Reiki for Everyday Objects – Part 3


Article by Darshan.S

This article is the 3rd part of the series “Reiki for Everyday Objects” – Part 1, Part 2.

Let’s continue to look at the next 5 everyday objects and things that we can use Reiki on and the benefits we get out of doing so.


Sleep is one of the most important time during which our body recovers and rebuilds itself allowing it to heal and rejuvenate itself. The extreme pace of modern day living and inconsistent and ineffective sleep cycles have given rise to a number of sleeping illnesses and disorders.

Energizing your pillow with Reiki will allow you to sleep more deeply and peacefully. It will allow and empower your body to do what it does best i.e. to heal itself. As we all know a majority of insights and guidance in personal life and scientific breakthroughs have been received though dreams, giving Reiki to your pillow will also allow you to remember your dreams more clearly and vividly and it’ll help you receive guidance for your everyday problems and challenges.

Use CKR symbol #1 and energize your pillow with the intention that you sleep well and receive guidance through your dream.

Reiki for everyday objects
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Immune System

The immune system is the defense system of our body. It helps our body to fight harmful viruses and bacteria that enter it. Giving Reiki to our immune system for 10 minutes every day goes a long way in keeping us healthy, strong and keeping disease caused by viruses at bay.

The chakra controlling the immune system is the Thymic Chakra (High Heart Chakra) located midway between the Heart and Throat level. Channel Reiki to this chakra to clear, balance and harmonize it so that the immune system can produce healthy ‘white blood cells’ that’ll fight off any harmful foreign object that enter our body keeping you fit and healthy.

Your Day

Using Reiki to energize your day is a wonderful way to set the Law of attraction in motion and stay in alignment with your goals and manifestations. As we know the law of attraction is responding to our thoughts and what fuels our thoughts is our feelings.

In order to make your day amazing, understand what thoughts and emotions will help you manifest such a day (feeling-confident, healthy, active, grounded, free, abundant, grateful, loved, happy, joyous etc.)

Once you figure that out, use symbol #3 HSZSN and connect to those energies and feelings that you would require in order to make the day your most ideal day.


We all know how stressful and claustrophobic our workspace can be at times, not because of the physical space itself but because of the bombardment of chaotic energies in the office from all directions. Our interaction with our co-workers, clients and superiors leaves us feeling drained and our sensitivity to energy takes it to a whole new level. By the end of the day we feel so drained that all we want to do is go back home and crash on the couch.

Reiki can definitely make life easier on this front. Make sure that before you begin your day at the office you are well grounded, centered and shielded. Give Reiki specifically to your work space/ cubicle so that it maintains the high vibrations you want to resonate at. Bless everyone you interact with at the office so that they can find their love and light too.

Using Reiki in your workspace will allow you to be more productive. It will help you achieve your tasks with ease. It will align you to better opportunities and work relationships. It will also make your work exciting and help you feel energized and not drained by the end of the day.

Digestive System

Food is one of the most predominant sources through which we fulfill our energetic requirements and our digestive system is what extracts the energy from the food. The healthier the digestive system the more energy we can assimilate from the food we eat, and we have more energy throughout our day.

Give Reiki to your stomach for five minutes after every meal so that the food is easily digested by your body.

Also, use CKR symbol #1 to cleanse the food before you eat it as a lot of us are extremely sensitive to energies and we will pick up the emotions of the person who cooked it.

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