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Lead a Righteous Path by the Grace of Archangel Zadkiel

Article by Vidyaa Bunty Talreja

Archangel Zadkiel (“Righteousness of God” / “Knowledge of God” / “Justice of God”) or Hesediel (“Grace of God”) is the archangel of freedom, benevolence, mercy, and the Patron Angel of all who forgive, also known as Sachiel, Zachariel, Zedekiel, Zadakiel, Tzadkiel, and Zedekul. Archangel Zadkiel is known as the “Holy One”, the “Angel of Mercy and Benevolence”, the “Archangel of Deep Contemplation of God”, the “Angel of Understanding and Compassion” and the Archangel of “Divine Joy”. Archangel Zadkiel is the “Angel of Deep Contemplation”, representing the Divine feminine, and the water aspects of creation.

Archangel Zadkiel’s Purpose

• Archangel Zadkiel is the guardian of the “Violet Flame of Transformation and Healing”, which has the highest vibrational frequency. This brings soul freedom and joy by releasing us from our limiting behaviors, concepts, beliefs and karmic binds or lessons.
• Zadkiel resonates with Divine Grace and Divine Forgiveness.
• Archangel Zadkiel is also related to darkness, primal waters and inertia, and helps us to understand obstacles/difficulties that confront us in life, and with learning how to overcome them effectively.
• Archangel Zadkiel is associated with feminine energies, mothers and motherhood due to the emphasis on nurturing and caring, as Zadkiel nurtures all things and gives glimpses of other realities.
• Archangel Zadkiel has the mission of helping us to discover the Divine aspects within ourselves and encourages spiritual growth and cosmic alchemy, accessing angelic guidance, wisdom and understanding.
• Archangel Zadkiel helps us to develop our natural tendencies towards helping one another whilst serving your life purpose.
• Archangel Zadkiel is the archangel of freedom, benevolence, mercy and forgiveness, and resonates with balance expressed as cosmic consciousness, cosmic awareness, discernment and understanding.
• Archangel Zadkiel resonates with contemplation and meditation, and brings balance, calmness and peace to an anxious, troubled mind, and eases worry, irritation and tension.
• Archangel Zadkiel brings insight, discernment and mysticism and assists with spiritual awakening, awareness and development. Archangel Zadkiel is associated with Universal Divine knowledge, wisdom and truth.
• Archangel Zadkiel casts out all that is superficial to spiritual development and increases insight, mysticism and discernment by helping to fully develop the feminine side of our nature.
• Using the Violet Flame, Archangel Zadkiel inspires and frees the imagination, aids meditation, enhances psychic abilities and develops the intuition.
• Archangel Zadkiel brings spiritual dedication and meaningful dreams and aids soul connection and development.
• Zadkiel helps to open us up to our higher minds and gives psychic protection, and offers transformation and transmutation using the energies of his Violet Flame.
• Archangel Zadkiel enfolds you in the transformational energy of the Violet Flame and transmutes all of your negativity into joy and inner-peace.
• Archangel Zadkiel can be invoked to bring forgiveness to the Self and others.
• The healing energies of Archangel Zadkiel and his angels of joy help us to transform past memories, limitations, energy blockages, negative personality traits and addictions.
• Archangel Zadkiel encourages strength, self-reliance, tolerance, an expanded mind and the ability to work in harmony with the Divine.
• Archangel Zadkiel encourages us to express love, forgiveness and compassion without fear, shame or feelings of unworthiness, and encourages us to love and support one another.
• Archangel Zadkiel helps people to love the self and others unconditionally, and to forgive, develop compassion, resolve conflicts, and to serve others in need.
• Archangel Zadkiel helps us to free ourselves from karmic blockages.
• Archangel Zadkiel brings healing to emotional wounds by bringing comfort and strength to soothe painful memories.
• Archangel Zadkiel helps you in increasing your self-esteem.
• Archangel Zadkiel helps in bringing forth your natural talents, skills and abilities.
• Archangel Zadkiel helps with memory functions and you are able to call upon him for assistance when needing to memorize, recall or remember things, and/or to develop and enhance your memory in general.
• Archangel Zadkiel helps us to find the courage within to do the right thing by ourselves, others, and the world.
• Archangel Zadkiel encourages us to learn to honour and respect the Earth and all of its inhabitants.
• Archangel Zadkiel is the energy behind both poverty and wealth and any and all of its manifestations.
• Archangel Zadkiel helps to expose injustices.
• Archangel Zadkiel is responsible for the beginnings and endings of things, and he can be called upon to bring a swift end to a long-term painful situation or circumstance.

Violet Flame

Image by Toptal

Working Functions

• Archangel Zadkiel’s twin flame is Amethyst. Amethyst conveys the feminine aspects of the Violet Ray, which offers transmutation through forgiveness, mercy and compassion. Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst help with developing strength, self-reliance, tolerance, an expanded mind and the ability to co-operate and work in harmony.
• Archangel Zadkiel and his Archeia Amethyst govern the Seat of the Soul Chakra. They work to expand the Seat of the Soul Chakra for humanity, and are helping everyone on the planet to ascend by waking up each individual, then connecting them to their soul energy. The Seat of the Soul Chakra contains soul information and this connects you to your higher-self for guidance.
• Archangel Zadkiel also works with the Ray of Purification, and this ray works on the Crown Chakra. Zadkiel helps to balance and harmonize the Crown Chakra during transitions and the ascension process.
• Archangel Zadkiel is associated with the Ascended Master Saint Germaine, and oversees visionaries, mystics, diplomats, community organizers and those who assist others.
• Archangel Zadkiel works alongside Archangel Raziel to oversee the 3rd Eye Chakra (also known as the Brow Chakra).
• Archangel Zadkiel works with Archangel Michael to facilitate healing.

How to Work With Archangel Zadkiel

• To connect with Archangel Zadkiel use the essential oil Benzoin in order to gain spiritual wisdom, understanding, detachment and letting go of painful emotions and emotional wounds.
• Purple, Violet, Lavender or Amethyst coloured candles can be used to contact and connect with Archangel Zadkiel.
• Have a pre–cleansed Lapis Lazuli or Amethyst. Charge it with your intentions and start working with Archangel Zadkiel to help you in working with the pre-set intentions. Carry it with you regularly to find a shift in your life.

Writing Letter to Archangel Zadkiel

Light a violet candle in your healing space. Burn some incense to help purify the space. Play soothing music if you like. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Call upon Archangel Zadkiel to work with you by connecting to him using HSZSN. Write a letter to him to assist you with the intentions. Place the letter on your altar where it will be undisturbed. Place a pre-cleansed Lapis Lazuli or Amethyst on the letter after charging it with your intentions. Then express your gratitude to him to see a shift in your life after working with the Archangel Zadkiel. After finding a difference, burn the letter.
I have tried writing letters to work with Archangel Zadkiel. I have the channeled prayers for the tried out situations, which I am listing out here.

  • Write a letter to Archangel Zadkiel to help you in assisting with forgiving yourself or others.
    Post that recite this prayer “Archangel Zadkiel, Please help me to find a way to forgive myself for my actions. Also help me to find a way to forgive those who have hurt me in the past, in order that I may forward with a greater peace of mind. So be it.”
  • Write a letter to Archangel Zadkiel to help you ending a long-term painful situation or circumstance.
    Post that recite this prayer “Archangel Zadkiel, Please bless me with the ability to see things from a clear and calm perspective, so that I may find my way more easily through this difficult situation; thereby moving forward with joy and peace by your divine grace.”
  • Write a letter to Archangel Zadkiel to help you in releasing past life traumas and assist you with emotional healing.
    Post that recite this prayer “Archangel Zadkiel, Please help my heart. If I’m holding onto unforgiveness, help me to release it fully. If there’s something I’m not seeing, help me to see clearly. If I need more compassion, fill my heart with mercy. If I’m worried or anxious, fill my heart with faith and calmness. I now surrender this situation fully to you and God. I trust every detail is taken care of with Divine grace, harmony and wisdom. So be it.”
  • Write a letter to Archangel Zadkiel to help you from freeing yourselves from the karmic blockages and in learning the lessons.
    Post that recite this prayer “Archangel Zadkiel, I call on you now to stand by me to help me release my karmic debt, sending all negative energy to transmutation. Bless me and Enlighten me; So that I Lead the way and Transcend myself into a purified soul. Thank you for helping me.”
  • Write a letter to Archangel Zadkiel to help you from freeing yourselves from negative traits or addictions and to be on the right path.
    Post that recite this prayer “Archangel Zadkiel, I ask for your assistance in helping me to eliminate and transmute all my negative traits or my addictive pattern from my life, so that I may forward, unburdened into the future under your divine cosmic violet light.”
  • Write a letter to Archangel Zadkiel to help you in bringing forth your natural talents, skills and abilities.
    Post that recite this prayer “Archangel Zadkiel, I ask for your assistance in helping me in bringing forth my natural talents, skills and abilities and help me to have success and prosperity on that area of expertise by your divine guidance.”
  • Write a letter to Archangel Zadkiel to help you in memorizing, recalling or remembering things, and/or in developing and enhancing your memory.
    Post that recite this prayer “Archangel Zadkiel, I ask for your assistance in helping me in remembering things or in enhancing my memory skills; thereby leading me to do my work on track leading me to enjoy success and prosperity with the power of your divine grace, love and guidance.”

Finally Thank Archangel Zadkiel for assisting you with your intention. Keep doing it until your intention is manifested.

Happy Connecting with Archangel Zadkiel to transform and beautify your life by being on the righteous path!

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Vidyaa Bunty Talreja
Vidyaa Bunty Talreja

Vidyaa Bunty Talreja is an IT Consultant by profession. She has studied Psychology and was introduced to Reiki in 2011 by her aunt. Now Reiki became an integral part of her life from then on to change her life and the lives of others. Vidyaa is a Usui Reiki Grandmaster, Money Reiki Grandmaster, and a Karuna Reiki Master level Practitioner. She has learned and practices close to 25 different types of Reiki like Lavender Flame of Mother Kuan Yin, Shaman Reiki, Dragon Reiki, Gajanan Reiki, Tiger Reiki, Unicorn Healing, Angelical Akashic Registers, Telepathic Reiki, DNA Healing Reiki, Wagle Reiki, Dolphin Reiki, Violet Flame Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Acu Reiki and Deep Healing Reiki. She is also a Tera Mai Seichem Reiki and Spiritual Healing Practitioner. She reads Tarot and Angel card. She does auto writing using Reiki along with card reading to get accurate guidance for an issue. She draws and interprets Mandalas. She uses mantras, bach flower remedies and crystals in her daily practice. She practices Eknath Easwaran’s Passage Meditation, Praveen Rishi’s Ashtamangal Meditation and Mantra Meditation. She practices Forgiveness meditation and gratitude exercises to enrich her day-to-day life. She lives in Chennai, India. Vidyaa can be reached via email at vidyaa.btalreja@gmail.com or through her Facebook page KishanGanga - Divine Mystic Haven

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