonderful tool to use in this regard.

Since all the organs, and all our cells, too, are sentient, you can substitute other organs or areas of your being in the steps above. Using quiet time each day to speak to different organs or body systems can go a long way to widening and balancing your overall perspective in life.

As you prepare to end your Reiki meditation, place one hand on your Heart Chakra and the other on your Third Eye Chakra. Breathe deeply and allow the Universal Life Force Energy to flow freely through your system. Remain at this point until you can clearly feel the Universal Life Force Energy flowing through you. Then proceed with the rest of the meditation.

Sometimes at the beginning of what seems to be an impossibly busy day, I begin with a Reiki meditation as listed above. I’m always amazed at how energy snarls quickly untangle themselves and how many picky details sort themselves out.


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Kriss Erickson
Kriss Erickson

Kriss Ericksonn is an Usui/Tibetan, Atlantean. Crystal, Karuna®, Ra-Sheeba and Lightarian Reiki Master Teacher, a certified Acutonics Practitioner and the founder of the Elemental Frequencies Dragon Reiki system. She teaches and shares Reiki from her home in Everett, WA. Kriss also creates energetic art that she sells at art fairs, composes original music and is a published author. Reach Kriss at www.risingspiralsreiki.com/ and at slverkriss@aol.com.

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